Check keyword rankings: 25 great SEO tools in 2020

Anyone with a little knowledge of SEO knows the keyword – keywords are the foundation of SEO. So how to check keyword rankings.

When using a search engine like Google or Bing, most users type words or phrases, and these keywords can create links between good optimization pages and users.

A good keyword strategy will increase the chances of your website appearing on the search results page.

Therefore, it is very important to use keyword ranking testing tools to monitor how the website’s tactics work.

Why do you need to check keyword rankings?

  • Check keyword rankings to help you manage your rankings better: Understand the search trends and what your focus market needs are.

From there, you can reach your target online market and point out what is good and what needs improvement in your marketing strategy.

  • Managing a large number of keywords related to your business or product also indicates which keyword yields results.

From there, you can use them in your posts and update poorly ranked pages. And in particular, you can also treat the sand to find gold. Tapping on keywords related to your service or product is trending in the market.

  • After researching keywords, by following a keyword ranking test, you can start using keywords that are gaining popularity. If implemented well, this step can bring positive results for the SEO process and bring your page from page 2 to page 1 of the search results.
  • Good use of keyword ranking software helps you to save time searching for keyword data. This gives you more time to analyze these results and optimize your site.

Experiencing many real-life projects in the field of SEO service, here are 25 tools and software to check keyword rankings that Bizzvn has tried. Get started now!

25 Tools & Software to check keyword rankings

1. DYNO MAPPER – Tool to check keyword rankings

Check keywords with DYNO Mapper – It is extremely great SEO tool

The DYNO Mapper tool is the only tool that integrates two features: creating a sitemap and tracking keywords. So of course, this is one of the top apps.

After creating a sitemap for the website, the DYNO Mapper keyword checking system automatically selects any keyword in the meta tag of the page.

You can choose to see each keyword phrase on each search engine (Google, Youtube, …) or location (Vietnam, USA, …)

The keyword rank checking tool DYNO Mapper is also fully connected with Google Analytics:

  • Information about internal links
  • Inventory and content inspection
  • Check accessibility

All have been fully integrated into one tool. You can also select the top-ranking pages. This is useful information for planning new posts and editing existing content. Especially when you want to redesign your website.

In addition, you can follow your opponent, catch up with the latest trends, even ahead of everyone.

DYNO Mapper will send regular notifications about your site situation:

  • Comment on the sitemap
  • Manage content week by week
  • Manage keyword rankings every day

In terms of cost, the DYNO Mapper keyword rank checker tool comes with monthly and yearly packages. With a starting fee of $ 40 per month for 1000 keyword phrases and unlimited domain tracking per day on each device and location. Each package does not limit the number of users. However, there are differences in the number of websites, pages, and keywords you can manage.

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Majestic SEO provides backlink information to help you analyze your competitors and guide SEO tactics.

2. SEO PROFILER – Great keyword checking tool

SEO profiler home page with free trial offer

Like DYNO Mapper, it is not just a regular keyword ranking checker. Although not as many features as DYNO Mapper, but SEO Profiler is very easy to use and also integrated with Google Analytics and some other features.

SEO Profile has 2 main tools that help it appear in position 2 (at least in terms of usability).

SEO Profiler closely monitors competitors and the keywords that they use to compete. From there, you will also be able to add these keywords to your posts. (After that, compare how your keywords rank.)

Secondly, this keyword rankings testing tool will notify keyword opportunities – that is, those keywords that have not yet ranked 1 but have such potential if they are optimized well.

Knowing keyword opportunities is an advantage for you to surpass your opponent as well as focus on keyword mining is gradually popular. When your page starts to rank better, these golden particles in the sand will help increase the ranking and traffic of the whole page.

It is possible to track rankings, analyze CTR and find search traffic with the free Google Webmaster Tools.


The homepage interface of SEMrush

SEMrush is a tool to see the keyword favorite of many people regardless of your page and rival pages. However, this is also the reason why we rank SEMrush in third place. DYNO Mapper and SEO Profiler can also track opponents but…

They track opponents in a way that makes specific suggestions for improving your page.

