13 Tips To increase follower on Instagram You Need To Know

In Marketing, Instagram is a social platform that helps increase access to your target audience, and gives you the opportunity to build and develop your brand. So, do you already know how to increase follower on Instagram for your brand?

In fact, more than 500 million users access Instagram every day, making it one of the fastest-growing social networks in the 4.0 industry era.

In order to reach those extremely potential customers, you need to equip yourself with smart skills and tactics.

In this article, we will provide you with 13 tips to help increase the number of followers (followers of your Instagram page) on Instagram, and improve user engagement with your Instagram page.

How to increase Instagram followers to the number that you have ever dreamt about?

13 effective tips below will be a great assistant to help you increase the number of followers in your Instagram to achieve your dream number:

  1. Use hashtag effectively
  2. Use standard filters when uploading photos
  3. Post at the right time
  4. “Steal” follower from opponent
  5. Pay for influencers and review posts on Instagram
  6. Use “geotag” to improve geographic efficiency
  7. Group Stories into Highlight
  8. Engage new audiences to follow your Instagram page
  9. Catch up with the new trends
  10. Use the giveaway
  11. Unifying content in posts on Instagram
  12. Follow your followers on Instagram
  13. Use auxiliary tools

Let’s dive into each strategy!

Use hashtag effectively to increase follower on Instagram

Your goal when building a media campaign on Instagram is not only to increase the number of followers as much as possible, but also to maintain the connection with the old customers (users who have followed your Instagram page). Posting new, unique and interesting content is the number one priority.

But once you have build up your Instagram channel to a certain extent (with a relatively large number of posts), it is important to attach hashtags to each picture. Hashtag makes it easy for users to find photos with certain content on Instagram. Therefore, hashtag is one of the most important tips for you to increase your Instagram followers.

So, how should you use hashtags?

Like on Facebook and Twitter, Instagram users tend to use some of the hashtags more than the rest. If you properly tag the hashtag, your chances of reaching out to new users, and improving engagement with older followers are enormous.

Here are the top 20 most used hashtags on Instagram, according to Websta:

  1. #love (1,271,692,015)
  2. #instagood (742,795,562)
  3. #photooftheday (507,358,504)
  4. #fashion (487,010,088)
  5. #beautiful (463,668,566)
  6. #happy (427,528,663)
  7. #cute (418,686,470)
  8. # like4like (417,887,839)
  9. #tbt (413,049,020)
  10. #followme (392,011,012)
  11. #picoftheday (380,504,677)
  12. #follow (371,102,705)
  13. #me (348,193,980)
  14. #art (343,874,151)
  15. #selfie (337,204,715)
  16. #summer (324,498,110)
  17. #instadaily (323,307,593)
  18. #repost (309,603,537)
  19. #friends (307,567,075)
  20. #nature (303,040,276)

Using hashtags is one thing, but how to properly tag hashtags is a completely different thing.

The tags with the most searches on the list above can help you increase likes, comments in a short period of time, but to grow the number of followers over a long period, you need more than that.

>>> Use Hashtag effectively

To properly tag hashtags, you need to find and use hashtags with relevant content. This means that you need a powerful support tool to find the right hashtags and ensure that these tags have a stable search on Instagram.

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You can use some absolutely free tools like IconoSquare or Websta.

For example, you can use Websta to find popular hashtags with content relevant to your post. In case you search for men’s fashion-related keywords (#mensfashion), this tool will return hashtags sorted by popularity.

You can also find popular hashtags that have the content related directly to your posts on Instagram. Often these hashtags are descriptions of the features of your business product or service.

Note, Instagram only allows you to attach up to 30 hashtags to a post. Popular keywords can change over time. Therefore, you should regularly update your hashtag library to find the most appropriate tags.

In addition, you can completely learn and “rob” keywords from competitors, or from related Insta accounts to be able to form and develop keyword ideas for yourself.

Tip # 1: Often when creating ideas for Instagram hashtags, you should try to survey the most popular hashtags and see which hashtags are related to the product or service you are offering. Group them into different categories. In each category, you list about 15 – 20 hashtags, and filter out into 5 – 10 hashtags you often use when posting real articles on Instagram. In the last category, you should pay attention to geotagging to reach specific customer groups.

For example:

Category 1: (Hashtag about brand)

#mybrandname #mensfashion #mensaccessories #mensgoods #fashion #mensstyle #instafashion #menswear

Category 2: (Hashtag about specific products)

#bugatchisocks #happysocks #corgisocks #socks #sockswag #socksoftheday #sockgame #sockswagg #socksofinstagram #happysockday #sockwars #funsocks #happysockday

Category 3: (Hashtag about location / geographic location)

#Hanoi #HanoiFashion #Saigon

When choosing hashtags, you should save them to be convenient for use in future posts.


Tip # 2: You feel that the previous posts on Instagram have not achieved the desired effect? You just need to go back to those posts, drop comments that are new hashtags, and wait for a forest of likes and comments from the followers.

