How to increase traffic for your website without creating new content

The general idea is that if you want to get more traffic on your website, you will have to create more content. The more topics and blogs you have, the more opportunities you will have to attract visitors to your website. However, this is not really true. There are many other ways to generate traffic, although “Content is the king”. The most repeated phrase on the internet is not wrong but it does not imply that you must constantly produce a bunch of blog posts to be successful.

Creating high quality long form content is a great way to get high rankings in Google and that’s why people are trying to push out many blog posts when they can handle them. However, there are many challenging websites that always generate large amounts of traffic without following this clever tactic.

If you have invested enough time and energy to build your website, you are already sitting on top of a content gold mine. You just need to test, optimize and refresh it. You can also take advantage of a large amount of other resources at your fingertips.

When we work with content marketing, we often neglect high quality content that already exists on the website. That is why it is great to take a step back and analyze what other opportunities are open to us. It will allow us to leverage what we have with less investment time and eliminate the need to start a new piece of content from scratch. Receiving traffic is not all about content. That is why in this article, I will talk about how you can manage without creating any new content.

increase traffic without content

How to increase traffic for your website without creating new content

Fundamentals for developing organic traffic

There are a few simple things you can do to set up your website to generate organic traffic. Just check Upworthy and Airbnb for example. Upworthy relies on other people’s content and Airbnb does not have a lot of content on their website, apart from a few short descriptions.

Working on Link Building – Link Building is one of the most important efforts you can make to generate more organic traffic over time. Building a solid backlink profile through exposure on other websites is a great way to get more traffic from search engines. To do that, you simply need to promote your existing content.

Make sure all of your pages are high quality – If Google comes across one of your websites and does not like the quality of the page, then you could be penalized. To ensure this will not happen and you get the best possible results, you will have to make sure all your websites are counted. They must be useful to visitors, informative and done with high quality.

Create more pages – Although the quality comes first, the more websites you have, the more chances you’ll rank for longer keywords. Do this regardless of whether your pages are rich or not.

Try many methods – There are many ways you can build backlinks, you just have to try more than you have done before. You can take advantage of Quora or use a technique called broken link building. With it, you can even add one of your links to Wikipedia.

Stay patient – If you do not write too many long posts, it is harder to get paid traffic quickly. But your organic traffic will continue to increase over time. No miracles happen overnight, but you will definitely get better results if you patiently build your links.

Spend more time advertising pages than creating them

Creating content takes a lot of time and effort that will be wasted if you do not have enough people to read it. This is why it is important that you continually work to promote your content as much as possible. A rule is to spend at least twice as much time promoting your content as you need to create it.

You should take advantage of any channel that can help you reach your target audience, especially social media. Post at least every day during peak hours for your audience, to get the most out of each post. Use paid promotions because it will help your article gain more traction. Working in this way also helps your site to be shared by people who see the content as valuable.

Ask the website owner to link to you

Quality always beats quantity when it comes to link building. Even if you have hundreds of non-relevant links, you can’t match a high-quality backlink. Take advantage of any link building opportunities and strategies you can. But most of the time is reaching out to relevant websites in your niche via email.

It is time-consuming because your success rate will be around 10% and you will easily encounter websites that want to make money for their backlinks. But even with a small success rate, you can get pretty good results. If you can record a backlink from an influencer in your industry, it will do wonders for your search rankings and website traffic.

A great way to find influencers is through Buzzsumo. You may have a bunch of blogs and names you want to link to your website, so go ahead and contact them. Just make sure you are doing it at the right time and in a strategic way. Sometimes you only get one shot when contacting a new website, so count those visits.

Advertise your website in Blog comments

You can also reach out to your audience by leaving helpful comments on other people’s blog posts. By the way, means HELP and INFORMATION. Nobody likes people who just post “Thanks for the information! Mywebsite.com”. It was extremely uncomfortable. So, make sure you have something to contribute to the conversation. Add value to both article readers and writers.

A good way to start is to set up Google Alerts for related topics on your blog. When you receive notice that a new piece of content has been published, turn to the website and leave a thoughtful comment. If it is something useful for everyone involved, people will be willing to go to your website and see what you’re doing.

Invite guest posts

Create a separate section on your website for guest bloggers. Also, advertise the fact that you are accepting guest posts on social media and other platforms. This way you can attract a few writers who can really add value to your website. All you have to do is grace them with a backlink and you will have yourself high quality content.

Update existing content

This is not the big thing that Google likes if your website is new and up to date, but that doesn’t mean you have to keep producing new content. It can be updated by optimizing its existing content. You can always add new information from recent research or a new image you have just come across that fits perfectly into the subject. If you make even the smallest changes to update your post, it can give you an unexpected result in your traffic. Additionally, if you change the date your post was published, it will appear at the top of your blog posts, making its date more recent in search results.

Regularly republish the current post

If you have an old, successful blog post, nothing stops you from updating and resharing it on social media channels. However, you should do this because it publishes and shares your blog posts multiple times, helping them keep rotating and attracting more visitors. You can do this manually or use the Revive Old Post Plugin.

Add long keywords to your content

Updating an older piece of content can increase its performance if you add a few more keywords. Go to Google Search Console and look for Search Traffic -> Search Analytics. It will show you the search terms your visitors used displayed in the results. You will also find other long tail keyword phrases in the list. Include them in one of your articles about 2-3 times and see the results. You can significantly improve your traffic by doing this and you don’t even have to add new content.

Use existing content in the new format

If you have an existing blog post or any other piece of highly informative content, use it on other media. Converting them into new formats like videos, podcasts, infographics, eBooks or anything else can help you attract people with different interests.

You do not have to start from scratch and the information is structured, so why not display it in a different way? Half of the work is already done, so you only have to convert your content in a way that preserves its information value.

Add resource page

If you have a lot of great posts written, you can create a separate page that links them all together. You can create a page that will give people an overview that lets them know what your website has to offer and link to it so others can find it. You can create resource pages for specific purposes, such as providing useful tools for content marketing or a list of helpful tutorials for photo editing. Use any of the topics you mentioned transparently with many blog posts. You don’t have to invest more than an hour and you have a new way to get more traffic for your website.

Use infographics for link building

Visual information is far more attractive than written information, which is why the ability of bloggers and other website owners to share your well-created graphic information is most likely. If they do, it may serve as the perfect opportunity for you to gain more backlinks with each time someone uses your infographic. If you do not know much about graphic design, just compose the information you want to include in a structured way and have a freelance graphic designer do the work for you on Upwork.

You do not have to work too hard if you are willing to work smart. You can take advantage of the work you have put into repetition with the right strategies. Invest twice as much to promote your content than it is to make it and you will definitely get yourself a great deal of organic traffic. I hope that you enjoyed reading through this article!


How to increase traffic for your website without creating new content

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