Anyway, this keyword rank checking tool is very easy to use.

You can use the search bar of this tool, enter the URL to see search results on Google or Bing of a website or page.

In addition, you can also compare this metric with other websites or pages on the same keyword.

Both the top 3 keyword ranking tools I recommend can do that. But the difference is that you have to wait for SEMrush to analyze the website or page, then manually select each keyword.

As for the two options above, you can manipulate less and still see the results of all keywords in the same results page. If you want detailed data, you have to pay about $ 70 per month.


Competitive Research and Keyword Research will display as a convenient button for your browser

Strictly speaking, Competitive Research and Keyword Research Gadget is not really a tool but a gadget application.

You add this gadget to the page as a widget. And then, this app will appear on the page as a button. You will press this button to see keyword ranking information.

Although it is free to install, it includes a competitor analysis feature so you can compare your own and your competitors’ pages. You can also combine Competitive Research and Keyword Research Gadget with other website’s keyword ranking testing tools if you like.

This is a great start for anyone who wants to analyze their site and at the same time wants to easily compare with other professional rivals. Especially if you combine with features like keyword suggestions, site mapping and backlink.

The advantages:

Although the four keyword ranking tools all include features included in Competitive Research and Keyword Research Gadget. But the advantage of this gadget is …

It has the ability to link to any tool. This gives you instant access to other tools.


The Keyword Planner tool is part of Google Adwords features

Its precursor is Google Keyword Tool and Traffic Estimator. Google Keyword Planner allows searching for keywords and new trends.

If you are still in the process of preparing content, you can use Google Keyword Planner to find keywords that best suit your business. The solution is that you can use words or phrases related to your page.

The results not only give you a list of keyword suggestions but also to check keyword rankings on google.

In addition to the current keyword rankings, Google Keyword Planner will produce a report of the keyword rankings over time. By providing data on the frequency of searches for these keywords to check keyword rankings. While Google Keyword Planner is primarily focused on planning (as the name implies), it can also help you check your site’s rankings and information.

This Google Keyword Planner is remarkably accurate for Google search results. (without Yahoo and Bing). And both could be formidable rivals that could replace Google in the future. So, you cannot make a comprehensive review of your rankings.

However, this ranking checker is free when signing up for a free AdWords account.

6. WOORANK keyword testing tool

The interface of the Woorank tool is full of utilities

WooRank’s Dashboard provides technical information about your site and allows adding competitor URLs so you can compare and know how poorly your website is compared to your competitors.

The website review feature shows the current ranking (not just keyword rankings but also SEO in general). And also give positive feedback on what works well and what needs improvement. This feature is optional continuously. Therefore, you can review the page many times and review previous reports to see how the website has improved.

WooRanking will automatically check keyword rankings and keyword suggestions you can use and give you the keyword you missed in the content. Do not worry if some of the keywords you use are not on the automatic list – WooRanking allows you to manually enter your desired keywords to check rankings.

You can try WooRanking for 7 days before deciding to choose the Pro package (limited to 1 project) for $ 49 per month or Premium package for $ 149 per month.

7. Superior keyword checking tool for AHREFS

Ahrefs – Excellent backlink and keyword tracking tool

Many people who believe in SEMrush will also refer to Ahrefs as their second option. Ahrefs is maximized when used in conjunction with another keyword ranking checker. Because Ahrefs is inclined to backlink. However, this is also an excellent tool for tracking keyword rankings.

Learn how to research keywords accurately and save time, refer to the SEO course here!

You can see the external links your competitors are using as well as their top sites / IPs. Ahrefs also offers great customer service, including support, so you do not need to worry about using this tool.

Ahrefs has a lot of great features. But in terms of ranking tools, the most important function is to automatically check the keyword rankings of the website.

You can select the countries you want Ahrefs to analyze to localize data. Many people do not appreciate this feature. Because they do not understand you usually rank in the country (the market you are targeting) rather than internationally.

Although there is a free limited version, we recommend choosing the $ 79 per month package.


