Get Your Company Name Listed On Wikipedia Or Google Search

Nowaday, online visibility is very important to businesses, in every industry. Having your company name showing up on google search results or listed on Wikipedia help improve your company’s image, increase brand awareness and more business opportunity. 

Why do business owners have to worry about this? There are many different reasons to have your company names on Google or Wikipedia or other listing website. For some company, maybe they want it for brand awareness, other companies may want it for showing to customers, to increase creditability, or even they just want a valuable backlink for their SEO campaign.

  1. Company name on Google search results page (SERP)

Bizzvn on Google

Have you ever tried to have your company name showing on the right side of Google search result page? It’s not difficult, you can do it with some simple steps.

a. Register with Google Business.

You can do this by yourself or having some SEO service like BizzVn to do that for you to save your time. 

b. Fill in the information.

There are a few steps to input your company’s information, just follow the instructions.

c. Confirm the identity.

Google then will have to confirm your identity, and your ownership of the company by sending an mail to your address. It chould arrive in less than 2 weeks. After receiving the mail, you can go back and confirm with google.

2. Company name on Wikipedia.

We Work on Wikipedia.org

a. Create an account on Wikipedia

Because Wikipedia is an encyclopedia, everybody can contribute. But to start contributing, you have to read and fully understands the rules of Wikipedia, it would take several days. Please aware that don’t try to create your company’s page before fully understand the rules, or else your company’s name won’t be approve and be flagged, which make it extremely difficult to list it at a later time.

b. Try to contribute to Wikipedia.

You should make at least 20 contributions to Wikipedia to be a confirmed user. A confirmed user have higher chance to get an article approved.

c. Check your company’s online presence.

Your company should have at least 10 pr articles on prestigious websites or newspaper to get endorsed by Wikipedia. A digital marketing agency like BizzVn can help you with this problem.

d. Create company’s page on Wikipedia.

To process to this step, you should have mastered the rules on Wikipedia, just create your company’s page and update all the information as needed.

3. Company listing on other listing websites.

Each business listing website has its own rules for listing. Whether it is paid or unpaid, you should spend time to check with each website to know the rules and follow their instructions.

Get Your Company Name Listed On Wikipedia Or Google Search

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