Basic SEO GSA Ranker: How to build quality backlinks from A – Z

GSA ranker SEO software is an SEO software that brings too many mixed opinions at the SEO community in Vietnam. There are some people who say that it is good but some might say that it is bad. Because there are many reasons.

This article is based on the experience of a longtime GSA SEO user who is willing to share it back on GTV SEO for everyone to read and refer to, not me – Vincent Do use GSA and share it.

Note: Newbie instead of reading this article, please watch the video on link building techniques from A – Z, which is updated weekly by Vincent Do here. It will be a lot better, because GSA is for those that thoroughly understand link building and have experience in SEO!). Alright, let’s get started!

What is GSA?

GSA is a specialized tool to build backlinks from different sources such as Article (articles), blog comments, forums, Directory, Guestbook, Image comments (image comments), RSS, Social bookmarks, web 2.0, wiki, ….

Before getting into the details of the tutorial, you need to understand which tool is GSA? (if you already know, you can skip this part).

You have probably heard many people mention GSA tools but sometimes you still wonder what is GSA?

As I mentioned above, GSA is a utility software that helps you build backlinks. Specifically, GSA helps your website (usually web tier 2 – your satellite web) to be very, very powerful. And of course, it will lead to a significant improvement in your rankings (if you use it correctly and safely – and this is also the purpose of this article).

The basics of GSA

 In addition to the links available in the data (GSA data), you can buy other data or filter and choose the data to be able to have more quality backlinks. Well, you can also try it for 5 days to see how it works!

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Why is SEO GSA Ranker?

Yes, I know a lot of you do not know why you should use this GSA software, as well as some people deny and claim that GSA is not effective.

It is true that GSA is very harmful for websites if you do not know how to use it or when you are a newbie. But if you know how to use it, it will greatly improve your website rankings. Here are 6 positive effects it can bring to you if used correctly:

  1. It finds quality backlinks for itself, the same topic with its field. And if it is set by you then it will be found, of course it is stronger in English (it will also take time if you do not have a list of data available so it will not have to search. So, if I use, I recommend that you should invest in both VPS :))) let it run 24/24)
  2. I can adjust the anchor text rate to my liking. If you want to be effective, then watch Vincent Do’s anchor text playlist, you will understand better.
  3. Diverse backlink sources, it has more than 20 types of backlinks for me to insert (blog comment, article, redirect, MXH, bookmarks, guest book, video ….) so it is very good for your website.
  4. It has a cascade to help your backlink quality over time (the third floor shoots the backlink pointing to the Url Verified at the 2nd floor and the 2nd floor shoots the backlink pointing to the first floor and finally the backlinks at the first floor point to the money site) (so at the end of the article there will be images and videos illustrating specific)
  5. It also allows me to output data so I can control my own backlink source.
  6. On top of that it minimizes human strength as well as manpower costs, spending money to buy toys for it when compared to hiring 2 or 3 SEO people, it is much cheaper. The tool is constantly updated in accordance with the SEO trend, so if you are knowledgeable about SEO, it will be a great advantage!

The reason why GSA ranker has many mixed opinions

There are many opinions when you hear about this GSA tool.

Some say it is a “waste”, while others say it is very dangerous. Some people say it is very dangerous, others say without this tool, you can hardly top, … a lot of words speak in and out, but generally speaking, there are only the following 2 reasons

  • Too many options – choices: The SEO Tool is a double-edged sword for any SEOer. And in GSA, it is true that 1 inch is wrong to go 1 mile right away, because it has both the common option of the tool and the individual option of each project so if you do not understand or make a mess, overlooking the options, you have to pay one The price is very very expensive!
  • Money: In advance, GSA is an extremely expensive software (money to buy captcha, money to buy additional tools for GSA ranker such as a tool beyond captcha (I am using GSA captcha Breaker), to buy captcha package from suppliers …, Money to buy data web (list of GSA web sites links) to let GSA jump in and link to these websites quickly. This is also the list of websites that you link to will bring a lot of efficiency, then money to buy Proxy, money to buy tools to support fast indexing (I am using GSA indexer), money to buy GSA content to link (you can write) … and there may be many other costs incurred.

The features GSA provides and supports

  • Tier setups (Tier 2, Level 3) of the site. The truth is, when you use a GSA ranker and only use one link per link, you do not know anything about GSA, or you want to kill your opponent.
  • Using GSA Crack: It is also a big mistake, when using genuine products, you will know GSA is a super-fast and super-high-quality SEO software update, you need to update every 2 to 3 days so if you go online to download some old versions you are just wasting your time.
  • When you do not invest money and keep using it for free, the effect will not work. Those who invest money must also master the way it works to achieve the best efficiency.
  • Market: According to my personal assessment, GSA ranker has better SEO ability in foreign markets than in Vietnam (because in the target site, it is stronger in English as well as services beyond captcha of It is well supported at foreign sites rather than Vietnamese sites.