The homepage of Advanced Web Ranking

Advanced Web Ranking is a tool that shows how to check google keyword rankings on the desktop as well as on the cloud platform. This ranking testing tool allows unlimited checking of websites. Meaning you do not have to choose the list of top 10 competitors and worry will miss some formidable “steed”.

You can use Advanced Web Ranking to automatically output a report on how the website or page is ranking according to your own time. If you need the results urgently – for business presentations or sales meetings – you can update the data manually by selecting refresh.

This keyword ranking testing tool has a total of 4 packages: Standard, Professional, Enterprise, and Server. You can pay Advanced Web Ranking software separately or pay together with Advanced Link Manager.

Most website owners choose the Standard package which costs $ 49 per month but we think you should choose the Pro package which costs $ 99 per month to take advantage of the SEO features of Advanced Link Manager.

Including: Print reports, receive reports via email, and regional reports.


SEO Centro is a website that summarizes a lot of SEO features

This is a comprehensive online SEO tool that provides many features:

  • SEO analysis
  • Analyze meta tags
  • Create meta tags
  • Check keyword rankings of websites
  • Page speed analysis
  • Friendly analysis on mobile
  • Density analysis tool: Keyword
  • Keyword suggestion tool
  • Analysis of the page: Keyword
  • Tool to check rankings of the page
  • Social link popularity checking tool

These features are all very attractive.

However, if the top tools above provide all these features on the same dashboard. With SEO Centro, you have to open the dashboard of each tool. Therefore, you will spend more time collecting data.

The most accurate keyword rank check feature gives you information about a keyword’s ranking on many search engines and its history.

When you register for SEO Centro rankings check tool, you will have 2 days of free trial and can be canceled whenever you want.

Their three packages differ only in the number of pages that can be analyzed in a month and the number of times you request personal SEO support.

Specifically, Pro package which costs $ 10 per month, Premium package which costs $ 20 per month for one user and Enterprise package which costs $ 40 per month for many users.


The homepage interface of SimilarWeb

SimilarWeb is a great tool for finding insight traffic for any website.

All you do is enter the URL and wait. It only takes a few seconds, this tool will provide global ranking data, domestic and by type. Include a diagram showing weekly page traffic for 6 months.

Frankly, SimilarWeb is not entirely a keyword ranking software. But in return, it provides information related to traffic that no other tool has. In particular, if you choose the tool does not statistics which pages are better than you.

In addition, the ranking tool SimilarWeb will also show the number of page views coming from social media, search, referral or ads. You can add the opponent you want to track. This tool will also suggest some opponents you should be wary of.

When choosing either Basic package which costs $ 99 per month or Advanced package which costs $ 599 per month, you will get a free 1-month free trial. Enterprise package is $ 2999 per month without trial period.


The interface of Authority Labs tool

Authority Labs is one of the most accurate keyword ranking applications that is easy to use.

This tool has a lot of useful features. But the most important thing is to check keyword rankings every day on the search results page of Google, Bing and Yahoo with search volume.

This tool can also help you check your website’s keyword rankings by region, even specific regions (by entering a zip code) and compare it with competitors’ results.

If you need a copy of the report, Authority Labs will export the PDF or CSV file. This keyword ranking testing software also allows you to compare rankings with the previous day, last week, last month and 3 months ago or whatever you want.

Not only does keyword rankings show metrics, but also images, news, videos, shopping, Google Places, and snippet results.

Authority Labs has a 30-day trial package. Authority Labs Plus, a small business-oriented package costs $ 49 per month and the most popular option (Pro package) is only $ 99 per month. The Pro Plus and Enterprise packages for mentors and agencies cost $ 225 and $ 450 respectively.


SEO tool Rankwatch

RankWatch is cloud computing software more than a keyword tracking tool. However, there are a few restricted features. To use all the features of RankWatch, you must pay for it.

They offer 3 main packages: Medium, Large or Extra Large, ranging from $ 29 – $ 449 per month.

In addition, there is also a Custom package. You can choose a certain number of keywords to check keyword rankings. Prices start at $ 58 but can go up to $ 5987 per month.

