9 effective recruitment channels for Digital Marketing

Every product has many customers searching on Google, Facebook; every business needs to thrive on online channels, but the number of candidates who can do a good job and do it well is not much; talents are more often found in HN and SG than in other provinces. Even if you are at your house and you receive self-employed projects, your income is not less than working in the office.

From those difficulties, as well as experience as a job seeker and recruiter; Bizzvn has collected 9 effective and economical Digital Marketing recruiting channels for employers to find qualified employees. Candidates can find a good company to contribute.

Bizzvn will record in descending order of effectiveness (based on your experience in hiring effective Digital Marketing staff, and your experience may be different from mine)

  1. Through acquaintances, relationships – The most effective Digital Marketing recruitment channel

Whether you are a boss or an employee, if you are working in MarCom (Marketing Communications), this is definitely the most effective Digital Marketing recruiting channel that you must think of first because your network in this industry is strong.

If you are working in tradition industry, have not used or less used Digital Marketing, maybe you do not have many quality relationships in Marcom industry, you can ask your friends and relatives who are doing Marketing, Digital Marketing to see if they know anyone with good skills that are in need of finding a job.

If you have ever attended a Digital Marketing training course in marketing centers, you can inbox directly for teachers, tutors or post to group classes to ask for help.

If you’ve ever liked my fanpage, I’m also ready to connect for you for FREE, find a job or recruit effective Digital Marketing at Bizzvn

  1. The Company’s official website – The most effective and prestigious Digital Marketing recruitment channel

A few years ago, there were many fraudulent individuals and units pretending to be big companies to recruit and collect candidates’ job hunting fees; or multi-level companies find collaborators in this way. Therefore, smart candidates always go to the Company’s official website to look for work, it is both proactive and accurate.

Nowadays, information is also somewhat more transparent so there are not many users use this way, but still effective for large companies such as Samsung, Vinamilk, FPT, Vingroup, banks …

In particular, the number of job seekers at FPT is so large that FPT has to set up a separate website to recruit https://fptjobs.com

In addition, when you have a website, you can easily advertise jobs using Google Adwords.

  1. Recruitment Marketing Online effectively by the Company’s Fanpage

For companies that have a budget for hiring, or if you want to actively find talented people, you can post on the company’s own fanpage and then run Facebook Ads.

You can easily target the position of the candidate, the mobile device they use to surf the web, their interests …

In addition, job seekers can go to Fanpage to evaluate people, facilities, working environment where they intend to apply whether it is appropriate or not.

  1. Effective and quality recruitment websites

Posting on recruiting websites is the oldest way of doing things, and Bizzvn thinks it will be permanent, irreplaceable.

2 Ways to effectively recruit Digital Marketing for Employers:

– Post recruitment information with full benefits, salary, social insurance, workplace, phone number, etc. then wait for candidates to send their CV.

– View the CV of the candidate and then call for the candidate that suits his / her job position (some recruitment websites will charge you to view the contact information of the candidate)

2 Ways to find effective Digital Marketing jobs for candidates:

– View the job postings then apply.

– Post your resume on the web, allow Employers to search, wait for suitable Employers to call you. You  should write honestly, highlight yourself compared to others; have your full phone number, email.


This is the most famous website about recruitment in Vietnam, when it comes to looking for jobs, recruiters must think about VietnamWorks.

VietnamWorks is also famous for big recruitment events in both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city.

Tech Expo – Career day for the IT industry – http://topit.vietnamworks.com/

JapanWorks Job Fair – Recruitment Day for Japanese Language Industry – http://japan.vietnamworks.com/

It is not free to post jobs like many other websites, so any company that posts on VietnamWorks should prove that they are serious about the recruitment.

If the difficulty in not recruiting Digital Marketing effectively coming from other channels, you should invest a few hundred thousand to more than a million to post a job, search for candidates of Digital Marketing candidates.


If VietnamWorks has a strong presence in our mind, careerbuilder.vn will be widely available on Google.

According to personal assessment of Bizzvn, their articles are quite good, presented clearly, easier to understand than VietnamWorks. Bizzvn‘s advice for job seekers is that you should immediately register an account on careerbuilder.vn to find jobs quickly, and employers of course also need to register to post a job. Digital Marketing is effective


Mywork, though not on the top of SEO for recruitment or career advice, they run Google Adwords ads very strongly, they always rank in the Top 1 of recruiting keywords in many industries.  It is sustainable, lasting, day in and day out.

