26 ways to write great content for newbies

ways to write great content

With simple keywords “good content writing”, or “effective content writing”, you can easily get hundreds of thousands of articles that share or guide you how to write great content. But what is the real article that can help you improve your writing skills?

Maybe at the present time, your bounce rate is still constantly increasing, time on site is below your expectations, bringing the highest conversion rate is something that is too far away. But trust me, do not give up!

To both provide valuable content for readers, attract them to stay on the page longer or even click to follow your content creation and put the website on the top SERPs. Of course, it is not easy.

Then every writer will have loyal fans, any content writer will then be able to write SEO standard content as long as they constantly strive to develop their skills.

To help you do that, I will share with you the 26 basic ways of writing content marketing or from the most basic: 8 structures, 10 tactics and 6 writing tips that cannot (and should not) be overlooked.

What will you learn?

Gentle reminder: This nice and engaging content writing guide will be very long – it is about 9000 words – so you should bookmark it so as to read it again when needed. I will update the PDF file as soon as possible if you want to receive documents to read gradually.

Back to what you will learn, you will get:

  • The formula for writing a blog introduction minimizes 5% bounce rate.
  • How to create attractive title tags to optimize CTR
  • Instructions for using “Zombies” to write better content.
  • The sub-heading optimization method attracts readers.

And remember to practice often! You will not be able to write great content if you just skim through this article. The chance to become an “outstanding” copywriter is within your reach and will.

Are you ready? Now, do it now!

8 popular content creation structures

# 1: (AIDA Attention – Interest – Desire – Action)

In communication, as well as writing content, piquing curiosity and directing people to act according to their wishes is an extremely important factor.

Accordingly, the AIDA formula will be the perfect choice to help you quickly achieve that goal.

Created by Elias.St.Elmo and published in August 1948, AIDA can be considered one of the oldest copywriting formulas, most standard for most forms of marketing.

In particular, it has been used since ancient times to send direct mail, television, radio, sales pages, landing pages, and more.

This standard SEO content writing skill follows the sequence created for readers:

  • Attention – Attention
  • Maintain interest – Interest
  • Stimulate the desire of the reader – Desire
  • Turn wishes into purchasing actions – Action

For example:


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# 2: 4A (Aware – Attitude – Act – Act again)

The 4A model is based on the AIDA pioneering model, with the following article formula:

  • Aware – Identify
  • Attitude
  • Act – Action
  • Act again – Repeat the action

Readers today no longer want to have to read a chewing content over and over in different perspectives and find it hard to make a purchase.

So, action and repeat action are two key points of the 4A model.

Attitude of the brand and its brand awareness are also paid more attention, helping the brand create its own impressive color.

However, since the Internet has become an integral part of life, customer behavior has changed dramatically, making the 4A model no longer suitable for describing their purchase journey.

The “father” of modern marketing – Philip Kotler – based on the 4A model has developed the 5A model as a marketing model dedicated to the digital age.

Accordingly, this model consists of 5 stages:

  • Awareness
  • Appeal – Ability to attract
  • Ask – Find out
  • Action – Action
  • Advocate – Brand support

The effective way of writing content 5A soon became a model that shook the Marketing world in general and copywriters in particular.

If you say this is the ideal model formula of Marketing 4.0 era, it is no exaggeration.

The difference between model 5A and AIDA or 4A is: This model does not have steps, it must take place according to the process.

You can pass a few steps or, if necessary, go against AIDA, for example, ADIA, for greater flexibility in the structure of your article while ensuring quality.

Because in an era where the customer journey is complicated by the current micro moments, the customer can jump to the Act step without any process at all.

But in order to do so, your brand needs to ensure the credibility of its products and honest content, better telesale parts and responsible after-sales programs.

# 3: 4C (Clear – Concise – Compelling – Credible)

4C is considered the general formula for all criteria needed and sufficient to create a good content article, attracting readers. In other words, in case of ideas, 4C will be an optimal solution to help you build an effective article.

This method of writing content consists of 4 elements:

  • Clear

Ralph Waldo Emerson defines clarity as follows: Writing clearly means writing not only to let readers understand you, but also to prevent your message from being conveyed.

Tip: Summarize long documents into well-organized sections, each with its own unique title.

  • Concise

Being concise does not necessarily mean your content being short, but actually, “concise” means telling the complete story in as few words as possible, without rambling, without redundancy, without repeating when not needed.

  • Compelling – Persuasion

A copywriting copy that is easy to read is not enough.

Above all, it needs to be interesting, compelling, persuasive, and informative so that readers cannot ignore it, or at least make them feel they should skim through it to pick up important ideas.

A main reason that so many unattractive content articles are written about issues that marketers care about, not what your potential customers expect.

Specifically, marketers are interested in product and organization elements and especially a message they want to send to readers.

On the other hand, readers are more concerned about their needs, fears, concerns, worries, challenges and desires.

  • Credible – Trustworthy

Copywriter Herschel Gordon Lewis noted: We live in an era of skepticism.

To put it simply …

Your potential customers do not believe what you say because they think you are just trying to find a way to sell.

However, customers tend to trust the advice of recognized professionals in a certain field or industry.

Therefore, you can overcome the skepticism by building yourself or your organization as a leader in your market through your writing.

Customers may not trust ads, but they are more confident about sources of information such as websites, white papers or magazine articles.