This free keyword ranking testing software includes:

  • Website analysis
  • Check the mobile friendliness
  • Updated Google algorithm

Limited tools (paid but free 14-day trial) support:

  • SEO management
  • White label solution
  • Link with Google Webmaster
  • Backlink analysis
  • Keyword suggestions

Despite the advantage of being reasonable cost (compared to the above paid tools), the keyword ranking software RankWatch only ranked 14th for two reasons:

  • Keyword research tool – RankWatch keyword research is not as strong as expected
  • Backlink checking system does not give consistent and consistent results.


Moz Rank Tracker – The tool from the world’s leading SEO consulting firm

While Moz is considered a leading SEO consultant, Rank Tracker has many drawbacks compared to other keyword ranking testing tools.

Moz Pro allows you to get reports on websites, pages and search results of Google, Yahoo, and Bing keywords via email. And the tool also stores your reports for comparison when needed.

You can see the ranking in the world, in the country and by region similar to some other tools.

The Moz Pro package (including Moz Rank Tracker) can compare your results with competitors using the Moz Domain Authority. With their SEO tool, you will also:

  • Optimize search results
  • Compare mobile vs desktop rankings
  • Find the current page problem

With this keyword ranking testing tool, you have a 30-day trial period. You can then choose the Standard, Medium, Large, or Premium Moz Pro packages, which range from $ 99 to $ 599 per month.

If you pay by the year, there will be some additional small promotions.


The interface of RankScanner tool

In addition to Advanced Web Ranking and RankWatch, another cloud-based search results test tool is RankScanner.

This tool will automatically analyze the SEO situation when you enter the keywords you want to check rankings. Also provide an algorithm for suggesting new keywords you should add to your page.

RankScanner will also notify the situation of ranking changes. And if the page rank is reduced, the tool will make suggestions for improvement. RankScanner also guarantees 100% accuracy for all keywords and will scan it again a second time. And completely free if customers suspect errors in the report.

For each different package, there will be a different number of required keywords as well as number of Buzz mentions and frequency of report.

Basic package targeted at start-up businesses and blogs is free but limited in features.

The most popular package is Silver (about $ 10 per month). RankScanner offers Gold packages for professionals for $ 32.50 per month. And Platinum for a business package for $ 55 per month.


The Microsite Masters tool helps a lot in keyword search

Microsite Master is a keyword ranking checker that provides keyword ranking search services every day and keyword statistics from Google, Yahoo, Bing and many other search engines. Also point out things that can be improved and how.

You can also see the rankings of other pages on the same keyword. You can therefore receive notifications of Google updates and compare your success against your competitors.

Microsite Master SEO Scoreboard makes this easy. It provides a general report on the same screen for easier review. This keyword rankings testing software can also link with Analytics and Clicky. So, you can look up traffic sources (especially high-ranking keywords and phrases).

You can also manage how links and content contribute to your rankings and what needs improvement. The free Microsite Master account does not include these features. It limits the search to 10 keywords but you also get daily updates.

The “Mom’s Basement” package offers up to 150 keywords for only $ 20 per month. But I recommend the minimum Affiliate package ($ 50 per month with 650 keywords)


SEO Book Rank Checker is a keyword ranking testing tool that supports various browser platforms

Most of the tools I mentioned are either Google or designed to work with Google Chrome.

However, SEO Book Rank Checker developers are the opposite. They realized the pace of development of another browser no less – Firefox. And they have designed their own SEOBook Rank Checker software.

Using the SEOBook Rank Checker plugin is one of the most searched keyword rankings and automatically tracks the process over time.

You can choose to install Rank Checker only. But I think that you should install both two tools are:

  • SEO Toolbar (with many great features)
  • SEO for Firefox (allows to see page rank and other information on the search results page)

They are all free. Once the installation is completed, you will have to restart Firefox. But then everything was available on the handheld toolbar.

There is an inconvenience when using The SEOBook Rank Checker to check keyword rankings. That is if Google feels you are making too many keyword requests, your IP may be locked.

But do not worry because the developer definitely has this in mind. They have provided functionality so you can reduce queries that help you avoid blacklisting of Google.


SERP’s also provides a keyword rank check tool

SERPs Keyword Rank Checker allows you to check the keyword rankings of pages globally and regionally.