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Use hashtag in Stories

Hashtag on Instagram posts is required, but do not forget to add tags on stories to increase your chances of reaching customers.

You can use the Hashtag Stickers feature (in the Stickers menu when you create stories on Instagram), or you can attach hashtags directly to Stories.

Now, your stories are not only tracked by followers, but also have the opportunity to be approached by new users, who have the habit of surfing Instagram normally.

Use standard filters when uploading photos to increase follower on Instagram

Hashtag is not the only factor that customers pay attention when surfing an Instagram post, the main character here is the photos. Obviously, the Insta user community prefers eye-catching, “beautiful nested” photos that have been edited by filters. Filter is increasingly playing a key role in building and developing our connection with Instagram users.

Here are the top 10 hottest filters currently on Instagram, according to Iconosquare:

  1. Normal (No Filter)
  2. Clarendon
  3. Juno
  4. Lark
  5. Ludwig
  6. Gingham
  7. Valencia
  8. X-Pro II
  9. Lo-fi
  10. Amaro

According to TrackMaven research, filters like Mayfair, Hefe and Ludge attract the most attention from Instagram users.

But perhaps, what is more important for you now is the attention of the target customer, not the overall overall Insta user. Pay attention to the relationship between customer behavior, and the use of filters in your posts.

Use the Iconosquare tool to find out which filters attract attention and convert into the most buying behavior from your Instagram followers.

Post at the right time – Increase follower on Instagram

“Golden hour” posting on Instagram is another important factor that helps increase the ability of customers to reach your post, while increasing your increase follower on Instagram quickly..

The strategy here is to analyze and find out what time of the day you post is most effective or ineffective. To optimize this factor, using Iconosquare’s tool, you will find the relationship between the time of posting related to user behavior. This report will show you when it is best to post on Instagram.

Following the example in the photo, the brown circles represent the interactions of Instagram users over time of the day and week. The bigger the circle, the better time it takes to post.

In addition, you can also use Instagram’s own tool (included in Instagram’s business account). It is completely free.

You might consider using the tools to organize and plan your posts on various social networking platforms, including Instagram. This tool will automatically select the best posting time, and your job is just to wait and enjoy the number of new followers soaring!

“Steal” follower from opponent

One of the smart ways to increase the number of followers for your Instagram page, is to find them from your direct competitors with your business. Certainly, these customers share their interest, and the relative interest in your product (as well as their interest in a competitor’s product).

How can you “steal” followers from your opponent?

One of the effective ways is to build your connection with the above-mentioned customer group. There are many different approaches. The more engaging behaviors, the more you draw customers closer to you.

There are usually three ways to reach and engage with an Instagram user:

  1. Follow their account
  2. Like their photo
  3. Comment in their photo

(Note, you should add geographic location for the product you do marketing on your Instagram page to increase cohesion with customer groups in a specific geographic area)

We can test this approach by following 100 customers from our nearest competitors. Next, we follow 100 other users, but take the time to like their photos. And finally, the third group (100 users) we just followed, liked and dropped comments in their photos.

Very interesting results:

  1. Only follow: 14% (guests) responded.
  2. Follow + Like: 22% responded.
  3. Follow + Like + Comment: 34% responded.

The results may vary from case to case, but basically, the more you interact with your customers, the more likely you will be to engage with them.

Pay for influencers and review posts on Instagram

The impact of influencers (Instagram accounts that have influence and can influence the behavior of the majority of other users) and advertising tools on Instagram is undisputed about the effectiveness of promoting your brand, help increase follower on Instagram effectively.

>>> Create Your Instagram Advertising Campaign

First of all, you need to keep in mind that to implement this strategy, you need to pay a small amount. But if you succeed, it brings about great results.

The first thing you should find is a large list of suitable Instagram accounts. For example, if you sell cosmetic products, try to find Instagram accounts that are interested in searching for cosmetic products, or the accounts that are following influencers in this industry.

You may need to follow these accounts, or not necessarily follow them. The best way to collect large customer account data is by using an auxiliary tool (such as Webstagram), searching through the hashtag keyword. When using keywords, you not only find relevant keywords, but also “track” the top Insta accounts in the field you are looking for.

Here are some aspects to keep in mind when running ads:

  1. Number of Instagram accounts required to implement: 20,000 to 200,000 accounts (for a large customer file).
  2. In their account profile contains the email address.

If the Instagram user profile contains an email address, it means they are willing to receive ads from Instagram.

Usually the average advertising cost for a post usually ranges between $ 20 – $ 50, depending on the size of the customer file.

If you consider selling a unique product that no other competitor has, you can use influencers to rate the product and post on Instagram (as we talked about the power and influence of surname). Obviously, this tactic is natural and brings closer links between you and the target audience.

You do not have to look for influencers who have a lot of followers, so look for people who have a high percentage of followers (such as having a lot of likes, comments in posts).

Use “geotag” to improve geographic efficiency

Besides using the hashtag, you can improve the accessibility of your posts and stories from customers in a specific geographic area, using the “geotag” (a tag attached). geographical location in Instagram, usually appears when you add photos / stories on Instagram).