Another way to build credibility is to actively promote testimonials of customers who have already used your product or service.

First of all, take every opportunity for customers to provide you with testimonials in the form of videos at events and seminars.

Then, post them on your website and landing pages to attract attention and increase the authenticity of the readers.

# 4: 4P (Picture – Promise – Prove – Push)

  • Picture – Images

One or several photos stimulate the reader’s mind, enhance the value of the product and evoke the desire of the viewer.

  • Promise

Make promises about the effectiveness or value of your product.

  • Prove – Offers

Provide testimonials for your commitment, to convince readers why your products and promises and commitments are trustworthy.

These may include case studies or expert advice, etc.

  • Push

Motivate readers to take action with promotions, scarcity ….

This is one of the typical formulas for copywriters to write content for advertising models on Facebook today.

# 5: APP (Agree – Promise – Preview)

One of the methods you should follow to create a great article is the APP.

This compelling writing style was used by Brian Dean in his Case Study of Copywriting. And it worked so well that I could not help but mention.

The way to write content marketing is very simple:

  • Agree: Identify the reader’s problem, acknowledge it and agree with it.
  • Promise: Promise that they will solve their problems.
  • Preview: Let them know what you will mention in your article.

APP is a very effective method of writing content

This is one of the most effective ways when you get ideas.

Because you only need to fill in the blanks and immediately you will have a great opening. You can apply immediately to your article.

Update 30 content marketing trends 2019 that you must know!

The following is an example that I have applied from a Stencil blog post.

I chose this example because I want to show you that I have successfully applied this method, not only the author who created it.

First, I agree with the reader’s problem.

Agree step when you write sentences agree with the reader’s comments for the article according to the APP

From the very first sentences I have shown that readers have found the right article that satisfies their search purpose.

Simple but perfect, right?

The next step is to promise and show them the preview.

Now there are two ways, either combine them into one, or separate. In my experience, I see that both are fine, depending on your writing and who your audience is.

Create promises with readers and suggestions based on the content writing APP formula

Promise and Preview Step

I specify the problem I will solve and let readers know the upcoming information mentioned in the article.

It is fast, no hassle and still effective. So how to apply this method?

I have a Template for you here:

Instructions for writing content using the APP method

You will certainly agree when I say:

… (The subject) is really … (negative meaning)


But it turned out … (expected results) maybe not … as you thought. What you need to do is … (solution)

In the article below I will show you specifically how I…

If you want to know more, all you have to do is read on …

# Example 1:

“You will definitely agree when I say:

Losing 10kg in an instant in 2 months is really impossible.


But it turns out – having a sexy body may not be as difficult as you think.

What you need to do is follow these 9 simple steps I will introduce shortly.

In the article below I will show you specifically how I lost 10kg in just 2 months but still stay healthy.

If you want to know more, all you have to do is read below!

# 6: PAS (Problem – Agitate – Solve)

Many marketers call this the social media rule, because of its wide applicability.

You can use it in blog posts, PR articles, emails and leaflets, classifieds, …

This content marketing writing skill is quite streamlined, easy to understand and is presented in the order of steps as follows:

  • Problem: Identify the problem
  • Agitate: Deepen the problem
  • Solve: Solving problems

Taking into account your customers honestly but tactfully, subtly, PAS will really bring effect to your content. However, this is also a double-edged sword if you intend to be ambiguous with your customers.

No matter what you write about and somehow remember to put credibility first, okay!

# 7: FAB (Features – Advantages – Benefits)

It is true that today, readers are not only interested in the problem raised in a content article, but they also love to hear the story behind them.

Therefore, the task of the copywriter is to create compelling, effective stories to stimulate curiosity among readers.

According to Copyhacker, FAB (Features – Advantages – Benefits) is a type of formula that will help you organize the message you are trying to convey into a compelling, great story.

How to write this content includes the following key elements:

  • Features

Include product or service features such as specifications, components, what the product or service can do.

For example: Blender has 3 grinding modes: medium, fine, and puree.

  • Advantages

What are the points of your products or services that are more useful to customers?

For example: The blender has 3 sets of blades suitable for grinding various ingredients faster and still a durable machine.

  • Benefits

The benefits that your product or service can bring to customers.

For example: A blender with a blade suitable for grinding large pieces of meat saves time for busy people.

This formula helps readers clearly see the use of products and benefits that products or services can bring to their lives, the reason that they should not choose other products or services.

To do that, you need to be really knowledgeable about your product and know how to filter words to motivate readers to take action.

#For example

Apple: How to write content effectively – FAB Formula

Apple has used the FAB formula to let its customers know how the new watchOS has been improved, namely:

  • Feature: Both as a trainer and as a physical workout companion that supports you throughout the day, keeping up with user music tastes.
  • Pros: Smarter, better and more proactive.
  • Benefits: Accompany with you as much as possible.

Although this example blends the formula a bit (for example, features and advantages are mixed together), it still has the same power of traditional FAB structure.

# 8: BAB (Before – After – Bridge) + create a bridging model

This is definitely my favorite part because it is one of the very simple tactics that you do not have to spend any brain to apply.

With The Bridge Model, you will attract users to stay in your article with 3 steps:

  1. Beautiful perspective: Let readers sketch out the perspective they desire.
  2. Current situation: Bringing them back to reality.
  3. Bridging: Creating a bridge between perspectives and reality. In particular, your article acts as a solution.