You must choose keyword and domain although you can leave the URL part blank to see 250 results.

You then select the search engine (Google or Yahoo) and check the location, it can be a specific neighborhood or GPS location in the second option.

Finally, you can choose to see results for desktop or mobile and click Go. A few nice notices show the download of data while the online tool analyzes it. And within 20 seconds, you will get the full report and download it as a CVS.

If you leave the domain part blank, you can view your results against your competitors. The search results will look like this: Rank 1 | Rank 2 | Rank 3

The major minus point of this keyword ranking testing tool is that SERPs Keyword Rank Checker does not provide link ranking information.


This tool provide many free online integration tools

Small SEO Tools not only helps you check keyword rankings but also a free online SEO tool.

This keyword rank checker includes the following features:

  • Plagiarism check
  • Rewrite the paper
  • Keyword ranking
  • Check keyword density
  • Compress images
  • Spell check
  • Check backlink, create backlink
  • Grammar check

All of these ranking tools are indexed on the right side of the page, making it easy to interact like the dashboard of a keyword ranking software.

The keyword evaluation feature on google of this tool is similar to SERP.

  • You enter the URL> Select search engine> Enter keyword (can enter up to 10 keywords at once).

In addition, you can also:

  • Select page group to check> Group them from 10 to 40> Click Captcha> Select “Check Position”.

The results will appear in a few minutes, depending on the number of keywords and the number of pages you want to check rankings. And the result is shown as follows:

* Keyword 1 Position 11

* Keyword 2 Position 67

Limitations: Small SEO does not have a function to suggest improvements or easily compare results with competitors.


Enter Google Rank Checker in the search bar and you will know right away this is the great keyword ranking software on google. Free and powerful support for checking keyword rankings on the Google search results page.

Enter the URL of the page + Keyword / keyword phrase + Area you want to check (world / US – and answer Captcha questions before clicking submit.

In less than 10 seconds, you will get the following result:

Site URL | Keyword example | Ranking 12

Because this is open source, this online tool does not limit you to just searching on your site. You can also see your competitors page on the same keyword.

Limitations: You need to manually change the keyword or keyword phrase for each search, as well as the URL when checking keyword rankings on different pages. Meanwhile, the aforementioned tools allow automatic management of multiple pages.

You will only get results for a specific domain and keyword. Therefore, the comparison between your site and your opponent takes more time and effort.


SEO SERP Workbench plugin interface

This is a free Google Chrome plugin from Omiod, the brainchild of Andrew Doimo.

It allows quick and simple global website ranking.

You can choose the keyword corresponding website or website corresponding keyword. And can download software to analyze rankings and compare with business rivals.

Combined with Opioids other SEO tools, SERP Workbench shows how your site is overall. But if you simply check the keyword rankings, this ranking software is also very effective.

You can copy the results to Google Docs. However, you will lose the grading system by color or Excel sheet so you always have a copy to compare the results.

Another great feature of SEO SERP Workbench is that it can work offline. Therefore, you are not afraid of losing data if you accidentally lose signal but have not saved it.

Limitations: You can only get results for Google.


The homepage interface of WhiteSpark

WhiteSpark mostly focuses on regional rankings, so you cannot see rankings globally.

If you are not an international company, this is not a big deal. In return, this tool is extremely accurate and you do not need to adjust the location to use.

This keyword rankings testing software monitors the map, organic results to show:

  • Which point makes  your opponent stronger than you?
  • What channels do users find you? (general search, social media link, advertisement or referral)

WhiteSpark’s Local Citation Finder also supports searching for related opportunities or referrals to increase search volume in the area.

When relying on this ranking software, you can know the position of your business online compared to your competitors, managing citation.

It also provides Reputation Builder, for customers to review your page on popular platforms. From there, you have the opportunity to get more views and new customers.

WhiteSpark has a variety of prices, ranging from $ 5 to $ 200 per month.

Which Small Business package is suitable for small businesses or blogs. But in my opinion, it is better to choose the Specialist package which is $ 50 per month.


