Instagram Tips: How To Boost Likes On Instagram?

We are always looking for the latest trends around social platforms and the best way to get the most out of them. All those who actively use Instagram will notice how many platforms have changed over time, allowing the development of personal business profiles and brands.

Obviously, as a digital marketer, we are interested in how to optimize the performance of the content we present on our social media. So, we do not use the platform’s built-in functionality to determine when we should post content. Businesses are not only interested in content optimization, people are also looking for “The best time to post on instagram” 12,100 times per month.

how to boost likes on instagram

So how to increase interaction on Instagram even more?

Instagram algorithm coefficient

Before we start trying to answer when the best time to post to Instagram is, first take a moment to understand why it is important. Unfortunately, in 2018 not all posts are made equally, and even if you are sharing the coolest, coolest images you can still be neglected.

The reason for that is the ongoing development in which Instagram determines which posts are quality content. No longer just neatly listing in a chronological order, the article is displayed to the number of followers based on how much and how quickly they create their posts immediately tracked.

In other words, the more likes and comments your posts receive shortly after being shared, they will likely become more popular because Instagram will see a higher level of interaction as a signal for content quality. If Instagram determines visibility based on the level of cognitive interest, does the time we post have any effect? The answer is yes. Understanding peak times for your followers and posting during these times is more likely to create the level of interaction that Instagram needs to see to keep your posts at the top of your followers on your newsfeed.

When is the best time to post on Instagram?

Global research metrics are geared towards several time periods that are most likely to generate the most engagement based on daily routines. Social media regulators have found that the best time to post on Instagram (especially when they target local audiences) is around the time people usually take a lunch break (from 11am to 2pm), during commute time (5 pm) or evening (7 pm – 11 pm).

When analyzing a series of Instagram accounts, it shows that the last time that one account posts is 2am. It is a popular time to share content, the result of the fact that with the few listings at that time, your content has a lot of ability to be seen by online users. Besides, trasharing during late night is a good way to target those who follow the first thing on Instagram in the morning (7am – 9am), as your content will most likely pop up first on their newsfeed.

More limited are the peak times for sharing videos on your Instagram profile. Unlike photos, videos often require users to turn on their audio to fully interact with the content, which can often be inconvenient in a work environment or school. Therefore, you should try to post any videos in the evening and later in the night to optimize views.

While this is definitely a great starting point for you to try out, the truth is that there is no answer when the best time to post on Instagram. Depending on your audience profile, as well as the time zones you are targeting, your best course of action is to determine the brand’s best Instagram post time based on performance analysis.

How to find the best time to post on Instagram for your audience?

Business account

First of all, and that’s especially important if you’re running a company’s Instagram account – make sure your profile is set to a business account, as it allows you to access their analytics tools (named Instagram Insights) and learn the performance statistics for your posts, as well as useful information about your followers, such as the days and times they are most active. Very handy, right?

Target at peak time

Use the Instagram analytics tool, take note of your audience’s peak times, and try scheduling right in front of these locations, so you can make the most out of activities related to tracking. With some attention to detail and careful postings, you can customize your posting schedule.

Understand and know your audience

Based on their profile, your followers will have different daily calendars, so even if there is no fine-tuned analysis, it will serve you well to consider whether you are primarily talking. whether the experts work from 9am to 5pm or if there are thousands of people still working until night. (You can also access gender, age and similar audience identifiers through Instagram Insight.)

Pay attention to the time zone

Following the general assumption of an audience’s daily schedule is fine if you target users locally, but what if you are a global brand? The good news is, Instagram Insights also provides information about the location of your followers broken down by country and city, thus letting you know the location of the largest audience geographically and scheduling for your post.

Instagram 2018 presents some incredible opportunities for businesses to expand their marketing on social media if they are knowledgeable about their posting. The important thing to remember is that while the Instagram algorithm is no longer in chronological order, the time you post still influences the content most displayed on your follower’s feed.

To optimize the interaction and thus the visibility of your content, use Instagram’s analytics tool to better understand audience behavior. As a result, you can increase engagement, increase traffic and attract new followers!


Instagram Tips: How To Boost Likes On Instagram?

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