17 tactics to improve SEO rankings for websites in 2020

High ranking website on Google search results page will better support the goals of the business – this is the obvious fact that every SEOer knows. And what SEOer also needs to do is improve the rankings for the website. In addition to the traditional methods and formulas, do you have 2020 SEO tactics to improve your website?

Bizzvn would like to introduce to you 17 SEO strategies 2020 to improve website rankings, this is how we apply in our SEO services. Refer to the article below to apply for your website.

First, the following methods have contributed to increasing the unpaid searches of Bizzvn’s website, resulting in the following figures:

Content break down: 

  • 1. Add unpaid traffic with featured snippets
  • 2. Increase user experience time with simple steps

o Embed Video in your website

o Call to action buttons (CTA)

  • 3. Find keywords with low competition index with “Ghost Posts”
  • 4. Use sitelinks to boost organic clickthrough rates (Organic CTR)

o Sitelinks

o Table of contents

  • 5. For more links pointing back, be a source for everyone to refer.
  • 6. Targeted keywords for commercial purposes
  • 7. Get more valuable placement with YouTube Videos
  • 8. Ranking for topic keywords and statistics.
  • 9. Optimize old content in accordance with user intent
  • 10. Content partnerships (Content Partnership)
  • 11. Convert content into different formats
  • 12. Promote broken link building (Broken Link)
  • 13. Find opportunities to have Backlinks with competitive links (Link Intersect)
  • 14. Target entirely new keywords.
  • 15. Using visual concepts (Concept Visual)
  • 16. Use terms to generate keyword ideas
  • 17. Get backlinks from Content Curators (content editors and editors)
  • Bonus 1: Find keyword questions with Question DB
  • Bonus 2: Ranking for brand terms

Add unpaid traffic with featured snippets

What are Featured Snippets?

Google search results sometimes display listings in which snippets describe a page that appears before the link of a web page, not after the standard Google format. Results displayed in this way are called Featured Snippets.

We have increased our site rankings with prominent citations. That is shown in the image below:

What are our strategies and practices?

First, find a ranking keyword. This is extremely important because 99.58% of Featured Snippets come from results in the first page of search. So, the keyword on the second page is very difficult to become a Featured Snippet.

Next, take a look at Featured Snippets at the top of the organic search results rankings. Types of Featured Snippets include:

  • Quote definitions (“What is overall SEO?”)
  • List (“Top 10 Agency on SEO”)
  • Table (“Tools in SEO”)

Usually with Featured Snippets, questions will be easier to display. So, the excerpt in your website must answer the problem simply, clearly, directly and provide many values ​​for users to fit in the Featured Snippets box.

Featured Snippets displays when Google determines that this format will help users find what they are looking for more easily. So, optimize your title, description best so that users can search the site easily!

Increase user experience time with simple steps

Is user experience time a factor in website ranking? In our opinion there is. If someone quickly exits a website, it is a message to Google: People do not like this website, this site does not appeal to them. And Google will quickly reduce the ranking of the website.

The opposite is true, too: bounce rate may increase rankings on Google. So how to prevent users from leaving the page?

Embed Video in your website

Compare bounce rate on the same website with video and no video shows: Website with video has bounce rate lower than 11.2% compared to website without video.

That is why it is recommended to embed videos in most posts and for every step of the way in your article.

Call to action (CTA) buttons

Or you can add call-to-action (CTA) buttons on your website to interact with customers, reducing bounce rates. In addition to providing useful content, understand what your users need to be able to keep them on your site for longer.

METU can help you with the above. METU is a second menu creation tool with call-to-action buttons (CTAs) that increase interaction with customers and navigate to useful articles. With sales websites, if this is done well, the interaction rate with customers will certainly increase, helping retain all users instead of just the group who wants to buy.

Find keywords with low competition index with “Ghost Posts”

Brian Dean thinks that the competitive keyword index is not so important, because most people focus 100% on Backlink. But Backlink is only a small part of the overall picture. To rank in the first page based on a lot of factors:

  • Organic click-through-rate
  • Intention to search
  • Page speed
  • How well does your page work on mobile devices
  • Internal linking
  • And many other factors

That is why Brian Dean ignores the keyword competitiveness index. When ranking the keyword “free SEO tools”, according to Ahrefs, this keyword is difficult to rank, but Brian Dean did not give up but decided to test the difficulty of this keyword with a new method: Ghost Posts

The article quickly posted on the 4th page of Brian Dean’s blog Backlinko.com.

In other words, this article cannot be communicated on any channel (That is why this method is called Ghost Posts).

Unexpectedly, this article reached the first page of search with longer search keywords (best free SEO tools) within a week. However, this is not stable when the article is still appearing, sometimes not appearing on the first page. So, he decided to post media articles on social media. In fact, this seemingly difficult keyword is easy to rank for, and currently the article is ranking first in the search page. Although Brian Dean’s website has lower backlinks than other pages in search results.

This method does not deny Ahrefs keyword difficulty index, this is just another method of Brian Dean to find keyword difficulty index.