You will find that …

Most copywriters usually use only one step in the whole process or two, when they preview the content of the article.

But when you combine all three, you get a recipe for truly effective content writing. I even used the Bridge Model at the beginning of this article to “seduce” you to continue reading.

This method of writing great content is as follows:

Step 1: Draw the desired picture from SEO copywriting.

The way of making content that many people are still applying – Give a great picture to attract and attract your readers.

Step 2: Pull you back to the current situation

This will make readers feel sad and down …

Letting readers return to the harsh truth is also an effective way to write content marketing

Step 3: Turn the article as a bridge to close the gap between perspective and reality

Relate real possibilities to the future

Boom! Finally, you “hooked” and kept scrolling down.

This method meets all of the following factors:

  • Satisfying search purpose
  • Rich in emotions
  • Ask questions
  • Promise
  • Content outline briefly

Users will pay attention, read greedily hundreds, even thousands of words that you are writing to them.

Do you want to practice now?

Here is the Template for you.

Apply The Bridge Model to write engaging content

Imagine that you could … (beautiful perspective). Amazing, isn’t it?

If you can (draw a picture of the ideal world of what readers want to get)

But in fact, right now, you have nothing!

(Refers to the current flat state).

But, you do not need to do that.

You can start from…. And, it is not too hard for you to apply yourself.

All answers are right in the article below. You just have to read it!

#For example:

Imagine that your entire income is skyrocketing through the online fashion store you run. It is amazing, isn’t it?

At that time, you can relax around Europe, comfortably sunbathe on the green beach and call and see the number of accounts automatically increasing every day.

But in fact, right now, you have nothing!

You are still sitting in front of your laptop screen, reading this article, and you are still looking for ways to attract customers.

But, you do not need to do that.

There is a way for customers to find themselves: Inbound Marketing. And, it is not too hard to apply yourself.

All of your answers need to be found in the article below. You just have to read it!

Tactics that attract readers from the smallest detail

# 9: Good content posts always start with questions

Do you know a secret about human psychology? That is …

We always want to create a complete vision of the future.

And asking questions is an effective way of hitting people psychologically. Why?

Because no matter how many questions I ask you, you subconsciously want to find the answer.

I applied this method right in the first part of the article and up to now, aren’t you still here?

Not only does it get your readers interested in the article right away, it also leads them unconsciously to pull down – similar to the Bucket Brigades model we are about to mention in the next section.

This is a simple method that many bloggers and copywriters ignore.

If you want to see excellent examples of writing articles, you should visit the GTV SEO blog. There are lots of great content opening templates that you can apply!

See more introductory writing in good content that you can apply

GTV SEO has lots of unique articles.

Let’s copy and paste one of the questions below into your lesson!

  1. What if I told you (the subject) does not need … (strong adjective) or … (strong adjective)?
  • What if I told you that baking does not take too much time or is too messy?
  • And what if I told you to lose weight without having to suffer from fasting or hard work?
  • What if I told my classmates that it was not necessary to read books or to sleep lazily?
  1. It sounds … (from emotion), right?
  • Sounds scary, doesn’t it?
  • It sounds crazy, right?
  • It sounds great, doesn’t it?
  1. How many times have you tried … but then felt …?
  •  going to the gym but then feeling depressed and gaining weight after 2 months? to practice a new habit but then still come back to your way after only a few days?
  •  to learn German but then find yourself unable to pass from Hallo?
  1. Have you ever wished you could … but not …?
  •  have a good body without having to go to the gym every day?
  •  eat your favorite foods without worrying about gaining weight?
  • Have you ever wished that you could follow all 23 standards for writing compelling content without spending too much time?
  1. Do you … when you …?
  •  find yourself more attractive when using Dior perfume?
  •  see your website increase thousands of traffic when applying the Phantom Keyword technique?
  •  save your electricity bill when using LED bulbs?

Outstanding copywriters always have the same effective way of writing content! That is hitting the reader’s emotions.

Make readers want to follow your article because they know they have come to the right place.

Read more: Standard SEO Website Optimization Tips

>> 7 Steps to Writing SEO Standard Articles 2019

>> 6 Steps Rank Top Hundreds of Keywords With Only 1 Post

Perform Split Testing for the title

For each blog post, I usually write three different headlines and do the Split Test to test them.

So, what is a Split Test?

Split Test (aka A / B Testing) is a method in which two or more versions will be compared against each other under the same conditions. The purpose of this method is to evaluate and choose which version of you is most effective.

Learn more about A / B Testing for GTV SEO’s article.

So how did I do it?

Very simple, just install the free Title Experiment Free plugin (for wordpress) and create as many titles as you want.

Install the Title Experiment Free plugin to write content in the title effectively

# 10: Suggestions about what you are about to mention

A few years ago, I accidentally read a copywriting book in a bookstore. It was not a good book but taught me a very important lesson.

Always “lure” the reader about the next content.

For traditional copywriting, this is the way to keep your readers to stay longer with your book page or advertisement.

For SEO copywriting today, this rule is still effective.

Because you always want users to read as much as possible. Aim to increase time on site, share social networks and interact on your site.

All of which affect website rankings.

This action holds the reader. I have also applied this technique to today’s article.