Because many people access to the website at the same time, at 17h, 11/9/2017, Mywork’s website collapsed server, and they solved this problem shortly after that.


Although this page does not have an easy-to-use interface like the other pages, but my candidate from vieclam24h.vn is nearly as close as Myworks, I don’t know why, but if the appearance is bad but the quality is good and helpful for our purpose, we should still use it, right ^^


First, topcv.vn was born with the purpose of designing CV, selling professional CV templates. But maybe because the quality of CV made by topcv is quite good, so many candidates come here (Bizzvn judges that the CV created by topcv is the best among the units I’ve ever done).

And where there are fish, there are only fishermen, maybe many employers see a large number of candidates looking to topcv.vn, so they have asked them to open the job search section (Bizzvn is guessing so, but I don’t know if it’s okay 😀)

At the moment, the number of news on topcv.vn is not much, most only recruit sales, I think it will take a long time for topcv.vn to develop strongly like VietnamWorks, MyWork, careerbuilder.vn


This is the website of Human Resources Club of Foreign Trade University in Hanoi. Bizzvn found that the number of listing jobs on hrc.com.vn is not large, and he has never recruited effective Digital Marketing staff on this page.

But what I like about hrc.com.vn is that it is a frequent channel for good students of Foreign Trade University, National Economics University … So, this will be an effective digital marketing recruitment channel, easily found. Good candidates for big companies with good welfare.

In addition, HRC also organizes recruitment events for Foreign Trade students.

Bizzvn has attended 3 recruitment programs that are organized by HRC, the first one is for 1 Vietnam flight attendant company, the second one is for a Real Estate posting company, the third one is for Japanese social company. Bizzvn assessed that the students organized very professionally.

Above are the effective digital marketing recruitment websites that Bizzvn has used. Due to the small number of Bizzvn employees recruiting, Bizzvn has not used other recruiting websites, so it is impossible to assess whether other recruiting websites are good and effective or not.

If Bizzvn does another job later, hires large numbers of people, maybe Bizzvn will use other websites and evaluate them. For now, the experience is up to you .

  1. How to effectively hire Freelancer

For Marcom, many people easily sit at home to work and earn 20-30 million per month is normal, not bound by the harsh laws of the company, so Freelancer is a trend of Digital Marketing people in the coming years.

Bizzvn will introduce you to 3 effective channels to find Freelancer in both domestic and foreign


fiverr.com is the most famous website to find effective Digital Marketing personnel in the world. If you hire a designer or coder, this will be an ideal place to find superheroes, but you can’t imagine how beautiful their products are, some products are priced from $ 5 only.

Of course, you have to be good at English. How to hire people and get projects to work on fiverr.com, Bizzvn will have a separate article to write because it’s quite long and interesting.


This is the largest Freelancer recruiting channel in Vietnam, the interface is easy to use, the price is agreed upon by the two parties, buying and selling sectors.

Freelancers who do a lot of prestige work will be shown the number of stars rated, the amount received in the past. You can rely on these numbers to recruit them. But remember, it is unlikely that people with fewer stars will do less well.


Like fiverr.com, at vlance.vn and freelancerviet.vn, you are looking for people to work as a Code and a Designer, and other industries, according to Bizzvn, you should hire full-time personnel, or take part in courses to do it yourself then the quality will be better.

  1. Hire effective SEO staff through forums

10 years ago, when social networking was not popular, the forum was the most effective and popular communication channel. But now, only you do SEO to the forum to write articles to increase rankings for the website only.

With the forum channel, I find it most suitable for recruiting SEO staff, writing content (not specialized).

Besides, good SEO employees often have other skills such as advertising Google Adwords, running FB Ads … so you can still post jobs in these SEO forums, but the effectiveness maybe not very high.

There are 2 SEO forums that I see a lot of interaction with. When you post the recruiting posts, you should remember to put them in the right forum.



See more: How to recruit effective SEO Leader

  1. Recruiting effective Digital Marketing staff through Facebook groups

Although FB has developed a long time ago, but recruiting through new groups has flourished, effective for 3 years only.

There are 2 types of groups that you can recruit: Group that is specialized in recruiting and group that is specialized in any areas in Digital Marketing

Now recruiting is a balanced, equal relationship between the two sides, so there is no longer only a situation of “buffalo looking for piles”, but candidates can also boldly introduce themselves to the group to find a home. Recruiting is right for me. For the news like this, Bizzvn has not seen much, and every time someone posts “Job Seekers” there is a lot of interaction.

