7 Social Media Marketing Trends In Vietnam in 2020

If you planned to dive into the Vietnam market, social media marketing is a great way to reach your consumers.  Bizzvn has done a research and here are 7 most popular social media marketing trends in Vietnam in 2020.

1. Connect – Community – Experience

This is an old but gold trend, which is obviously the purpose of social media. Every social media marketer must know their consumers’ interests, their problems to deliver the best contents that connect people with same interests and create an social community. After that, the key element is giving them an experience that lead to a conversion. Unlike other developing countries, social media marketing in Vietnam is pretty much more developed with advanced knowledge. A lot of black hat social media marketing strategies are being used to save cost and quickly reach the target. However, as a Digital marketing agency, Bizzvn suggest that big brands should follow the basic principles and stay away from unofficial ways or illegal methods of doing social media marketing. The consequences of using such illegal tools could destroy your brands suddenly.

Connect - Community - Experience

2. Influencer marketing

With a population over 90 millions, influencer marketing in Vietnam is no doubt a big concern for brands. A lot of big brands are pursuing the traditional influencer marketing with famous showbiz symbols. But in 2020, with the Covid-19 pandemic affecting a lot of people, a lot of nano-influencers appeared and give a hitch to the market. Some smaller brands, especially in cosmetic and skincare industry have achieve unbelievable results with nano-influencer campaigns, which go viral quickly. There is no doubt that nano-influencer will be the trending keyword in Vietnam social media marketing landscape in the coming years.

Influencer marketing

3. Stories marketing

With every social media platform introducing and promoting the story feature – which is a status that will disappear after a certain time, and encourage connections to send emoticons or messages to the posters directly instead of comment publicly on the posts, the game is changing. Our digital marketing consultants at Bizzvn believe that in 2020, less than 5% of social media marketers in Vietnam are using stories as a channel to reach consumers. The stories are being used mostly by amateur sellers with personal accounts. Using stories as a main communication channel with consumers is a hard choice for big brands, whose focus are just brand awareness, not direct communication with the consumers. But as the trend is shifting toward stories, a new changeling situation for marketers has rise up.

Stories marketing

4. AI and AR marketing

With everybody talking about AI and AR nowadays, we think in the long future, it will become the biggest concern in social media marketing. All the big social media platform is investing billions of dollars to develop new products associated with AI and AR. Now is the time to do your homework, grab a good understanding about this social media marketing area, and catch up with the trends when it starts.

5. Video marketing

Livestream ore video marketing will dominate the market, with attractive contents and better interaction with consumers, we think that video will be the biggest player in social media marketing market.

Video marketing

6. Social Media Chatbot

Spend all day answering the same questions from all of your customers is just wasting your time. More and more companies are implement chatbot, which will decrease the response time, reduce inaccuracy and save manpower. Facebook chatbot is the most popular chatbot tool, which is used by many big corporation, from FMCG to B2B businesses. Although Facebook chatbot can be easily installed and set up by a technical staff. The more important part – conversation shaping – should be handle by a marketer or a social media marketing agency, to better meet the consumers’ needs and expectations.


7. Online shopping on social media

Online shopping is not a new term, most of the Vietnamese consumers have try online shopping at least one ( 89% according to our studies). But shopping on the social media platform itself is a new term. This approach make it easier to reach the potential clients, as well as easier for communication. With Facebook developing Facebook shopping, ecommerce platforms are going to face tough competition.

social media online shopping

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7 Social Media Marketing Trends In Vietnam in 2020

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