Build a library of content that Google loves with the Topic Cluster technique. So, what is a Topic Cluster? Find out now!

Write the opening paragraph content with an opening sentence

Use the bait that your readers will stay longer.

Even combine this good content writing with Tips # 23 and link first with the other parts of the article.

Application writing content marketing is also very simple.

You should add hints (suggestions) at the position with relevant content while writing or you can read the article and then insert suggestions when editing the article.

# 11: Write great content: You need to ignore the advice of parents

When eating, did your parents ever tell you “keep the best food to the end” when you were young?

Well that is good advice, but not in all cases.

For copywriting, it is not good at all. Let me explain it to you.

We are often taught that good work must build great endings. The end is everything.

However, there is a truth in copywriting that not everyone knows.

Most people do not read to the end.

Exactly only about 30% of users read to the end.

So, you should put your most important content first. You need to determine which content is important and influential.

While all your content marketing articles are important, let’s be prepared: Be prepared to leave a few.

Below is the layout of the article that a new copywriter often uses:

Content layout of a person who has just entered the profession

Start with the least important information and build the most engaging information at the end of the article.

But … When I read it halfway through, most of the users left.

Instead, I recommend the following structure:

Guide to writing content marketing with effective content layout

This way, similar to reading an article, your readers can gather the information they need and leave that page immediately.

This may sound a bit ridiculous but you will be surprised.

On average, 6 out of 10 people share a post without reading it all.

So, if they provide them with information earlier, the possibility of them sharing may be higher.

In terms of conversion, you can increase your ability to attract potential customers to exchange contact information. Therefore, people can take action (for example, share, sign up to receive documents, …) at those sections of the article.

These sections get the highest value in your content and tend to convert sooner.

# 12: Write at the reading comprehension level of a middle school student

Have you ever wondered why most blog posts are so boring?

Hmmm … it relates to the words you use.

Not only boring, but the inappropriate words are really very difficult to understand.

Long terminology, specialized writings are difficult to interpret.

Why do I say that?

If your website SEO foreign market and use English for example. Most people who visit your website do not read intensive English.

Refer to the screenshot (screenshot) of an Internet Marketing page:

6 out of 10 countries in the above list see English as a second language.

This proves that their English is only basic, they cannot read and understand like native speakers. They are even using a translation tool (for example, Google Translate) to understand it.

Now pay attention to the United States – a country with a lot of traffic to the site (2,422 traffics). While up to 50% of Americans have difficulty reading comprehension beyond the content of 5th grade students (11 years old).

Not only the United States, but also in the United Kingdom have the same problem for people aged 16-24. And Vietnam is no exception. If you write at this level, the content you write will be hard to read for users. They will not read (or not be interested in the content you write down).

But … What does this have to do with SEO? Let me explain.

If someone finds it difficult to understand or has little interest in what you write, they will:

  1. Do not return to read your content
  2. Refuse to share content
  3. Do not understand what you say and remember about the business brand name

And more importantly …

This shows that you are wasting time writing content in vain!

Let me give you specific examples. Take a look at 2 quotes about language learning. Which sentence do you find more readable?

Quote 1:

“When starting to learn a new language, it is often difficult to distinguish between different tones, nuances and changes in one’s tone of voice.

Because each place has its own dialect. Therefore, the tone, tone and tone of tone will definitely be different. To be able to distinguish, you need time to adapt to each sound.

If you are interested in learning how to listen to language more effectively, download our statistics of information below.”

Quote 2:

“When starting to learn a language, listening skills can be very difficult! Each person’s voice is very different, it is very rare that 2 people have the same voice.

This is because each region has its own language type, which is called the dialect. Mainly changing the way certain words are spoken.

But, don’t worry!

Spend some time each week practicing, slowly you will understand these different tones.

And, if you really want to hear better, download the statistics file from the link below!”

It is sure that quote 2 is easier to read, right? Because it uses simple words and sounds like someone is talking to you.

Nobody talks like quote 1. When you click and read the content, you will not need to stop to think.

But, how do you know what the text of your article is and what you should aim for? Wow, so simple! I have mentioned this before.

Case 1: For Vietnamese website:

Choose someone who does not understand your business at all. You should give them the article and ask if they understand it in a certain time.

The average reading speed of a person is 200 – 300 words / minute.

If the essay is 3,000 words long, let the person read for 10 minutes and ask them how much% of this article is understood. Or more simply, the 5-second rule that I usually apply is:

If a person does not understand what you mean in a paragraph within 5 seconds, you should change the wording!

Case 2: For English website:

In the Word Processor, Readability is recommended. It will be able to help you check spelling and grammar. See table below.

Test the Readability of the content

The last part Readability is the part you need to pay attention to. Most important is the “Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level” section.

I will not make you so bored. Instead, I will let you know. The number used above corresponds to the number of grades a student can read and understand your writing.

You always want to achieve a score of 7.0 – 8.0 for most of your blog posts (corresponding to students in grades 7 or 8 can understand your blog posts easily).

If possible, down to 5.0, 6.0 or even lower is better. However, it will be difficult to achieve that level if your niche has some specialized terminology.

It is better to read your content over and over again and find out if there is a better explanation. Or, turn the content of the post as if you were telling the story.

Get rid of long, unnecessary words and make it as easy to understand as possible.

