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Food is an essential part in every travel plan. Some people even travel just for the foods. Singapore’s system of thousands food court provide customers with many delicious choices, and Hawkerpedia knew that, so they are providing an Wikipedia about food for the foodies.

Hawkerpedia’s mission is simple: to bring you the most honest and trustworthy opinions on where to eat around Singapore. Poised to become the definitive voice in the Singapore food community, they are an encyclopedic resource and online marketplace for all things local and delicious.

Hawkerpedia’s content includes user-generated contributions and in-house guides & reviews; they are also proud to say that we have Singapore’s most comprehensive hawker & coffeeshop stalls, standalone eateries and homemade eats directory.

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Hawkerpedia’s aim is to provide the most honest food reviews from our food reviewer and from foodies around Singapore. That’s why they have the famous We Pay For Your Food Review campaign, they believe that everyone can provide their advices to whoever need them.

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With delious looking photos and the honest food reviews, Hawkerpedia is getting huge number of new fans everyday.

Now let’s find something to eat with Hawkerpedia.

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Hawkerpedia – Food Guides, Hawker Reviews, Homebased Food Businesses Reviews

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