4 simple tips for Japanese interpreter

Good tips for employers to recruit Japanese part-time interpreter, making sure to find excellent, highly qualified candidates.

Nowadays, Japanese corporations, companies, businesses are strongly developing in Vietnam, they need Vietnamese people with good Japanese skills to assist them in the process of communication and negotiation. and sign contracts with domestic partners. With that urgent need, part time Japanese interpreters become hotter than ever and never have to worry about underemployment. To find an excellent candidate, consistent with the nature of the business, employers should also pay special attention to and pay attention to the following.

Với sự phát triển của các công ty Nhật Bản, thông dịch viên tiếng Nhật part time có nhiều cơ hội làm việc. Thị trường làm việc phát triển nên ngày càng nhiều người theo học ngôn ngữ này - Ảnh internet

What kind of jobs should Japanese part time interpreter be recruited?

Japanese businesses that are wishing to find interpreters, market research interpreters who cam do trade negotiations, and information exchange at a simple level, the choice of part-time Japanese interpretation is extremely reasonable. These part time interpreters only need basic Japanese language, a fluent and accurate interpretation, easy to understand, grammatically correct, correct main ideas, do not misrepresent information to be satisfactory of employer. Of course, the interpreter must also ensure the 4 skills of listening – speaking – reading and writing, flexible improvisation and language sensitivity to quickly meet the requirements of the customer. Businesses that need Japanese interpretation but do not require high standards of accuracy, 100% accuracy should hire part time interpreters to save time and reduce costs.

Thuê thông dịch viên tiếng Nhật bán thời gian là hình thức tiết kiệm thời gian và chi phí mà nhiều doanh nghiệp Nhật Bản lựa chọn trong quá trình thâm nhập thị trường. Đây có thể coi là sự lựa chọn thông minh - Ảnh internet

Hiring part time Japanese interpreters is a time and cost saving method that many Japanese businesses choose during market penetration. This can be considered as a smart choice – Internet photos

Those who wish to find part time Japanese language translation jobs are usually seniors or freshmen, starting their careers and not having much experience … These people have a lot of free time, are easy to accept and arrange work whenever partner needs.

You should find a qualified Japanese interpreter

The quality of an interpreter depends a lot on the ability and the level of the interpreter. Therefore, even if looking for a part time Japanese interpreter, employers should still pay attention to those who have certain knowledge and expertise in the field of business.

Nên tìm thông dịch viên tiếng Nhật đúng với chuyên ngành cần phiên dịch để đảm bảo hiệu quả của buổi làm việc. 1 thông dịch viên chỉ am hiểu văn hóa xã hội sẽ không phù hợp cho 1 buổi họp của ngành kinh tế, thương mại - Ảnh internet

It is advisable to find Japanese language interpreters who are in the right position for the translation to ensure the effectiveness of the meeting. An interpreter who only understands the socio-culture will not be suitable for a meeting of economy and commerce industry – Internet photo

If you are looking to recruit a Japanese interpreter for a meeting to discuss your company’s marketing strategy, the selected interpreter should be someone who has been trained in socio-economics. If you choose the wrong people who specialize in tourism, culture and entertainment, it will surely be difficult for the interpreter to fulfill the task of communicating and connecting in the meeting, resulting in many unnecessary errors. In order not to cause this situation, the employer must carefully check before signing a part time contract with his candidates.

For students who are studying translation, interpretation, while studying on the school chair, they should take advantage of the background knowledge of many fields, surely employment opportunities will be richer for themselves. Learning the language is not enough, you will not be good at your job without knowing more cultural, economic and social knowledge.

Prioritize experienced people who have much time to organize and arrange work

In many meetings that require interpreting, the role of the interpreter is so important that they will be the people to decide the success in the client’s work. Therefore, businesses should focus on selecting really reputable, experienced and professionally interpreters, especially in high-quality table meetings.

Read each candidate’s CV to look for a Japanese interpreter, look closely at his work experience, past clients, and past accomplishments. It is not advisable to ignore the learning process and qualifications, because it proves the ability and qualifications of the candidates. To find out more, directly put a few hypothetical situations and ask them to handle immediately and thereby can accurately assess whether candidates are capable or not.

Người thông dịch có kinh nghiệm và am hiểu kiến thức nhiều lĩnh vực sẽ giúp ích rất nhiều cho khách hàng, quyết định thành bại của 1 buổi làm việc. Non kinh nghiệm dễ gặp những sai sót không đáng có - Ảnh internet

Experienced interpreters and knowledgeable in many fields will help a lot for customers, deciding the success or failure of a meeting. Inexperienced easy to encounter unnecessary errors – Photo internet

One important note in recruiting part time Japanese translator is to prioritize people who have more time and flexibility in arranging work. Do not let personal matters affect the company, it may appear when the company has unexpected events that need you.

Don’t be afraid to ask a lot of questions to the people who want to find Japanese language interpretation job

To be able to recruit excellent Japanese interpreters, don’t be afraid to ask a lot of questions during the interview process. Focus on questions that help employers better understand candidates such as:

– Academic achievement

– Where did you work?

– What is the old company doing?

– How many years of experience as an interpreter?

– What is the field that you are most knowledgeable about? Have you ever found Japanese translation jobs for that field?

– Did you encounter any mistakes when interpreting? If so, how did the errors affect customers?

– what is the most difficult thing in a meeting that requires interpretation? How did you overcome that difficulty?

– How do you think the salary payment is appropriate? Will you be able to devote to a company that deserves that salary?

– What is your plan in the future? Are you going to be a long-term interpreter?

Đặt ra nhiều câu hỏi để hiểu rõ thêm về ứng viên của mình cũng là điều cần nhà tuyển dụng thiết cần lưu tâm, tránh trường hợp phỏng vấn xong nhưng vẫn không nắm kỹ thông tin cần thiết - Ảnh internet

It is also important to ask a lot of questions to better understand your candidate, to avoid hiring the interviewer but still do not understand the necessary information.

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Although it is only working part time, you will still have a good income, meet with high-class people, learn more knowledge, experience interesting things that you cannot have in other jobs. The majority of young people choose to study Japanese for this reason. For companies and businesses, even if they only recruit part-time Japanese interpreters, employers should take the time to consider carefully to select the best and most suitable candidates. Avoid choosing people who cannot the job then they will affect and loose the interests of the company.

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4 simple tips for Japanese interpreter

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