# 13: How to write compelling content with a great trick to transform long keywords

Long Tail Keywords (extended keywords or long keywords that are longer than 3 words) are useful for organic traffic.

But the problem is that these keywords do not always sound natural. Users never type queries like what they say.

You can’t go into a store and say “fix iphone 7 speaker” because you are not a three-year old kid. (Usually you will say, “fix this iphone 7 for me!”)

But “fix iphone 7 speaker” is the keyword that users will search for. And when you try to incorporate these words into SEO content, it is not natural.

As an SEO copywriter, how do Long Tail Keywords become more natural in content?

Certainly, an optimized page with the right keywords will still rank higher than pages that do not do so.

Well, the answer is very simple.

You will bang your head against the wall when you hear the answer. Are you ready?

It makes them sound natural!

Inserting the correct keyword is the most ideal but to make the phrase “repair iphone 7 speakers” sound better, it is very difficult.

Google is smart enough to rank high for your site even if you add some variation words to your product or service keyword.

So, do not be afraid to add a few words to the exact keyword as needed.

However, there are 2 notes for you:

  • Do not distort the keyword so that Google cannot recognize it.
  • Only add 1 to 2 words to listen more smoothly.

It is really simple, right? If you can insert the keyword into the most natural content without editing, then you do.

But assuming that the content does not sound good, you should apply this method.

# 14: Use active voice (proactive sentences)

Active voice is a way to write (or speak) clearly, using fewer words, be brief and easy to understand. I do not want to explain grammar here. Instead, I will explain to you what active voice is and what it means for SEO.

First, what is an active voice?

It is a concise, direct and personal method of writing. Basically, you should write like you are saying.

Active voice has the following structure:

[Person] – [Action] – [Object]

  • Joe is reading a book.
  • Lisa played the piano
  • Cristiano Ronaldo will visit Vietnam.

Wait!!!! Listen to me first …

When you were in school, you were often taught to write passive voice style for essays. But this is not good for SEO. Because such writing is difficult to read and does not bring a good experience for users.

Passive voice has the structure:

[Object] – [Action] – [Person]

  • Book is being read by Joe.
  • The piano is played by Lisa.
  • Vietnam will be visited by Cristiano Ronaldo.

Do you see the difference?

Passive writing style makes sentences longer and boring. People will get out and the onsite time will definitely drop. Take a quick look at the 2 examples below and tell me which one is easier to understand.

or paragraph below:

Example 2 is much easier to understand, right? It is not only shorter but also like someone talking. That is exactly what you are looking for.

If you are not sure if you are using passive voice, here is a simple, extremely effective tip suggested by Rebecca Johnson:

If you can add “by Zombies” after the sentence, it is a passive voice.

For example:

  • This essay was written by Zombies
  • Doraemon is taken to the park by Zombies.
  • The town was attacked by Zombies.

It is simple and effective. This is an important tip in SEO Copywriting. So, remember to take notes carefully!

Say what you think

When writing, there are always 2 elements: What you write down and what you think in your head.

John Romaniello – fitness blogger and author of one of the best-selling New York Times bestsellers said:

“People can read what you write; but the only person who truly understands you is you. There is often a big difference between the two.

But to close that gap and create content for readers to understand is not difficult at all.

You can also use bold or italic text. And if you think it can be used without it, you will be wrong.

To describe yourself more accurately, you not only have to create more engaging content to increase onsite time and amount of content read, but you can also make your content easier to understand.

Reading online will take more time than reading on paper (25%) so people will skim through the content of your article. Use bold or italic text to attract attention as they skim.

I do not want to complicate many steps when writing, so this is what I recommend …

Whenever you type something, read it yourself and see what you should emphasize, where.

Let me give you an example.

I use the phrase “I do not think digital marketing is boring”

  • “I do not think Digital Marketing is boring” – this means that you do not think it is boring, but others may think so.
  • And “I do not think Digital Marketing is boring” – this means that you do not think it is boring, you know it.
  • Or “I do not think Digital Marketing is boring” – this means that you do not think Digital Marketing is really boring, but you think the other one is boring.
  • “I do not think Digital Marketing is boring” – this implies that you do not think it is boring, but it will somehow (interesting, mysterious, influential, etc.)

By changing this accent like in words (up, down, etc.), it can help you improve your writing. From there, users can easily access the content of their posts.

# 15: Strategy “Once upon a time”

Applies to article format: Tutorials / Step-by-step methods, long form content, commentary.

Once upon a time the strategy used to be very simple. For the title of the article, you should mention the “story” you will tell. This helps you shape your content before writing.

#For example:

Title: What to prepare before moving to the United States? Sub-heading

  •  1: Leaving Vietnam – What you need to prepare at home
  •  2: Find jobs, schools and accommodation
  •  3: Visa, Customs and necessary paperwork
  •  4: Awareness of cultural differences
  •  5: Learning languages
  •  6: Settling down to settle down in the United States

This is not the best, most compelling way to write content, but it effectively helps attract readers into the part they are looking for. If you want to apply it to non-instructional articles – like social commentary – you can even add a little extra.

#For example:

Headline: Why can coffee save my life? Sub-heading

  •  1: Before drinking coffee, I was very tired, without energy.
  •  2: But after drinking coffee … there is a big change
  •  3: My ability to observe reaches “superfluous”
  •  4: I work more effectively
  •  5: Save hundreds of dollars
  •  6: But I have not slept in 6 months…

However, you must make sure the story content is the same as the promised title.