7.1. Group that specializes in recruiting

You can type in the search box for keywords such as: recruitment, human resources, employment, hr, job hunting … then you select the group that has high interaction to post jobs.

Before posting, remember to read the rules carefully, be careful not to be banned by the admin or get your nick to be blocked. For example, some groups require posting information to clearly state salary and social insurance benefits to be approved.

Recruitment group also has 2 categories, the first one is recruiting all industries, the second one is the only recruiting group Digital Marketing, Content …

I see the group first group has quite a lot of members, many news, most of the basic jobs with low salaries. If you are hiring Digital Marketing staff here, there may be candidates, but the number and quality are probably not very high

Some groups: https://facebook.com/groups/tuyedungvieclamhanoi



Type 2 is the group that only recruits about Digital Marketing, you can refer:



7.2 Group of Digital Marketing specialists

These groups consist of professional table members together, of course if you recruit here, you will find many quality candidates. But due to the large number of job openings, sometimes in one day, a job posting is more than an experience sharing post, so the admin has a separate post for you to post under the comment. Remember to read the rules and post the correct forum.

For example: https://www.facebook.com/groups/bizzvn (this is my group, including in-depth knowledge about Sale and Marketing that I collect and write myself)

https://facebook.com/groups/diendanseomxh (this is a group specializing in SEO, each has a separate post specializing in recruiting)

https://www.facebook.com/groups/tamsuisocial (this group does not approve the post now, you can post a job comfortably, later I don’t know, but the admin still encourages you to post the job on iSocial Recruitment Page more)

https://www.facebook.com/groups/CDGoogleAdWords (this is a group that is  specialized in Google Adwords, but the admin approves the posts very strictly, only recruited under the first previous post of the admin)

Because Bizzvn is living in Hanoi, some of the groups in this list are suitable for those in Hanoi, if you are in another city, you can still apply your tips to apply search for groups where you live.

In addition, if you go to a certain center, you can post in that group of classes.

  1. Head Hunter Human Resources Company – An effective digital marketing recruitment channel for management

For Head Hunter companies, I think it is more appropriate to recruit a Head, a Director or more. If to recruit effective Digital Marketing staff through this channel,Bizzvn is not sure because the cost is quite expensive, you should consider carefully before choosing this channel.

Some companies that Bizzvn knows are Navigos Search (a subsidiary of VietnamWorks), First Alliances, Harvey Nash and Talentnet.

Information about them, you can search Google and then contact

  1. Other effective sources of Digital Marketing recruiting
  • You can use some other sources such as participating and organizing recruitment day of universities, colleges, HR companies … or create your own festival.
  • You can go to universities, colleges, to departments that are related to your career, or departments with many excellent students, ask the Dean to send recruitment notices to final year students.

Bizzvn remembers when he was a student, the whole faculty was taken to the hall to listen to Duc Viet sausage talking about them all morning. Students who do not go will be demoted :))

If you are going to recruit Digital Marketing staff, do not force students like that, so offer the benefits and gifts to attract students to attend, so it is not offensive but effective recruiting Digital Marketing.

  • There is an effective recruitment channel for Digital Marketing, which is thanks to the employees in the Company introduced. Of course, no one will do it, you can give cash to the staff, or a valuable gift, remember it is worth it, such as Biti’s Hunter for example.

Reference: Discount Code Bitis Hunter, hundreds of beautiful, durable shoes for you to give employees

All the effective Digital Marketing recruiting channels that Bizzvn provides above are just tools, you CANNOT succeed if you just apply as you write.

Most importantly, you must have a detailed, detailed and detailed personnel plan. Write a clear job description, not too much work to avoid employee exploitation, not too little to make the most of your pay.

Be full of regimes such as the Labor Law, such as social insurance contributions, probationary period of less than 2 months … Salary should be clearly stated in the job post, do write something like “negotiable salary”, those kinds of news I read, I will pass too.

Remember, good people only work with good people!!! Do not imagine the power, low pay but require a lot. You do not pay social insurance for employees, and then at the end of the day, you will go to social media to complain “Why is it so difficult to recruit Digital Marketing”. At that time no one would help

Phew !!! Finally, Bizzvn has finished writing nearly 3500 words, I spent more than 5 hours to refine, edit each word for you to read, have to take a gym session :).

If you find it useful, please like, share this article with your friends who are looking for a job or recruit effective Digital Marketing.


9 effective recruitment channels for Digital Marketing

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