8+ ways to do Backlink according to Whitehat of Bizzvn

Google encourages website owners to create content that is useful to users for good ranking results. So, what about Backlink? Creating useful content is enough for your website to rank high in search results?

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  • 4 Main roles of Backlink with rankings

 1. Backlink helps improve website rankings

 2. Create Backlinks for faster indexing

 3. Increase the amount of Referral Traffic (Referral) from creating backlink

 4. Increase brand coverage, popularity or popularity

  • 8+ ways to make white hat backlinks of Bizzvn

 1. Press release (PR) – A double task

 2. Create quality content from social networks, navigate back to the website – Huge traffic source.

 3. Note: Do not skip Youtube

 4. Introducing content from KOLs: It is never outdated

 5. Specialized Forum Link

Choose real active Forum, many real users, reputation in that field

 6. Answer questions, give comments on in-depth topics

Comment on in-depth topics:

Question and Answer

 7. Sharing documents: Giving is giving back

 8. Post a job


4 Backlink’s main role with ranking

This article will not talk about what a good backlink is. However, we discuss the role of backlink in increasing the rankings of the Website with 4 main roles.

  1. Backlink helps improve website rankings

There is no denying the role of Backlink to ranking results. I said it easily like this:

I find myself very good? Still not convinced!

But if I find myself very good and I was recognized by experts – Very convincing!

Similarly, if your site is good, but it is better to receive “recognition” from industry websites, or other major newspapers and reputable forums through having backlinks from those sites pointing to your page.

Every link from another website pointing to your website is a “vote” in Google search results. Take a look at Moz’s statistics – Reputable SEO news site:

Moz’s statistics show:

  • 99.2% of all top 50 positions had at least one external link pointing to their site.
  • 77.8% of all subsequent top positions are similar – there is at least one external link pointing back.

With the actual projects of Bizzvn, from the link back, the keyword rankings also changed significantly, specifically:

An obvious traffic increase project of Bizzvn

  1. Create Backlink for faster indexing

The Google Bot explores new websites by following backlinks from existing websites. Only when they discover your site, it can crawl your site effectively for indexing.

The Google bot will go over the links to crawl the content and thereby index it. With a website that is regularly scanned by Google bots and trying to imagine your website has a link from that website, your content will be indexed very quickly.

In contrast, it will be more difficult for Google bots to find your site if your website does not have any backlinks.

A new website will obviously be indexed faster if there are many links from other websites pointing to it!

  1. Increase the amount of Referral Traffic (Referral) from creating backlink

For a website that already has users, it is normal for users to click through the links to get to your site.

In particular, with content that has a lot of traffic from users, just a little tricky in placing links pointing to your website, you will have a large number of users from referral channels. Here are some tips that you can apply:

Put links in related content: Users tend to see more related content: When reading an article about “how to reduce freckles after giving birth”, a link to the content: “Anti-wrinkle cream freckles for pregnant women after giving birth” is also very attractive!

Set the right context of the reader: If the idea above, put backlinks in related content, this idea I recommend you to put backlinks in positions according to the content flow in the article. Pay attention to the following example, do you want to Click?

Make your link stand out: A backlink link placed in relevant content and contextual is not necessarily paid attention to by the user, use the editor: Change color, italicize or bold, will add more clicks, more traffic to your site

  1. Increase brand coverage, popularity

A website with many links from reputable websites will be referred to as a quality website.

The frequency of appearing on other reputable websites will also create “popularity” or “Fame” for your website.

The website of a business regularly reported by their news will undoubtedly be more popular, more famous and more users!

8+ ways to make white hat backlinks of Bizzvn

First, there must be some agreement: Bizzvn only do white hat SEO, Backlink job is not bad if it is natural, bringing products, services, knowledge from your business to the market, customers and community

SEO is in Digital Marketing, we consider Backlink jobs as marketing activities, promoting the content of the website to many target customers of the business!

Here are 8+ ways to make white hat backlink of Bizzvn, never worry about being penalized by Google!

  1. Making press release (PR) – A double task

It is completely natural for an enterprise to release press releases and introduce its products and services. This is very good for businesses’ website in 2 aspects: Both in terms of SEO techniques and Media

SEO Technique: When links are pointing back from reputable web sites and are highly appreciated by Google, in an understandable way, your website will be “transmitted” a part of quality, reputation from those newspapers.

Communication: When a brand appears in major and reputable newspapers, the brand also becomes prestigious and reliable with customers. Not to mention on the pages that many people visit, the chances of reaching more customers will also be higher!