Using sitelinks to drive natural clickthrough rates (Organic CTR)

When deciding to increase Organic CTR is the top priority, Brian Dean has a problem: Besides optimizing Title, description … how to get more people to click on the search results?


Typically, Sitelinks will show up under search results when you search for that brand on Google. Whether or not Sitelinks appear depends on Google’s evaluation of the website. Google will display Sitelinks on the search results table if this tool thinks they will be useful to users.

In fact, you can see Sitelinks for most of the sites from e-commerce blog sites to category pages. Sitelinks can generate huge click rates. So how can we create Sitelinks? It is from the Table of Contents.

Table of contents

Bizzvn also applies this to our customer website:

Add a table of contents with internal links on the page (jump link) for each section. This can be easily done on any platform. Sitelinks help your search results stand out and be more impressive

Want more links pointing back, let’s be a source for everyone to refer.

People are not linked to good content, but to content that can be a source of information. This is shown by the example comparing 2 posts by Brian Dean on how to use Google Search Console and the Voice Search Research article.

With the Google Search Console (GSC) User Guide, this is a high-quality content, with really useful tips and specific designs for each item.

But this article only has 159 referring domains.

In the case of the Voice Search Research article – it was also rated great content, and this part had 764 referring domains, 4.8 times the GSC tutorial.

What happened?

Professional articles like the GSC guide are difficult to link, unless you write about GSC for a specific person, so they can learn more. There is almost no compelling reason for people to link to this content.

On the other hand, voice search research provides data for bloggers and journalists so they can refer and link easily, that is why this article has hundreds of high-quality backlinks.

Targeted keywords for commercial purposes

When researching keywords, most will focus on search volume. But advertisers will now focus on commercial purposes. In other words: How much will Google Ads advertisers spend on clicks?

Brian Dean has targeted keywords like “Link building services”. This keyword does not have a lot of searches but with a CPC of $ 25 (about VND 582,000), it means that the traffic is made up of legal buyers.

 (Fun fact: This article has also been posted as a ghost post.) And the keyword “Link building services” is less competitive than what most tools have given)

Get more valuable placement with YouTube Videos

Do you have a great keyword to convert? Use YouTube Videos to get more traffic

With the post targeting the keyword “how to get more traffic” by Brian Dean only reached the 4th position and worse when this article was below 3 other videos. In the meantime, Brian Dean has decided to create videos for this topic. The right way of optimizing your video makes it fast to gain valuable place in Google search results.

Ranking for topic keywords and statistics.

This is a small secret that websites use to automatically have many backlinks. For example, Student Loan Hero has more than 21.1k links to the “US Student Loan Statistics” page.

So how did they perform and why is this method working so well?

First, they found a topic that Blogger and journalists tended to write about and discovered the topic of “student loan statistics”. Then a website was built to manage statistics from various sources. Finally, optimize title tags, meta descriptions and web pages around keywords: Student Loan Debt Statistics (statistics of student loans). This helped the website rank on the first page with the above term.

Why does this method work well?

Think about who will search for themed keywords and statistics? The answer is journalists. Journalists and bloggers are looking for statistics to be the source of their input. And when you rank with that term, you get linked very quickly and in huge numbers.

Optimize old content in line with user intent

Content that matches the search intent of the user is mentioned quite a lot.

User Intention + SEO = Higher Rank

Please note that Google’s No. 1 goal is to make users comfortable. This means that Google wants to provide users with search results that match their intent. If you are not familiar with Intent User, it is a term that is understood as the main purpose behind the search action on Google.

But the bottom line is that if a website does not offer what searchers want, Google will not rank it. If the website is interesting to users, this will improve the site’s rankings.

Brian Dean has posted this article since 2015 with the target keyword is SEO Campaign and quickly appeared in the middle of the first search page:

But one day, the website’s rankings and natural traffic started to decline. This is not a particularly preferred keyword, so Brian Dean has ignored the problem and hopes it disappears.

But Brian Dean realized that the content of the article is really not suitable for the user intent when not drafting an SEO campaign but only talking about a unique strategy “Guestographic”. This becomes a really bad experience for those who want to find out details about SEO campaigns. Brian Dean decided to rewrite the article from the beginning to create what the searchers wanted about the SEO campaign.

And those changes improved significantly, search rankings for a new version of the post about SEO campaigns ranked first for that term.

Content partnerships

Content partnerships are one of the prominent Content Marketing trends in 2020. Because this can make Content twice as strong as the media.

When you post an information, a new article, … on your website, you send that information to as many people as possible for the post.

If you only have one person (or a company) then the reach will be limited. But when you are partnering with another party, both will share your new content together. This means that the number of viewers, links and shares on the media doubled is what you get.

Convert content into different formats

Brian Dean thinks he made a big mistake every time he wrote a blog, email or video scripts he would start rewriting from the beginning. So sometimes it takes Brian Dean up to 14 days to complete a Blog post.

When he realized he had a lot of content on his YouTube channel – all of his popular content, Brian Dean decided to post the next Blog based on a popular video from his own YouTube channel.

Turning content from a video into a blog post will also take some time but a lot less time creating a completely new content, with Brian Dean that time is 10 times faster!