Above are some of the reasons why many GSA ranker users in Vietnam have many mixed opinions because of that.

Instruction to Config some important Option in GSA ranker

  1. General option

The interface of GSA Search Engine Ranker

When you click on the general option of the tool, 1 table will appear as follows:

The table appears after clicking the General option

  • Threads to use: The number of threads running for the tool. It has a limit of 2000 or 5000 threads which is not very memorable. The flow here is the number of threads performing one action at a time. It is like how many pieces you want to output. The machine is strong, the network is fast and strong, weak machine is soft, you can experience it.
  • The bottom 2 lines are limited, reducing the flow when the CPU or RAM reaches a usage level for GSA. Strong machine, then tick, weak machines should config
  • You should tick the Use Proxies section for the tool to work effectively. Click Configure section Use proxies then it again 1 table.

The Configure table of the Use Proxy section

Switch to its Options tab and config as above. If you purchased an external Proxies, add it here

You can click Add Proxy to insert the proxy you bought outside

When you finish, press OK. It will be considered as you are done Proxies.

  • Then you should move on to the Captcha section

GSA Captcha table

There are two types of captcha GSA that support Image Captchas and Question / Text Captchas (you look to the top to switch tabs and fill out the API services you buy).

Question / Text Captchas is simple, enter API and click test. If it says OK then it is done! But you should understand Image Captcha a little bit. Click Add and enter the service you have purchased.

Even GSA itself has reviewed the translations it is supporting, so everyone can use whatever you like. Whichever is cheap and good quality, you should buy. Often Captcha breaker and Dead by Captcha are commonly used.

Under the Add button there is a Delete button to delete the entries. Up and Down means the priority of captcha processing. Whichever is better then put it to the top so you prioritize it first. Because, Captcha is important. Do not pass captcha, do not comment or post Article (article) at all.

Next is the Indexing section

The Indexing part, you should not pay much attention

This you can ignore, conditional, then buy the GSA SEO indexer and then tick it is done.

Personally, use the link to go today. Through the GSA SEO indexer, Ahref will have statistics tomorrow. It is very wonderful, it sells for $ 20

The general option is the same as you can use it temporarily.

  1. Option for each campaign

Setup mechanism for each of your campaigns

The photo above is the Setup mechanism for the campaign.

Illustration of a new campaign setup

You should click New to create a new campaign and then tick as shown.

There are some items that you should not tick as guest book, Video, and Video-adult (adult videos) because Guestbook are comments, but comments to sites that do not support Unicode will lead to font breakage, strange signatures will appear as “D? ch SEO” for example instead of “SEO service” so you should stop and ignore.

In the picture do not tick the video because if you tick, it will force you to upload a video when setting up but currently I do not have video and also save time so I will ignore, and adult video is of course (note: If you do not know what an adult video is, you should search on google)

URL: is the destination url that needs SEO.

Next is the config of the anchor-text ratio of the keyword. This one will have a different SEO orientation so depending on the circumstances you will choose (also for me, I will adjust the anchor text url to be the safest).

Generally, it is quite understandable because GSA has a demo for example. Everyone can hover on each item then GSA it will explain. In this article, I will mention the most important things.

Insert the URL by selecting in the Tool section Import Target URLs

After filling all the data in the Data section, the money is here: For GSA to find quick links and write articles, comments, share … then at the bottom you click on “Tool” and then click on “Import Target URLs” and select the Data link that you have purchased.

One more note is that after filling in the positions for inserting links and anchor Article manager (it is very easy, GSA explained it all), then through the Option tab as below:

Instructions for captcha options after inserting the URL

You click on Ask All Services / user to fill Captcha. Next “If a form field can’t be filled,” select random, tick Skip to hard to solve captchas.

Section Search Engines to use SEO market, select Search Engines for that market.

The bottom has skip … section. There are some items that skip sites that do not have keywords … and Skip websites from countries or languages, the forbidden words you can add or just tick are ok and the countries and languages ​​leave (usually you should get rid of Russian, Chinese and Indian, since we have a lot of spam webs !! So, leave it safely!)

Select the search engine according to the market you SEO

Then go to Email verification.

You add the emails that you have or use the 3rd party service that GSA provides or use the product for yourself by clicking on Create new and selecting the number of generated mail and selecting its service and then clicking OK

Use your email or the GSA provided to confirm

Select the number of mail and services to receive mail from GSA

About how to setup GSA to shoot the link, you can watch the video below to understand better. Note that you have to think that what is best for Tier 1 and reduce it to tier 3 (apply the top image)


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Basic SEO GSA Ranker: How to build quality backlinks from A – Z

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