Inbound vs outbound marketing: What Factors Determine Marketing Success In 2019?

I often get the familiar question “what is the difference between inbound vs outbound marketing?”.

The difference between the concepts of Inbound vs Outbound marketing is like the difference between two philosophy of life.

However, are inbound or outbound factors determining the success of a marketing campaign?

This article is the answer for you.

Firstly, what are the differences between the terms Inbound and Outbound marketing?

inbound vs outbound marketing

What is the difference between inbound vs outbound marketing?

Outbound Marketing talks about how customers can benefit your business.

It sees every audience as a potential customer who needs to be persuaded to use your product just by delivering the right message.

However, Inbound focuses on companies and businesses that benefit customers.

It assumes your potential customers are intelligent and know what they are looking for.

Therefore, Inbound Marketing seeks to connect you and your audience by providing the content they are looking for.

Naturally, most people prefer the Inbound Marketing method.

Instead of wanting to attract attention and create demand like Outbound Marketing, Inbound Marketing seeks to acknowledge the customers’ existing needs and concerns.

And instead of spreading the message to a wide range of audiences, Inbound Marketing appeals to specific target groups seeking information.

The goal of Inbound Marketing is to provide content suitable for those who have real needs and concerns.

You just need to create a variety of content for online marketing “assets” and wait for customers to be interested.

This “property” includes blogs, websites, paid ads optimized for internet searches, social media presence, mobile apps, etc.

Both Inbound and Outbound marketing have their own advantages and disadvantages: Inbound gives you customers while Outbound brings your business to them.

By now, you’ve probably found the answer to the difference between Inbound and Outbound Marketing. So what if we combine Inbound and Outbound Marketing? Let’s find out more!

inbound vs outbound marketing

Combining inbound vs outbound marketing to create breakthrough results for campaign

Combining two methods of Inbound and Outbound marketing is the most effective way. No matter what type of content your customers access, you can provide the information you need for each stage of the buying process.

You can attract customers with advertising banners or purchase recommendations and track ebooks, infographics, …

When applying both inbound and outbound marketing, you can:

Warm up those cold calls:

Phone spam is one of the sales team’s most popular Outbound marketing tactics.

Any salesperson will implement this strategy at least once.

These “cold” calls have led to many dead ends that yield no results or even being rejected as soon as they are introduced.

But it’s a game about numbers. The more calls you make, the more opportunities you’ll discover.

However, what is the best solution?

Content of Inbound Marketing strategy will help you warm up the “cold” calls of your team.

By sending an email containing a link to your content before you make the call, you will be able to master the outgoing call and interact with the customer unlike other offers.

Instead, they will have the opportunity to chat with an industry expert. The call will contain information, training and relevance to their business.

From there, you can improve the likelihood of success when persuading customers.

inbound vs outbound marketing – Increase visibility of your content

Content posted online is effective only when many people can see and read it.

Even though your blog post contains many leadership thoughts, sharing quality knowledge and insights from industry experts, but if no one can read, it will not bring any value.

Of course, blog posts will not help potential customers and certainly not create new leads for businesses.

Content promotion, directing customers to online content and turning them into customers is the field where many content uploaders have to compete with each other.

Most of them apply SEO and social networks to promote their material.

But …

Just relying on those tactics to turn them into customers will be quite time consuming.

What is the solution for you?

Use Outbound marketing tips.

By doing so, you can quickly increase the number of users reading your content on the internet.

Because the sales team is making a “lukewarm” call, you can ask them to refer to the website / blog as a useful source of knowledge for potential customers.

That may be the last step for the introduction of products / services. Including links to the corresponding content such as email spam, lead-nurturing emails, direct mail, … and also the links of social media ads.

Rebirth old customers

Every Marketing database contains leads generated from last month, last quarter and even last year. At the moment, potential customers show interest.

Perhaps they stopped by visiting a fair stall or answered mail. But the sales team cannot attract them. These calls or emails are hopeless, unresponsive.

Perhaps it is not the right time, customers are too busy or they may receive a useful, more attractive message from their competitors.

It’s time to stop selling to these potential customers.

I don’t mean you have to delete them from your database. Continue to store their information but seek a different approach.

Stop selling and start changing their mindset.

What happens to unresponsive leads when you provide them with leadership thoughts, expert knowledge of the problems that they are facing?

The same content that you create to attract new potential customers’ attention should be used to attract unresponsive leads.

Nurturing potential customers who are not ready to buy

However, not every lead that responds to either Inbound or Outbound tactics wants to talk to the salesperson.

Hopper customers (TOFU) are beginning to find a solution for themselves and are not interested in buying appointment appointments. They are also not interested in receiving weekly check email messages.

However, they are probably interested in learning.

Therefore, you should develop a lead nurturing program promoting content about thought leadership posted through Inbound Marketing strategy.

Nurturing potential customers with useful and relevant content will set you apart from your competitors.

You will be able to position your brand as an industry expert or consultant.

Using automated marketing / automation tools gives customers a specific view of the knowledge they gain.

This helps the sales team not only know who the target customer is, what time is reasonable, and needs to be prepared to address the important issues.

Do not hesitate to choose Inbound or Outbound Marketing.

The formula integrates both Inbound Marketing vs Outbound Marketing strategies to overcome the disadvantages of each strategy and quickly achieve breakthrough results for your marketing campaign.

Have you applied this formula?

Apply this formula to your marketing campaign for your business and come back to share the results for me!

Good luck to you!

Inbound vs outbound marketing: What Factors Determine Marketing Success In 2019?

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