# 16: Use the serif font to control the reader’s mind

Fonts are the body language of your content.

For example, if someone sent you a resume written in Comic Sans, you would assume that a small child wrote it.

However, if you write in Times New Roman or Calibri fonts, the resume will be much more professional. Now fonts not only display the melody of the content, it also affects the time a user reads your content.

When people read something, it is called eye line. And most people skim left to right. The line of sight was like this:

And the font you choose can guide users in an eye line or cause them to glance. There is no need to go into too much detail, let me tell you.

There are 2 types of fonts you need to know: Serif and Sans Serif fonts.

Serif is a font with sharp points at the end of each word (called the foot of the word), like handwriting and Sans Serif, on the other hand, does not have that foot.

That small stroke can make a difference. It makes a person stay on your page longer or quickly leave.

These fonts can also affect the reader’s perception of your content. For example, Medium font creates a gentle feel but creates credibility.

However, this is currently not important. Did you notice that I did not use the Serif font for this blog post?

But I found out that if you do not use Serif fonts, you need to use larger fonts. Big fonts will be easier to read and understand. Although they are not very beautiful fonts, the conversion rate is much higher.

Therefore, choose large font or Serif font

# 17: Feel free to use Power Words

Using power words is a potential driving factor for SEO Copywriting. They are probably the most powerful words you can use.

So, what are power words?

It is a word that creates strong feelings for others. When read up, it evokes feelings, motivates readers to think, feel and act. And these words can be etched into your memory. Therefore, please take advantage of inserting these words in the headline, text or call to action button, … for your article.

There are hundreds of words that contain usable power. So please refer to the list of Power words, sorted by alphabet according to the following link:

# 18: 5 Essentials for a perfect Meta Description

The Meta Description tag is what users see when your page appears on Search Engines.

Write engaging content for the meta description template

And 80% of Copywriters skip this part when posting.

Because … you are not doing SEO so you do not have much experience on this part. However, they greatly affect your overall SEO. Google publicly discloses that they do not consider the Meta Description tag to be a factor in Google rankings.

However, that is not what interests you right now. Instead, focus on improving CTR – a potential factor for rating.

The Meta Description tag is the doorway to the content of your article. It helps users decide whether to visit your site or not.

Currently most meta descriptions are taken from a paragraph in the article. And it is not attractive at all! It looks like this:

Meta Description of Coca Cola big business

But you can completely customize meta descriptions. I will share it for you right here. Take advantage of it to increase page clicks:

The Meta Description tag should contain:

  • Description: Outline of the content of his article.
  • Persuasion: Give reasons why users should choose to read your article
  • Curiosity: Make readers curious about the content inside the article
  • Consistent with the purpose of the user’s search: Show users that this article is what they are looking for.
  • Contains up to 156 characters: There are no exact criteria from Google, so I recommend that the meta description tag should contain only 150 or 160 characters. Beyond this number, the meta description will be truncated and show a … at the end.

It sounds like a lot of things have to be packaged in 156 characters.

How now? Do not worry! It is not as difficult as you think.

Below is a good Meta description example.

A good meta description tag of GTV SEO.

The meta tag is concise but full of 5 elements I mentioned above. If you are looking for an article with only 301 redirects, you will have peace of mind when clicking on this article.

While this part can be omitted, this is part of the reason why a good meta description is so effective. Because a lot of people waste it.

So, make the most of every opportunity. Changing this is easier using the Yoast SEO Plugin.

Meta Description Template

Instead of just giving you some unusable meta descriptions, I have created these templates to fit the three most popular post types.

And, they are also updated to fit any of your post types.

  1. Article “How To” (Instructions / How to)

If you want to know how to [keyword], you will need this guide. You will see [X] simple techniques that help you [topic] without [unwanted situations] in this article.

  • If you want to know how to make sushi, you will need this tutorial. 15 simple techniques to help you make colorful and delicious sushi.
  • Looking to lose weight? You will need this tutorial. Here are 10 simple fat loss methods to help you burn fat without giving up your favorite food.
  1. Article list format

[Topic] make you depressed? You have come to the right place. This [X] [thing] list of [keyword] will help you [positive emotions].

  • Writing meta descriptions that got you bored? You have come to the right place. This list of 10 excellent meta description examples will make you x2 your CTR.
  • Learning Spanish makes you depressed? Yes, you have come to the right place. This list of 20 Spanish language learning tips will make you instantly change your mind.
  • Looking for books that make you depressed? You have come to the right place. These 8 successful business books will help you solve all problems.
  1. Home page of the business sector

Are you looking for [type of business] in [location]? There is no need to look any further. We are experts in [topic] wanting to help you achieve [desired results]

  • Are you looking for a washing machine repairman in Hanoi? There is no need to look any further. We are experts in the water supply and sewerage industry, giving you the best prices.
  • Are you looking for a milk tea shop in District 1? No need to look any further. Here, at Gong Cha, we will captivate you with 20 tea-flavored milk tea dishes!

# 19: Use Grammarly to check spelling errors

Whether in English or Vietnamese, any spelling errors on a product or article will make the reader feel uncomfortable.

