How does marketing automation help your SEO?

The economy is always volatile, customers are often changing and technology is changing. That is why we need a unique tool that we can implement. It does not matter what marketing field you are in, it does not matter what product or service you are advertising and you need to stay on top of your race. It is not easy. The whole point of this blog post is to share with you one of the best SEO marketing tactics available – automation.

As you know, marketing automation is relatively new in the internet marketing world, especially when we compare it to traditional SEO. Its purpose and design are to automate all the tedious and repetitive aspects of internet marketing, such as email lists, social media posts, etc. Basically, everything is pretty important, but, it is also simple and will take a lot of your time.

How does marketing automation help your SEO?


  • So, what does it mean?
  • Help you distribute content
  • Support link building
  • More efficient, fewer mistakes
  • Easier brand management
  • Help you get higher quality

So, what does it mean?

What makes marketing automation great and practical is that it does all the hard work for you, leaving you free to create and focus on tougher tasks.

If integrated and properly connected, automated marketing is great with SEO. You can then create a good lead generation, it will create a foundation, while the old one can help you maintain and nurture it. Automated marketing gives you the freedom to focus and develop your marketing or SEO skills.

A lot of people focus too much on getting potential customers (this is great) but do not think too much and have a hard time about what to do with them when they receive them. And while we all know that it is the hardest part of the job, it still needs maintenance. Especially if you grow too big quickly, you might end up falling by that volume of yours.

Marketing automation can help your SEO efforts directly, or by giving you time to focus on SEO.

Help you to distribute content

You will notice that when you automate everything, the biggest resource you will get is time.

The first thing you will save time is content distribution. When you set up your email list, it will take a few hours (or more). However, if you automate properly, you can avoid any annoying tools by using the appropriate data points. The automation process also relies on and uses people’s website behavior. This will then submit content that these people will be interested in.

Support link building

Any marketer will tell you that link building is one of the main parts of any internet marketing effort.

Link building makes up a large part of any SEO job, but it is also quite verbose. Not only is it tedious, it will also take up a lot of your time.

You can have backlinks and connect to a website that used to be very effective and professional. However, for some reason, this website is significantly reduced in quality and turned into a spam-filled hell. Now your connection with them only lowers your Google rankings and sends them to your inbox with spam. With marketing automation, you can scan and remove them easily. An appropriate tool will notify you immediately if there are some harmful or unhealthy links.

As those at Green Web Marketing will tell you, these types of websites are pure poison. Any high-quality digital marketing company will tell you that it takes a long time to get good, high quality links and a malicious website can ruin all your hard work if unregulated.

More efficient, fewer mistakes

When you are trying to do, when you are overwhelmed with work and with customers, you will lose focus and will be able to make mistakes, in efficiency and speed. Marketing is not an easy job and you need to be as efficient as possible. Too few keywords and you are not working as effectively as you can, or too much makes you are too saturated post and Google’s algorithm will punish you accordingly. Knowing what you need to use, knowing which keywords are great and which ones are jamming is essential for any successful marketer.

Using software that can detect the quality and density of your keywords, know how much you need, how much is too much. Manually calculating all of these will waste a lot of time, but if you get some automated software to do that, you will have more time to focus on other things. We all know how boring and time-consuming it is for some jobs and they can also lead to mistakes. Automated marketing will help you avoid that.

Remember that good adage: a job can be excellent, cheap and fast – but you can only choose two? Yes, most customers tend to forget this. Automated marketing can help you move closer to this ideal of providing all three, without going crazy or failing.

Help brand management to be easier

Nothing beats a good brand.

It is a symbol of honor, a sign for what you do well. Reputation is above all by doing your job well, but it also needs to be maintained. Moreover, since we are all online, we create online brands – word of mouth is almost impossible. This is why reviews and referrals are important. You need to know how to get and keep Google’s reviews.

Now, there are many ways to get reviews, but the best way can be to contact satisfied customers – they will make a positive contribution as well as build your reputation. This is also where an obstacle arises – how to choose. Specifically, if you have been in business for a while, you can accumulate a lot of satisfied customers. And the easiest way to get reviews is to ask them. But just remember – if you are satisfied with certain types of products or services, you will want to let everyone know and that will make the product or service more pervasive.

But, if you cannot contact them all. Sifting through your customer list and choosing the most important ones is not the most effective way to take advantage of your time. This is the time when automation is effective.

With the right tools and applications, you can set up a way for you to identify the software and automatically contact all the most important people. Now, every customer is important, but not all customers are influential people. Moreover, you can also set up to detect a negative review, giving you the opportunity to respond and fix the problem as soon as possible, before it causes any serious damage.

Help you get higher quality

With proper SEO, you can get lots of potential customers for your website. However, this may not lead to any useful or ideal customers. Good SEO attracts a lot of people, but it is hard to reach the right customers you want. You will lose time and money on these potential customers and will not get anywhere – and you will not even have interaction from them.

Proper automated marketing will use all the data you provide and will help you avoid this type of work. It will enhance your SEO strategy by helping you create better and targeted content that you only have the potential customers you want to receive. By performing this separation process, it frees up more time for you to contact these people and establish an agreement and help you do the work you are passionate about.

We really hope this helpful will help you along your journey. Marketing is a harsh environment, but with dedication and patience, you can do it. Good luck!


How does marketing automation help your SEO?

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