Affiliate Marketing models in Vietnam

Affiliate marketing in Vietnam has grown tremendously and varied in forms. Here are the most popular affiliate marketing models in Vietnam.

Voucher and deal sites affiliate

Voucher and deal sites affiliate

Websites that collect orders by sending their users offers are discount codes that help them with their purchases. People who form this affiliate will advertise their discount codes to consumers. Give customers the feeling of needing an emergency purchase.

In the Vietnam Affiliate market, the Voucher and deal site segment has begun to appear quite a lot of websites offering discount codes to users.

So, if you want to build a coupons site at this time, you need to target a specific group of customers and the niche you target in order to make a difference from your competitors. One suggestion for you to increase your income is to create special promotional groups and coupon segments with the least competition. Research your target audience and then build.

Content sites and blogs – Review sites affiliate

Content sites and blogs - Review sites affiliate

Websites of this type often focus on the specific interests of a group of users, websites that have unique content about a specific field. The forms can be mentioned as product review sites, blogs, forums,…

Some effective areas:

Movie review

Restaurants and hotels

Travel destinations

Courses (English, Marketing, …)

Comparison websites affiliate

Comparison websites affiliate

Price comparison website gives consumers the opportunity to compare prices of products from many different suppliers. In Vietnam, the price comparison web model is one of the first affiliate models. This is still considered an effective model in the near future.

By providing the best offers to consumers with the advantage that the evaluation, product ratings are not based on personal opinions. Price comparison websites are more trusted by customers than other models.

Example of price comparison website:



Cashback sites affiliate

Cashback sites affiliate

Cash Back is a form of discount refund when you buy products through the introduction of an intermediary website. When you buy a product, you will be refunded a portion of the money to your account at that store to buy another product or you can withdraw your account.

For those who often shop online, this is a more convenient method than coupons. You don’t have to look for coupons and there are many Cash Back products. This model is expected to thrive in the near future.

Example of cashback intermediation website:



Social Affiliate

Vietnam’s market with a young population and a high percentage of internet users makes it easy to understand why as of July 2017, Vietnam ranked 7th in the world in terms of the number of Facebook users with 64 million.

The model of using social media channels like Facebook or Instagram to do Affiliate Marketing is being chosen by many publishers. The methods can be mentioned as:

  1. Set up fanpage, update useful information to target users, update attractive images, articles, videos.
  2. Building personal brand profiles, attractive attractions such as product reviews, product comparisons, prices, …
  3. Running ads of products and products following trends, the holiday season, …
  4. Join the Facebook group community to focus on target customers, …

To start affiliate marketing, no matter which model you choose, the first step is to join an affiliate network. The affiliate network will provide tools to help Publisher promote the products of suppliers more effectively. One of the best affiliate networks I recommend that you learn is ACCESSTRADE. This is the network from the most with more than 80 suppliers and community of 80000 publishers. ACCESSTRADE is also currently the largest Affiliate network in Vietnam.


Affiliate Marketing models in Vietnam

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