Google trend – how to use? 7 Ways To Increase SEO Efficiency

Do you know google trend – how to use? Imagine if you bought a fidget spinner last year (type of toy with a swing). You can attract a bigger crowd than a Livestrong bracelet in the mid-2000s.

But if you buy one today, you’re just a cliché. Users will most likely glance you, giving you a sharp gaze.

In the world of digital media, this is exactly how readers feel when you write articles about trends that are “dying out”.

If the story is no longer interesting, readers will not bother to read it anymore.

In addition, they may consider you to be a contemporary of their father – outdated and embarrassing.

Fortunately, marketers have access to a powerful tool that can solve this problem. It is called Google Trends.

And in addition to providing you with current Google trends to refresh your content. It can help you rank for more keywords and increase organic traffic.

So what is Google Trends? What are 7 ways to increase SEO efficiency when using Google Trends? Read on this article!

What is google trend – how to use?

Google Trends is a free tool that assesses the relative popularity of a query, where the number of searches for a particular query is divided by all search numbers for possible queries, on a scale of 0 to 100.

To provide the most accurate relative popularity, Google Trends does not allow repeated searches from the same person for a short period of time.

This useful tool can also show you the popularity of queries within certain time frames.

google trend - how to use

Now that you know what exactly Google Trends is. And don’t miss out on the Google Trends user guide – 7 ways to use to increase the effectiveness of the latest SEO today. Let’s continue reading!

7 ways to use Google Trends to increase SEO efficiency

Google trends – Create and optimize content for seasonal trends.

Seasonal Trends are some reliable and consistent topics to cover. It offers a bank of articles that you can write every year.

To capitalize on the rise of searches, some keywords will attract. You can create new content or optimize existing content on these topics as their popularity peaks.

But how do you know exactly when the query popularity will peak?

Find trending topics to cover on Google trends

The extensive grasp of current events will keep your readers informed. And the more informed readers are, the better they can do their job. They will also start relying more on you to complete the story in time.

To find trending topics, use the search trend tool on Google Trends.

It will show you the results of the user’s most searched queries in the last 24 hours.

You can also filter stories by category, such as Business, Entertainment, Health, Science / Technology, Sports, and Top Stories.

Because there are so many stories on trending topics, however, you should not just have the same perspective as everyone else.

This makes it impossible to stand out completely from the crowd.

So try giving a contradictory opinion on a topic that you know that most of your competitors will have the same opinion.

Your unique and new spin will attract more audience attention and earn their clicks.

Guaranteed popularity will not skew the search volume of keywords – google trend – how to use

The problem with monthly search volume is that it calculates the average number of times people search for keywords per month.

This can be problematic because the exceptions in the data can deviate greatly from the average.

In 1985, the average starting salary for a geography major at the University of North Carolina was over $100,000.

Even today, it is one of the best starting salaries for any majors.

But this is why Michael Jordan, a geographer at UNC, left the university in 1984 to sign a $1 million contract each year with Chicago Bulls.

If you take Jordan out of the equation in 1985, the average starting salary for the geographic specialties at UNC is actually about $25,000.

Popularity can affect the monthly amount of search keywords that similar to Michael Jordan’s lucrative contract, affecting the average starting salary of a geography major at UNC.

For example, Rebecca Black, who is famous for uploading one of the most unpopular music videos in YouTube history, has a monthly search volume of 1,900.

But if you check the popularity of the keyword “Rebecca Black” in Google Trends. You will find that the massive increase in popularity in early June actually skewed the monthly search volume.

The current number of people searching for Rebecca Black every month is probably much lower than 1,900.

In June 2018, Rebecca Black participated in Fox’s The Four: Battle for Stardom.

After maintaining a low performance for seven years, her sudden appearance on a program held nationwide. Organized by music superstars such as Fergie, P-Diddy, Meghan Trainor and DJ Khaled… naturally spurred the explosion of finding her name within this short time frame.

But after being excluded, the search popularity of the keyword “Reb Rebecca Black” has decreased to normal.

Keywords with high monthly searches will be more practical and valuable if their search popularity is stable or increasing.

Google trends help Assess needs for products or services in specific areas

Your product or service may not win people’s attention.

But if you can target those in more necessary circumstances, you will be able to use your time and resources more effectively.

If you are a jacket seller, tracking the popularity of the keyword “Winter coat” for a specific area, city and metropolitan area for a certain period of time will help you to understand which audience you should target.

And after finding the locations where your keywords are most popular, you can run Google AdWords campaigns in each location or optimize keywords in your content for each audience in times of high need.

Determine the cause of the drop in organic traffic – google trend – how to use

Sometimes, if one of your blog posts gets reduced organic traffic, it is not always an error from your content.

The keywords that it ranks can lose the audience’s popularity.

To determine exactly what is causing your organic traffic to drop, Google Trends can draw a clear picture for you.

By attaching top keywords that your post ranks to Google Trends and checking its popularity trends over time, you’ll know whether you need to update your post or whether your audience lost interest in the keywords?

For example, if the top keywords of a post are popular, then your popularity is stable or increasing, you need to update your post with newer and more comprehensive information.

If the keyword popularity decreases, your audience will lose interest in the broad topic.

In that case, you can hardly do anything to increase your organic traffic.

Find relevant new long-tail keywords based on Google trends

With its related query feature, Google Trends is not only a keyword research tool but also a tool to develop your entire content strategy.

After attaching your keyword, Google Trends will display the top 20 related queries and the 25 most popular related queries.

You can then attach these related keywords to an SEO software, such as Ahrefs or SEMrush, to check the keyword complexity, number of searches, and find more related keywords.

Ultimately, this process will help you cover trending and popular topics, which can attract a lot of organic traffic.

Determine if a topic is better for video – google trend – how to use

If a popular keyword is on a declining level on web search, that doesn’t necessarily mean you need to remove it from your entire content.

A keyword that loses popularity on web search can really become popular on YouTube search.

For example, if you look at the Google Trends chart for Google’s “content marketing” keyword, you will see that the popularity of this keyword on Google search has decreased over the past year.

But if you attach the keyword “content marketing” to Google Trends to search on YouTube, you will see that its popularity has increased over the past year.

Just looking at the Google Trends chart to search the web will probably make you think that the keyword “content marketing” has lost popularity, but its popularity has only shifted from Google to YouTube.

In other words, the keyword “content marketing” on the internet is still a valuable topic. You should only make a series of videos about it, instead of writing articles on this topic.


Hopefully through this article, you better understand yourself the question “What does Google Trends” and 7 ways to use Google Trends to capture trends well and quickly improve your SEO efficiency.

Good luck to you!

Google trend – how to use? 7 Ways To Increase SEO Efficiency

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