The article was very wrong when bringing 15701 search engine visitors each month. And soon got ranked in the top 3 with the target keyword.

Promote broken link building (Broken Link)

Broken Link Building – Broken link building is probably one of the link building strategies (Link building) towards effective white hat SEO in recent years. And using Broken Link will get Backlink. So, what should we do?

First, you will find the content on your website that people want to link to.

Next, find a website writing about Content Marketing and put their homepage URL into Ahrefs, and click on “Outgoing Links”, select “Broken links”

This will show you the broken external links of that website. Please contact the moderator Blog and let them know about the broken link and suggest replacement with your content. If your accessibility adds value, the blog operators will work with you.

Find opportunities to have Backlinks with competitive links (Link Intersect)

Find a website that only links to your competitors. You do not know whether this combination is due to the existing relationship, whether they have just sent an extremely attractive outreach email or millions of other reasons.

But when you see that website links to many competitors. This is where Link Intersect exerts its effects.

Because if the other sites allow your competitors to contribute content, you can also do that, link with the websites that are linking to your competitors to gain more Backlinks. If your website has better content than your competitors, it is very likely that these websites will link to you.

Target completely new keywords.

You want to find popular, low competitive keywords? But how to find them?

Most keywords are competitive because many websites are trying to rank them.

Of course, when you target new terms, you will compete with fewer people. That means you will quickly be in the top of search results

In the example below, Bizzvn talks about “BrainRank”, this is a fairly new term, so when we posted this article on the website, it quickly entered the middle of the first search page in just a week and now ranks 2 in the search page.

Use visual concepts (Concept Visual)

This is the method to get lots of quality backlinks without getting too detailed. So how to do it?

Create an impressive image so people understand a complex idea or concept. It can be a Graphic, a chart or a table, etc. This image is a special feature of your content. This is if the right people see it, they will use it on their website. Apply this to your posts.

In particular, focus on creating images for new topics. In this way, your website will become one of the few websites with high quality images on this topic.

Use specialized terms to generate ideas for keywords

Want more creative ideas for keywords? These terms can help you do this.

The nutrition glossary includes over 100 different terms. You can completely copy keywords directly into the spreadsheet. Or you can use them as seed keywords and put in tools for keyword research. That said, glossary is a great way to come up with keyword ideas.

And now that there are many article topics corresponding to the new keyword list, your website will have more traffic, increasing the reputation of the website, thereby increasing the rankings for your website.

Tip: Include glossary URL in Google Keyword Planner for a list of keyword ideas:

Get backlinks from Content Curators (who select and edit content)

Most people do not reach the goal because they send emails like this:

Brian Dean thinks there are many mistakes in this approach email, but the biggest problem is that Brian Dean’s website content is not really related to the content of the link that wants to link to his website.

The above mailer would probably be more fortunate to have access to Content Curators – who select and edit the content of their industry-specific websites. Content Curators is like their name: Managers, curators, editors of the best content in the industry. Let your content reach the right people, the right topic and the right website, that will convert into backlinks.

You can see Brian Dean’s SEO Marketing Hub page. This can be considered as an SEO knowledge library.

By building their content well, the posts on Brian Dean’s website have become content suggested by Content Curators on their website. From there the website will have more backlinks from here:

In Vietnam, this method can also be understood as how bloggers perform the synthesis, evaluation, review, comparison … For example, in the article about Bizzvn ‘s SEO training centers below:

The centers in this article have added their own backlinks from our article: 

Bonus 1: Find keyword questions with Question DB

Question DB is a tool that allows you to search a large set of user questions to get original ideas for new content. Question DB is like Answer the Public. But Question DB is slightly better than Answer the Public because this tool is rated easier to use than Answer the Public.

Unlike Answer the Public which has inappropriate charts and images, Question DB has questions placed in a simple table.

Because Question DB focuses on the questions asked on Reddit, you can find ideas for keywords and topics that most other tools won’t show you.

Bonus 2: Ranking for brand terms

What are the advantages of brand terms? Low competition, high volume, good CPC are what we value in terms of Brand Terms

This is shown by the two keywords “Mailchimp” and “Email marketing software” (email marketing tools). When comparing these two keywords, Mailchimp is searched 280 times more than “Email marketing software”

Compared to topics, categories, brand name keywords will have more ways to search. A major drawback of targeting brand names is that you will never be first. But Branding terminology is the right thing to do.

That is why Brian Dean started posting content designed to boost brand name rankings. The BuzzStream review on the website has yielded very good results. Website not only ranked high with keywords BuzzStream Review. But it also ranks high on the first page of popular brands with the keyword “BuzzStream”.

Time to act!

We hope this article helps you improve your SEO rankings. Which SEO 2020 tactics will you use in the article for your website? You want to target brand keywords or try Snippet Featured. Let Bizzvn know what you think by leaving a comment below or contact us for assistance today!

= >> Use SEO services to optimize your keyword rankings on Google

Reference source: Backlinko.com

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17 tactics to improve SEO rankings for websites in 2020

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