14 Tips to Increase Interaction on Facebook

Have you ever wondered why many people are willing to spend millions to buy likes and share on Facebook? That is because the fact that social networking users Increase Interaction on Facebook page plays a very important role in extending brand identity.

First, it makes your Facebook content displayed on the front page of the News Feed. After that, Facebook is also an effective communication and promotion channel, where businesses extend their extended marketing without spending any extra money.

Increasing interaction on Facebook can be done easily and effectively at a cost of 0 dong. Let Uplevo give you more than 10 tips below to improve interactivity with customers.

Creating content that does not put sales goals first

Users accessing your Facebook page are not intended to make a purchase. And of course, it is not to hear you sale your products.

They want to read content with humor, share them with more knowledge, solve problems, improve their lives, and maybe also inspire them after a stressful and confusing working day.

Look at the way Durex spreads its content on Facebook. It is extremely smart, funny, catch trend fast, delicate cage sales without being too obvious. When looking at it, people only see an interesting Facebook content but forget Durex’s main purpose is to promote new products.

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Understand the audience – Increase Interaction on Facebook

What you think is useful or humorous does not have much effect in building Facebook content.

If you want your users to interact strongly with your Facebook page, first, you need to understand their needs.

One of the effective tools here, is Facebook Insights (Details). At Insights, you can capture users’ likes, follow graphs, find out which posts are most viewed and interacted with, as well as detailed information about them (age, gender, location, language, …).

Recognizing the object of users who regularly visit their Facebook page is mothers with children aged from 8 to 15, Milo Vietnam has promoted the media content to strongly target this audience on fanpage such as family or information on receiving gifts for moms, …

Content must be short

Up to 88% of Facebook users on mobile devices. Among them, according to Facebook, users only spend 1.7 seconds to flip through a content on News Feed.

The numbers do not often not lie, your job is to create content on Facebook simple, concise, enough for readers to stop and drop a like.

Focus on quality

Facebook is entering a booming period in the number of media content. Content producers do not seem to have time to focus on making a quality content. They run after the data to be able to catch up with the fast-moving market.

However, the problem is: The more content we have, the more possibility we might get content with poor quality. The content with average quality cannot attract the customers when they only have 2 seconds to surf the newsfeed.

The solution here is: Quality over quantity. Really focus on producing quality content. It does not have to be complicated, sophisticated, or costly to produce. More importantly, it must bring value to the reader (entertaining, knowledge, or inspiring).

Attach photos, videos to the post – Increase Interaction on Facebook

The content Facebook has attached photos or videos often have a higher interaction than regular posts. This is in view: People often absorb visual content better than plain text.

You can even get closer to the user, using the live stream on Facebook. You have just been interacting with users directly and can convey Marketing message naturally, honestly and humor.

Of course, everything is risky. When live broadcast, you need to strictly control the content, to avoid accidentally creating unnecessary errors (such as product having trouble on the screen, streamer misses, negative comment viewers, …).

Ask questions

An interesting question will create an interesting debate in the comment section. This is what many major brands have done when posting content on Facebook. In fact, we all like to protect and eloquence our personal opinions.

Some suggestions for you when asking questions on Facebook posts:

  • Why did you [choose this product / like to join this event]?
  • Do you agree [with this view or not]?
  • Do you love [A or B thing better]? Always answer customers

If someone access the fanpage to ask you a question, make sure the question is answered. Nobody likes to be ignored. But being ignored also means that you have lost a loyal fan base.

Make sure that the Marketing team has a dedicated team to monitor and answer customer questions in any situation. The trust of customers for brands like this will also be higher than normal.


If all the solutions were on paper, you would have no idea where their effectiveness would go.

You want to post videos on Facebook, but afraid because of insufficient budget, forever you will never know which post will earn your brand as many likes, shares or comments.

Testing plays an extremely important role in building a marketing strategy. To think of good ideas, do not be afraid to use Mindmap method to brainstorming with your Marketing team.

Right time, right person

Posting time plays a very important role in helping content reach the right target audience. Facebook itself also said that if you post content right at the time the followers are online, the rate they interact with that post will also be much higher than normal.

To find out how much time users spend on your fanpage, just follow these instructions:

  • Access the Details section of the Facebook page in the navigation bar at the top of the screen.
  • In the navigation bar along the left corner of the screen, select Posts.
  • Click on Fan time online.

So, you have a detailed chart of the time followers follow your Facebook page by day, by the hour for 1 week.

Navigate traffic from other sources

Followers may have followed your business from other media channels, such as blogs, Instagram emails or LikedIn. Your job now is to guide them to follow the Facebook fanpage.

Very simple, you just need to add your Facebook page address to the other media channels, such as in the signature of the email, embed the Facebook address on the blog, …

Create Facebook group

Creating a group on Facebook is an effective way to engage the target followers community. The number of 200 million people participating in groups (according to Facebook’s own collection) is a testament to the effectiveness of this work.

You can not only interact directly with the target audience, but also better understand their behaviors and thoughts for future access.

Use Facebook Story

Like Instagram, Facebook Story allows your content to appear at the top of the News Feed. This is indeed a unique opportunity to attract attention and Increase Interaction on Facebook.

In addition, you also have the right to add as many contents as you want, without the fear of losing cards.

Use the CTA button

Calling action from users on Facebook is valued more than ten thousand times like, share or comment. You can use the CTA button to call:

  • User contact (via Facebook Messenger).
  • Access the company’s website.
  • Download the application.
  • Join groups you create on Facebook.
  • Buy products / see quotes.
  • Make an appointment.

Put an authentication mark on the fanpage (Verified Account)

This is a great way for you to gain trust and interaction from followers. In fact, users are often skeptical of fan pages that have not been endorsed by Facebook, and show reluctance to interact with the content on it.

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14 Tips to Increase Interaction on Facebook

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