Scientific studies have shown that: 76% of consumers think that a product or service is poor quality when it sees a defect in a product. That is why all content should be checked for typos before publishing. Because most copywriters do not recognize their spelling errors.

In this regard, Grammarly will help you, especially when you write a long English article (for example, this article).

The extremely useful features of Grammarly will help you:

  • Recognize all your grammatical errors
  • Proposal to overcome errors
  • Immediately wrong use, saving time with just a few mouse clicks

It is convenient, right?

Check spelling with Grammarly tool to make content effective

Even if you have used the free trial, Grammarly is still one of the most effective content creation tools that you cannot ignore.

The Grammarly extension is available at the Chrome Store. Download it to use when accessing the internet again.

You are wondering about the cost if deploying SEO services for the web? How much is a good budget? Refer to the overall SEO quotation of GTV SEO.

Increase the conversion rate 4 times with just a few content tips

# 20: Internal links help increase the time on the page

One of my first tips for new copywriters is….

Make the most of internal links.

If you do not know what internal links are, let me give you an example.

For example: If I mentioned the Internal link in an article, I could link to other articles on the same website I have on this topic.

The effects of Internal links include:

  • Provide more useful information, expand knowledge to users about the content of your article.
  • Increase the time users spend on the website.
  • Transfer power from page to page on the same web
  • Help Google bot identify relationships between pages, creating a solid structure.

[Important]: When you do not have a lot of quality backlinks to your website, building internal links is really necessary.

Use the free SEO Auto Linker plugin to create internal links easily.

Although this plugin has not been updated for a long time, it is definitely the best plugin for this.

# 21: Use Rich benefit Heading to optimize CTR

The last type of subheading I want to share is Rich-Benefit (beneficial subheading).

I mean subheading must state the benefits as they continue reading in the article.

This is easy to do. Instead of thinking about what the next section should cover, think about what it will do for the reader as they read it. Suppose you are writing an article on “How to write an ebook”. Which subheading do you think is more attractive?

  1. How to choose an appropriate cover photo design template
  2. How to choose a cover photo template to increase book sales

It is obviously subheading 2, right?

Because if I write a book, I want to make money from it. If the right cover design can help me, I will definitely learn it.

When I try to choose a benefit, I often ask the question: “How can they help them?”

For example:

  1. Choose the right cover photo design = Sell a lot of books = How to choose a cover photo template to grow book sales
  2. Choose the right fonts = People will read your books = Top 10 Fonts that people like the most
  3. Weight loss pills = Burn fat quickly = Burn fat immediately with weight loss pills (I am just kidding! But do not put shocking titles like that!

This is one of the content writing methods that you must know. Because it is simple, but it is an effective content writing skill, helping lead readers to scroll down to the next section.

Do you want to grow your brand? Do you want to attract more customers to the website? Let GTV SEO – SEO Services HCM help you dominate Google, increase outstanding sales from Organic Traffic.

Or you can refer to the SEO Mastermind training course to master the fundamentals and create an effective SEO strategy.

# 22: Delete redundant code:

You may not know, Google is designed to find redundant and malicious HTML. It can read any code, as long as the code is properly written.

After all, not every website is perfect and not everyone is a talented web designer.


I still believe that having clean code (the fewer bugs the better) will positively affect website rankings.

For the customer website and the GTV SEO website, I always want everything to be perfect.

What is standard SEO web design? 9 Website Testing Criteria SEO Standard! More details here!

Redundant code

And when you write blog posts – especially if you already use Microsoft Word or Google Docs – then copy them to WordPress, you will find that a lot of “stupid” code that makes it more difficult for Google bots to crawl your site.

I will show you:

Get the content in this post created in Google Docs. Does it look good?

Content on the blog interface

Then copy them all into WordPress like most bloggers or writers do. From a reader’s perspective, is it okay in general?

Text interface for readers on WordPress

Wait! Keep clicking on the “Text” tab at the top of the page, you will see this is a complete HTML nightmare.

Maybe you or I will never pay attention to it. But Google bots are different – they take this very seriously.

The HTML interface of the content from a Google Bot perspective

The tag “</span>” appears everywhere.

And you will also see unnecessary spaces around bold or italic words that you have not seen. In my example this error does not exist, but wait a minute, I will show you.

Excess spaces in HTML code.

As a best practice, you will want the code to be neat and readable in the backend with no gaps, strange tags, or code that does not serve any purpose.

Google is trying to give the fastest results for any query and what you need to do is to simplify things as much as possible.

That is why you need to streamline your backend code to make a difference. (This is the streamlined code of the example above).

The result of streamlining clean up excess code in HTML

Use the Word Processor to streamline the code.

If you are not sure what you are doing, do not worry. Just copy the code, then select the part you want to delete:

Delete extra code

After you have removed the unnecessary parts, copy back to the “Text” tab of WordPress. At this point, the article will not automatically add any code anymore.

You can even go back and edit the code of your previous blog posts to improve Google bot’s ability to crawl in a snap.

# 23: The truth about writing compelling content of SmartBlogger

Applies to all post types: Blog post, Tutorials, comments

SmartBlogger does a lot better at writing Subheading. I learned some tactics from them and applied them to my blog posts. Now I will tell you.

Their subheading always provokes:

  •     Curiosity
  •     The element of surprise
  •     Personal
  •     Feeling

Combining these elements in sub-headings will create strong emotions to attract readers. This may sound too hard, but don’t worry. Following the steps below, everything turned out easily.

