8 tools to check loading page speed to analyze web performance


  • Testing reliable page load speed and content is an important factor for a website’s success.

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o Usefulness of page load speed test

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o 8 best website speed testing tools

Testing the loading speed of pages and reliable content is an important factor for a website’s success.

With constantly changing and improving web technology, it can sometimes be difficult to maintain the latest ways and optimize your website. The content delivery network is extremely important because most websites have to provide more data and allow more traffic than ever before.

The following article will try to explain how the content delivery revolution works and help you understand the different methods and tools you can use to make your website the fastest. may. According to the latest research, users only patiently stay on the page for an average of 2 seconds, after which they will exit the page.

Some of the main and most common reasons why a given website is slow or having problems loading large uncompressed images, poor CSS delivery, incorrect caching, etc. Other elements that need to be considered are JavaScript, a large number of files, untrusted, independent web servers, and a large number of custom third-party plugins.

8 best page load speed testing tools to analyze web performance

Content distribution network

Basically, the content distribution network includes many different servers around the world that have been strategically located on different continents. Whenever a certain visitor loads your site, these content delivery network servers will retrieve a copy of your content for maximum download speed. We mention MaxCDN is the leading content delivery network.

This system is in place to ensure the best possible speed, availability and scale. These servers, also known as edge servers, are important points located in many different locations. The server that hosts your website is actually called the origin server. These locations vary among available content delivery network providers.

Loading a web page at a distance can also result in a slow loading of the page or the page is not found.

This is where the usefulness of the content delivery network is present. With the content delivery network, you can have points in the middle of the distance, thus reducing load time and retrieving data faster. Reducing the distance between you and your visitors will fix slow page loading speed and loss of page connection.

Usefulness of page load speed test

Optimize page load speed can bring many benefits to your website such as increasing SEO rankings, increasing conversion rates, more suitable for sales, minimizing bounce rate and maximizing the amount of time. The time visitors spend on your site. The page load speed testing tools that we will introduce shortly are the best ways to detect and optimize your site’s performance and speed.

Some ways that these testing tools can be used to correctly identify tools such as custom plug-ins, code, fonts and scripts. These tools can also help you locate large images, large files that can lead to congested downloads. Also useful for checking and analyzing page size, load time, request thresholds and other performance-related tests.

Delete unwanted codes

Removing unnecessary characters from your code, CSS, JavaScript, or HTML is another way to increase your site’s performance. This particular method is called minimizing resources. Unnecessary characters, space characters, new lines, user comments or separators for blocks.

Removing them will use some of the code and functionality required by the server, so your page load time will be improved much faster. There are many ways to minimize these resources, you can search for instructions online or you can use a tool like JavaScript Minify.

Reducing the number of HTTP requests is the ultimate web speed optimization concept. Whenever your browser requests data or a page performs better, it is called an HTTP request. The fewer HTTP requests, the faster your site will be.

Some ways you can minimize the requirement are to combine your JavaScript files with CSS files, create compact JavaScript code, deploy CSS sprites, or by deactivating and removing custom third-party plugins can reduce it and make many external requests.

8 best website speed testing tools

Next, our article introduces some of the best website speed testing tools available on the market. All these tools are hand-selected and tested for great performance and unique features. They will also have various useful ways to analyze and report your results. And the fact is that the first DNS checks and checks will always be slower than usual. That is why you should create and run many different tests and calculate the average load time from the results.


This speed performance tool hosted on GitHub is a great open source project that can be used to thoroughly analyze the performance of your website. The analytical process that collects all relevant data, information about your site performance, format and displays data in the report is easy to use.

This tool can provide you with 200 different performance and detailed speed indicators including page speed details, developer performance, etc. In case you use detailed speed information Google Page perfection, PerfTool can run multiple page tests in parallel at the same time for maximum efficiency. This is one of the many advantages of using this tool.

In addition, you can get full detailed reports on all page load tests as well as set ideal thresholds and compare different website performance results from other tests. Not only does this allow you to check all the sites at once, but it also saves you a lot of time and effort if you’re planning your entire site.


The KeyCDN website speed test tool is very fast and lightweight and can be used to get a detailed overview of all types of website performance. You can choose if the test results and test reports are private or public, and you can also use over 14 different locations around the world to perform the tests.

Among the many other useful information that can be gathered from this tool, you can quickly get a report on the number of HTTP requests being made by the site, how large the requested page is and reporting on the amount of load time required. This tool is completely responsive and works very well even on mobile devices and other devices.

Some of the unique features that the KeyCDN site download speed testing tool offers is that it can share website results publicly with others on social media networks, like Twitter.

Moreover, there is a ping tester that can perform 14 different latency tests simultaneously. There are also some tips and helpful information on how you can improve your ping time. You can also use the IP location lookup tool to provide you with the IP address and host name of any website.

Another useful feature is that HTTP verification checks can verify if your server or content delivery network can fully support the HTTP / 2 web protocol.

The web performance testing tool is very broad and can give you information about various important details. You can get a complete analysis of many attributes such as HTTP status codes, content delivery network cache status, DNS, etc. It can also give you an indication of the amount of time it takes to connect to the web server.


YSlow is an open source project and web analytics tool and helps you find out why your website is loading slowly based on Yahoo rules. This tool is currently maintained by Marcel Duran, who is also involved in the WebPageTest project.

This great tool offers performance test results in 3 steps:

  • YSlow collects DOMs to find all elements (images, scripts, etc.).
  • YSlow receives information about each component size (gzip, expire headers, etc.)
  • YSlow takes data and creates a class for each rule, thus giving you an overall class.

Google Page Speed ​​Insights

This tool must be quite well known and used, it helps you to check website performance, with a scale of 1 to 100, with a score of 85 points or more and suggestions for optimizing the website.

There are 2 tabs Desktop and Mobile you can switch back and forth to see the results!


Pagelocity is a very unique tool for analyzing and testing web performance and speed. The tool analyzes and takes into account a number of factors such as social media integration, search engine optimization as well as website resources and code. After analyzing all the categories and essentials, this tool gives you a total performance score of over 100.

There are also features to track and analyze your site and appropriate competitors to compare performance. If you want to use some of the unique additional features of this tool, you will have to sign up for a free account.

The code view of this tool is truly unique and is capable of displaying some important information about your site’s performance such as HTTPS, graphical interface as well as bar graphs for each and every DOM element.

You can quickly and easily determine which elements and content make the most of your total page weight by using the unique resource view available with this great tool.


Pingdom is probably one of famous website speed testing tools. Their report is divided into four different sections which include: waterfall breakdown, performance grade, page analysis and history.

Page analysis provides an overview with additional information such as size analysis, each domain size (you can easily compare your property CDN size vs your domain) number of requests per domain name, and what type of content …

Yellow Lab Tools

Yellow Lab Tools is a new, innovative and interesting tool for website performance and speed developed by Gaël Metais. This tool gives you a lot of information and some unique features never seen in other tools like JavaScript interaction with the DOM and other validation issues. Get global scores based on:

  • Page weight
  • Requests
  • DOM
  • Bad Javascript
  • Bad CSS
  • Server Config

With 8 website speed testing tools to analyze website performance above, we hope you can choose for yourself a useful tool to help optimize your website. Good luck!


8 tools to check loading page speed to analyze web performance

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