Increase revenue for website sales with Video Marketing

Video is becoming a part of our lives. YouTube, Facebook … we can still see a lot of videos everywhere. Taking advantage of this, video marketing is a strong and effective marketing trend, contributing greatly to increasing sales for sales websites, businesses and brands.

So, what is video marketing? How effective is video marketing? When does this trend end? All questions will be answered in the following article.

Video and video marketing are the trends

Referring to the video, we will immediately think of YouTube. YouTube is the world’s largest video social network with over 1 billion users and over 1 billion hours of video viewing every day. Every 60 seconds, up to 72 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube. These numbers show us how big the world needs to watch videos.

In addition to YouTube, other social networks are also an alternative television, attracting millions of views every day. Among them, including Facebook, the largest social network on the planet.

According to statistics, up to 500 million people watch videos on Facebook every day, making the number of videos on this platform to reach 8 billion by the end of 2015, and still growing strongly.

More than half of all video viewers are via mobile devices

Because of the high frequency of watching videos, this is the golden age for video marketing. Video marketing is a form of brand promotion through video. It is becoming a strategic tool for businesses to attract more customers and spread their names.

Video marketing is becoming a trend not just because there are many people watching videos. Statistics and data analysis have explained the conditions for video marketing to be successful.

The majority of YouTube users are aged from 18 years old to 34 years old, and Facebook is from 18 years old to 29 years old. Individuals at this age often converge to become an ideal customer: money, needs, shopping interests and love for trends. They are the ones who pay the most, are extremely potential audiences for marketers.

On Facebook, there are 2.1 billion active users each month, along with 400 new subscribers every minute. This is a huge potential customer base. Thanks to Facebook’s accessibility tool, brands’ videos grew by more than 258% in mid-2017.

On both Facebook and YouTube platforms, 45% of users watch more than an hour of video every week. In addition, more than half of the video viewers are via mobile devices, and 92% of them will share the video with friends and relatives.

All of these figures point to one thing: video is the inevitable trend and video marketing is the core to the success of any marketer, brand, or any sales website.

The effectiveness of video marketing in sales websites

The numbers show the importance of video marketing, but why can it help increase sales for a website? Because video has special effects, more than other types of content in marketing.

Customers can’t take their eyes off the video

This is the most noticeable use of the video. Any video can contain images, motion, sound and eye-catching effects. They are valuable to attract the attention and attention of users in a powerful way.

Most people would prefer to watch a motion video rather than flip through boring still images, read bland information about the product.

Customers have difficulty taking their eyes off the video

Moreover, the peculiarity of the video helps to diversify your storytelling, easily attracting viewers. You can play a video containing images and motion, or shoot / create a movie to convey content. You can use music and rhythm to make the video more interesting and more attractive.

In short, video affects people psychologically and biologically. Video affects the human brain, making it hard for anyone to resist its appeal. Many customers will linger on your site to watch videos if it is really appealing. This also means your chances of selling are also increasing,

Video marketing increases the reputation of the store

To become profitable and successful, everyone understands that one thing needs to be achieved: customer trust. But in the age of e-commerce, all transactions are remote and online, do not touch the real thing, making customer confidence more fragile than ever.

Video is the perfect tool to restore the trust of online shoppers.

Video provides the most comprehensive and honest view of the product. You can show customers every corner, every “seam and thread” of the product. You can get back to the real impact on the product, the scene you or the model of trying the product to make customers more confident.

Of course, customers still can’t touch it, but if they are viewed at a certain level of clarity, they can partly determine the quality of the products.

Whether buying directly or online has certain risks, video cannot guarantee 100% for customers. However, it still reduces the buying rate of fake and poor-quality products.

In addition, for fashion items, video also helps users to guess the effect when using the product themselves. Avoiding buying inadequate products to help customers have a better experience, they will trust your purchase more.

The video conveys more information

Video not only helps diversify the way your message is delivered, it also helps you convey more information.

Right in the video, you can combine images, audio and subtitles to optimize the amount of information you want to express. The human brain can process the information at the same time, even helping the brain understand the problem faster and more effectively.

At the same time, compared to viewing product photos, customers can capture more information when watching videos. Having a better understanding of the product will make it easier for customers to make your purchase decisions faster.

Usage and cautions when using video marketing

With the above benefits, you probably want to improve video marketing ability for your sales website or brand. However, like many other types of content, videos should be used appropriately in order not to cause negative reactions from viewers.

Choose the appropriate Video Marketing length

The advantage of the video is encapsulating a lot of information, but the disadvantage is that users do not easily adjust the speed as they wish. If you are browsing a series of product promotional photos, you can change the speed quickly or slowly depending on your needs and ability to absorb.

Videos should be of appropriate length, containing enough important and necessary information

But changing the video speed is more annoying. If it is too fast, it cannot keep up with the content, if it is too slow, the time is longer while the motion is stagnant and the sound is distorted. If you skip forward, you may miss the essential content of the video.

Not to mention there are also bad videos, leading the loop, rambling content, making viewers bored.

For these reasons, to be effective, you need to make your video marketing as concise as possible. Although short, it must contain all the important values ​​of the product, the things that users want to know the most. So quickly go straight to the topic, characteristics and message to be delivered in the video.

Use stock footage

Stock footage are recorded or built-in clips that you can insert at the beginning, middle or end of your video. The benefit of this is to help you save time and money when shooting and creating your own videos. A small sales website, lacking in economic terms and knowledge can still make a compelling video to promote.

Using Stock Footage saves money on footage

Most stock footage is made by professional directors and filmmakers with advanced technology. So, if you use the right topic and purpose, your video will become very professional.

In addition, there are stock footage with a topic called interactive (call to action) that encourages viewers to interact, share your video, increase the effectiveness of video marketing. Currently on the Internet, there are many websites offering free and professional stock footage.

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Insert caption for Video Marketing

There is a critical statistic of how video marketing are working today: 85% of people watch videos without sound on Facebook!

Most people are muted when watching videos on Facebook. While this negates a good element of video – audio – it is very relevant to consumer psychology: feeling disturbed. They do not want to be interrupted, disrupt activities on Facebook by the sound of the ads, and will have aversion to the brands that use famous videos.

So, what is the solution?

In this regard, Facebook also offers a very important metric: inserting subtitles into the video helps increase video view time by 12%.

So, instead of using audio to distract user focus, add subtitles to video marketing on Facebook, even other social networks like YouTube, Google + … This helps users understand the content of the video without unmuting it, make them feel more comfortable, and will be more interested in the video and brand.

Livestream is also Video Marketing

The video also has many other small forms, among which the livestream is very popular.

20% of all videos on Facebook are livestream.

Livestream products on Facebook are very popular

Livestream is a real time experience. The video livestream feels very real, most real compared to other forms. Moreover, being able to see what happens right at the location and location of the shoot helps viewers believe that what is released in the video is real.

This is a great benefit for sales websites, a powerful tool to win customers’ trust.

So, you should combine the livestream to increase the effectiveness of video marketing, as well as increase the sales of your sales website.


Video marketing has never been as effective as it is now, when millions of people watch videos and billions of hours of video are watched every day. When video becomes an integral part of life, video marketing is a job not to be missed in order to increase sales for website sales.

(The figures in this article are taken from YouTube, WordStream, Mediakix, Sprout Social)

Increase revenue for website sales with Video Marketing

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