When promoting the website by placing articles on major newspaper pages, the cost is also quite expensive, this is no different from putting your “agents” in “shopping centers”.

  1. Create quality content from social networks, navigate to the website – Huge traffic source.

With a new website, investing content in social networking sites is a smart tactic to attract users to the website, thereby becoming customers of the business.

At this point, many SEOs will think that putting links in social networking sites will not work because usually social networks block bots of search engines. But be assured, every user signal from the source is recognized by Google through tracking codes, user signals and on-page metrics, which evaluate the quality of content and give a ranking!

  1. Note: Do not ignore Youtube

Especially, if you have a Youtube channel, do not ignore this method. Google statistics show that there is more content that users on YouTube.com than on Google. Take advantage of this traffic source: Create Videos on user-searched topics and remember to insert links to websites about Video-related content in the Video description!

Quality traffic source from Youtube

It will be very effective if the content is well-invested, valuable to users shared on social networking sites.

  1. Introducing content from KOLs: Never outdated

The industry KOLs own personal social networking sites with hundreds of thousands, even millions of Followers will be where you promote the brand and content on your website in the best way.

This brings 3 benefits:

  • Increase traffic to the website
  • Creating customer trust with the brand through KOLs
  • Increasing quality score with search engines, Google fully understand the KOLs in each topic and industry
  1. Specialized Forum Link

Before using the product or service, make sure your customers will be interested and learn a lot of specialized information about that service, products, and problems that customers encounter.

But, not only has a specialized forum and you spam daily on it, it will be effective, doing so is not only ineffective but even has the opposite effect, negatively affecting your website. We all do not want users to see our brand in one view: SPAM is it?

Experiencing many projects and we think that the following ways to make links in the Forum environment will bring high efficiency, complete Whitehat and sustainability.

Choose real active Forum, many real users, reputation in that field.

Can say about:

  • Webtretho or lamchame with content for pregnant women and parenting
  • Technology and accessories with tinhte.vn
  • People do SEO with SEOmxh.com

DON’T FORGET: Become an expert in your field

Users go to the forum to search for specialized and in-depth content from the experts themselves. If you want to score points with your target customers in the Forum, listen to what users want, meet that and skill cleverly mention your brand in the article content

The above method will be very effective if you are an expert in your field!

  1. Answer questions, offer ideas in depth Topic

The characteristic of people who are interested in an area is asking a lot on specialized forums and it would be nice to have a “scratching itch” answer. Absolutely natural and extremely quality

Comment on in-depth topics:

Similar to professional forums, with a certain topic, the website brand makes comments on that topic from the perspective of an expert, which is also a very good plus point.

Of course, just like the number 4, to do this, you have to be an expert in your field, have in-depth research on products, services, problems that your customers encounter!

Question and Answer:

Yahoo Q&A, Quora, Answer.com … are always full of questions with a variety of issues from millions of users. This is a fertile ground for you to promote your website on it!

The questions that users cannot find answers on Google are all asked here, the opportunity for you to show yourself as an expert and score with customers, with search engines through answers that bring Highly specialized, with intensive research on issues.

  1. Sharing documents: Giving is taking back

“100+ Home-made skin care formulas, 35+ Checklist for SEO standard articles…”

Useful and valuable documents for readers, your customer base will bring a significant number of users, a significant number of customers.

So, do not hesitate to share these documents, very useful for promoting the website and creating brand credibility with customers.

Even more wonderful if combined with the number 2 – Social media sharing documents: Slideshare (with files), Pinterest or Behance with photos … will bring unexpected effects.

  1. Post recruitment

Every business needs a job, besides job postings, do not forget to include a link to your website.

A small amount of traffic from recruiting channels from users interested in your business will be a plus for SEO.

A double job, right? Just recruit people and SEO has just been the Web.


Bizzvn pursues the white hat SEO school, focusing on quality content but not so that promoting content on internet channels to earn quality backlinks is not focused.

A website with good content quality combined with a good backlink strategy, increase Authority points, Trust for the website will create a strong development in traffic.

However, we do not recommend the above if the quality of your content or product or service is not good. Only when your products and services are really good, the content of the website that provides complete and useful information to your customers should use the above methods.

Through this article, we hope you understand more broadly that: Backlink is not the statistics through the tools, but rather that you conduct the communication activities for your content naturally on. Online communication channels through 8 Backlink methods that Bizzvn uses in our SEO Services: Natural, sustainable!

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8+ ways to do Backlink according to Whitehat of Bizzvn

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