  • Do not rush to give an answer:

Do not tell readers all they need to know in subheadings.

For example, instead of writing “Drink 2 liters of water a day”, write “The truth about how much water your body needs in a day”

  • Do not insert only keywords:

A keyword only tells you what the next part is, for example, “Ingredients cafe”.

Add an element of compelling appeal to your readers, for example, “The ingredient of coffee increases your ability to focus.”

  • Do not be too hard to understand:

When trying to create a sense of curiosity, it is easy to hide some parts of the article.

For example, you write a blog post about baking but get subheading “Do not dismiss the dream!” It sounds like nothing to do with the content of the article.

The key thing when setting a title is to create a highlight, to attract readers. Never let them skim through the article that you have provided all necessary information just because of the wrong title.

# 24: Use simple sentences to increase page time

Sometimes you use colons or ellipses …

… to entice people to read your article.

And you are the one who once started to do it, it must be completed for a degree. So, you can’t stop reading the next sentence right? And everyone is curious!

See that? I just did that again. This will help to lower bounce rate and increase time on your site.

Of course, you do not want users to leave the page and click “Back” to return to the search page. It will negatively affect website rankings. But it is not just the colon and the ellipsis that is it.

There are many phrases that help you entice people to read the article, thereby increasing page time (and even increasing conversion rates if you do it the right way). Let me share.

Such as:

  • Wait, there is one more thing …
  • Will be better ..
  • Let me explain ..
  • Now I need to make one thing clear …
  • Yes, are you still reading?

All of the above clusters will entice users to stay on the page.

This technique is effective for sales posts and blog posts.

And if you combine with The Bucket Brigades I mentioned in # 3, there is no way readers will leave your site.

For example, if you have ever listened to Gary Vaynerchuck’s speech or video, you will find that Gary repeats the phrase “Let me explain” more than any other word. When you hear this phrase, you want to hear what the next one means?

Use phrases that entice readers to make the content compelling.

And not surprisingly, I also use this technique right on my blog to optimize my SEO content. These posts consistently have low bounce rate and high time on site.

GTV SEO is also applying the phrase “bait”.

Articles like this have a very low Bounce Rate.

You should skim through your content and insert a few sentences after you have finished writing or use data to find out the exact location to insert these words.

Tips: If you see users leave the page after reading 5%, 20%, 45% or 65% content, then the best tactic is to put phrases in these positions to invite them to read more.

Learn Trial Free 3-day SEO Course – Entity Mastermind 2020. Do not miss out!

# 25: Create In-Content Link to know the needs of the reader

You want to know which part of the content your readers are most interested in? In-content links will help you with that.

Let me explain in detail for you this problem.

Like Internal Links, this method will focus all the content in one place. As content list in the image below:

Navigation list helps increase user experience

Adding this list to posts not only makes page navigation easier, but also creates a better user experience.

Refer to the article “6 important indicators to help evaluate the most accurate UX user experience” of GTV SEO.

UX indicator: How to choose the user experience index 2019

You can also use heat maps to track and record which readers click on. This will bring valuable insights into the type of content you should write in the future.

For example, those who visit my website click on “Blog”, “Off Page SEO” or “Services” I know that this will be the market for me to write blog posts on these topics.

From there I will focus on finding content ideas that come from user insight to share and deliver a better user experience (Google loves the word).

Related article: “What does marketing do? 10 things Marketers do every day ”

# 26: Remove the sidebar

Sidebar position on website

Small changes in content can produce big results.

I tried to use a blog post without a sidebar to solicit email addresses.

Not too much content in the sidebar of the blog interface is effective

A lot of people say it does not work at all, but I found it to work.

And Mathew Woodward also did a small test on this issue with 3 different types of posts.

Mathew Woodward’s experiment to study the content sidebar

The results obtained for the search traffic of the blog post are impressive. Take a look at the results achieved by the broader post interface since there is no sidebar:

The results of our research on a blog interface do not have sidebars with other pages.

Even if you are using a free trial, Grammarly is still one of the most effective content creation tools that you cannot ignore.

The Grammarly extension is available at the Chrome Store. Download it to use when accessing the internet again!

Woww! …

As you can see! This share is really long. Thank you for taking the time and brooding it.

I do not want you to miss out on any of these 26 effective, effective ways to write SEO Copywriting tips. Please carefully note the content so as not to miss any important information!

  • Important intro (prologue): Without a good prologue, you are missing out on valuable traffic. The simple solution to this is to start the article with a question. Then add an element of emotion to your headings.
  • Post structure: Do not keep the best to the end. Strong impact on readers by putting the most important information first.
  • Title tag and Meta Description tag: Make sure you always appear on the SERP and get lots of clicks from inserting emotional words and adjusting the meta description before publishing the post.
  • Create link content: You can find out exactly what readers are looking for and focus on it.
  • Write for high school students: This makes the content as easy to understand as possible. Using an active form will make this easier.
  • Remove redundant code: Delete redundant lines of HTML code that hinders the Google bot!

Learn more videos How to write effective content for this website! Make sure the video I shared is useful to you.

Well, where are your favorite SEO Copywriting tips? Or any other tips you would like to share with me? Let me know how you feel!


26 ways to write great content for newbies

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