Local businesses may benefit from geotag mounting. This makes it easier for local customers to find and access their products.

Group Stories into Highlight

Every time a potential customer visits your Instagram page, you only have a very short amount of time to convince them to follow your Instagram, and interact with your posts and stories.

But don’t worry, you can use the “Highlight” feature in your Instagram profile to group Stories. This is a great way to introduce yourself to new customers or users.

While Stories only exists for 24 hours, the Highlight feature can use them beyond this 24-hour limit. So, you do not need to worry that new users will not reach your message.

You can use Highlight for the following purposes:

  1. Briefly introduce your account.
  2. Group Stories into separate topics.
  3. Describe and explain your product specifications through images and videos. (Instructions on how to download videos on Facebook, Youtube and Instagram)
  4. Promote your product with the link “swipe up” (when customers swipe up, they will receive additional information and support about your product). This feature is only for business Instagram accounts with at least 10,000 followers.
  5. Engage new audiences following your Instagram page

It sounds obvious, but this is one of the factors that help increase your Instagram followers quickly: Do not be afraid to “invite” customers to follow your page.

Often at the end of every YouTube video, you often hear YouTuber calling you to “like, comment and subscribe” for their videos and channel. That is the method YouTube uses to increase engagement for videos.

Instagram users can enjoy the content you post to, but let them follow and interact with you? There must be something that motivates them.

Sometimes, you just need to “lightly remind” them. Emphasize that following your Instagram account will help them get more interesting content. Or “imply” that they should interact more to receive “secret content” hidden inside.

Catch up with the new trends helps increase followers on Instagram

Once you have the opportunity to introduce yourself to new Instagram accounts, do not forget to take advantage of new trends or hot social issues being discussed online.

This helps you increase your engagement with your customers, making you a “friend” to them – closer, more real life. On some festive occasions, you can use the hashtag for that occasion, like #Christmasday (usually during December). For some holidays, you should be well prepared beforehand.

Make sure that the content you create follows the trend and makes sense of the content. If not, it is easy for your customers to attribute it to ‘just being good at catching trends’ and forget you quickly.

Use the giveaway – Increase follower on Instagram

This is a way to help you increase follower on Instagram significantly. On any social networking platform, a valid comment is the full comment tag “3 friends” or “5 friends”. That way, it will increase the interactivity in your post in particular, and your Instagram page in general. These comments are also very “friendly” to Instagram’s algorithm, often counted as one of the most natural ways to spread your Insta page further.

One of the most effective tactics to promote customer tagging behavior is none other than giveaway. For example, you can give a 30% voucher to all Instagram accounts follow page and tag 3 other accounts.

Unifying content in posts on Instagram

This is an extremely important Instagram follow-up trick. Most potential followers often find your previous posts on Instagram to make sure that the content you provide in the future is useful, and also to decide whether to click “follow” your account or not.

The best way to ensure Instagram users click the “follow” button is to agree on the content of their Instagram posts. Consider the content and appearance of the last 9 posts on Instagram. Are these posts consistent in terms of filter, color, layout, and description?

Do you find it difficult to identify the layout and layout of your Instagram posts? Use an add-on tool like Later, which will help you organize and schedule the posts in a consistent manner.

Follow the number of followers on your Instagram

All your efforts will flow into the river, if you let “loose” lose followers quickly. Keep an eye out for metrics related to customer engagement to your Instagram page.

Social Blade is a great tool to analyze the growth of the number of followers on your Instagram page (and also of competitors). It is completely free. In addition, it also gives you the number of followers you lose over a certain period of time.

With business Instagram accounts, you can also use the Instagram Analytics breakdown. Here, you can check how many people are following your Instagram page, how many people your post reaches, which posts have the best engagement, and where most of your followers are coming from.

With the above information, you can completely adjust the strategy to reach customers, and build standard posts in the future and thereby increase the follow for your Instagram page.

Use auxiliary tools

The market is full of additional tools for Instagram Marketing. Even we have introduced you to a few unique applications that can solve the most difficult problems. Here are 3 tools that have been mentioned in this article:

  1. Later: Organize and schedule your Instagram posts automatically, support desktop platforms and mobile devices.
  2. IconoSquare: Analyze and evaluate Marketing parameters related to Instagram (about your account, and followers).
  3. Webstagram: Find and suggest the most appropriate hashtags for your posts. Support finding customer files on Instagram.

In this article, we have introduced to you the secret to making your Instagram followers sustainable and fast. But be aware that marketing on Instagram does not just stop at calculating and adjusting numbers, it is also about how to get you as close and honest as possible to your customers.

Therefore, the factor of building and improving the cohesion between your business and customers is the most important thing, rather than how to maintain and increase the number of followers for Instagram.

We hope the 13 tips shared to you in the article will help you become an expert in marketing activities on Instagram and increase follower on Instagram. 


13 Tips To increase follower on Instagram You Need To Know

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