Traffic Travis software download interface

This is a free desktop tool. But at the same time offer the Pro version priced at $ 97 and can be refunded in the first 60 days.

If you want to buy Traffic Travis Pro, that is fine. But in my opinion, there is no need. The free version has provided most of the same features.

Traffic Travis is a comprehensive automated SEO management software for your site. Moreover, you can export reports and manage multiple pages at the same time.

Traffic Travis keyword ranking software allows:

  • Check keyword rankings based on region
  • Check the status of each site, and the backlinks they are using
  • Keyword research
  • Analyze the opponent

In addition, it also helps to give SEO warnings for pages that are falling or ranking badly. From there, provide support sitemap.

With the free version, you can create 5 projects with a total of 500 keywords.

Limitations: There is no version for Mac. Search engines will temporarily lock your IP address if you request too many rankings in a short time.

Google Analytics code to collect traffic from websites and send to GA statistics and analysis. Refer to how to insert Google Analytics code into WordPress with the Yoast SEO plugin.


Geo Ranker tool supports checking keyword rankings in certain regions

This is a software to check keyword rankings in the area. It helps you separate the search process but is limited to international businesses.

However, the tool will help you find the best possible citation sources in the area to overcome your competition.

Unlike other keyword ranking testing tools, GEO Ranker has no keyword suggestion function. You will receive review and backlink suggestions based on the keywords you target.

GEO Ranker works on YouTube, Bing, Yahoo, and Google. You can monitor SEO rankings for mobile, videos and images. All data is refreshed every 30 seconds.

In addition, you will export all reports using a White Label PDF file to help keep track of the process.

GEO Ranker has received many positive reviews. But it has been put under scrutiny due to suspected fraud. After that, this ranking software was proved to be transparent. And the team audit has confirmed this is a 100% reliable keyword ranking test software.

With prices ranging from $ 99 – $ 490, I encourage you to choose the best one – the Enterprise Package.


The homepage of the Search Monitor keyword ranking tool

While not as popular as the tools listed above, Search Monitor still deserves a spot on the list.

It only allows you to track the opponent’s page. So, if you want to see your rankings, you have to make this software think your site belongs to someone else.

You can use Search Monitor in combination with one of the other tools. But it is hard to analyze the most comprehensive opponent.

Other function

Next to keyword tracking. This ranking checker also helps you look at subpages or brands to see how (and where). You can add keyword information to the page or add ideas for building these extra pages.

Unlike the aforementioned tools, Search Monitor provides results from Google, Bing, Yahoo, Youtube and Baidu (China’s website service company is based in Beijing, ranked 7th highest in the industry).

You can also follow blogs, forums next to websites, search engine newsfeed, and mobile search volume.

Compared to the limited features, this keyword ranking testing tool is quite expensive, ranging from $ 299 to $ 799 per month.


The homepage of the Alexa Rank Checker keyword ranking tool

With Alexa Rank Checker, you can know:

  • Type of traffic to your site
  • Data and analysis through keyword

By using this extremely competitive analysis tool, you can catch up to your competition. At the same time, know what to do. You can grow your business the way people want it.

The first step to adjusting rankings is to understand your current position. You need to know:

  • Check your keyword position against the opponent
  • At which point are they better at than you?

And Alexa Rank Checker can help you know your position compared to others in the industry.

You will receive a detailed report on: What keywords are available and which keywords need improvement.

Technical correction and keeping up with trends can make it difficult to have too much work to do.

With Alexa Rank Checker, you can do it all. Even more so, to take the business forward a new step.

First you can try 7 days to experience this tool. Then use the best package for $ 149 per month. This package provides website audit 2 times per month with unlimited features. You may consider checking your keyword rankings.


Now it is your turn! Do you have the right choice for you?

For the above keyword ranking testing tools, each tool has its own advantages & disadvantages. Therefore, use this list to make the selection process quick and easy, saving time. And use that time to optimize ranking to achieve the expected success.

Hopefully, you will find the most accurate keyword ranking tool for you.

Comment below the article to share your views with Bizzvn, guys!


Check keyword rankings: 25 great SEO tools in 2020

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