Marketing Online Terms in 2018

Marketing Online terms sefer to website design services, SEO services, web-app programming, HTML cutting and mobile programming

One of our blog posts gave a suggestion about 7 effective Online sales channels. And in this article, we will continue to review and familiarize ourselves with many terms which are both familiar and strange in Digital Marketing. Some of them you may still use every day and maybe some have never heard of.

Remember the times when you read an article on a news website specializing in Marketing, have you ever been “choked” or “interrupted” because of the professional word. Certainly not only in Marketing, but each industry will have a short list of specialized terms from simple to complex, from easy to difficult to understand. These terms will not be taught in the classroom, nor will you see you every day at work. Occasionally they will appear in a number of specialized articles, especially the commentary and analysis. Digging those words is much more difficult than reading the whole article. Sometimes the time to read the article is only about 15 minutes, but before that, you also spend 90 minutes to look up the term. Despite such difficulties, the term must still be searched. Simply because without seeing them now, you will also meet them on an unexpected occasion. So, trying a little will give you comfort later.

The biggest problem today for you and some of you who have the same belief is that you need a place to gather all these terms. Then just “Bookmark” the site, whenever entangled with words you can look back easily. And this article was born for that reason, providing you with a section in the technical terminology encyclopedia Digital Marketing, where you can save and save for your work.

Digital Marketing And Marketing Online terms

In modern marketing, you are definitely exposed to two important terms: Digital Marketing and Online Marketing. Considering a few aspects, these two terms have many similarities in meaning, with the same activities of Online Marketing. However, they are actually purely for different marketing concepts. Digital Marketing is the term that includes Online Marketing.

What is Marketing Online terms?

You will easily find the concept of Online Marketing on Google. Academically, Online Marketing or Online Marketing only uses all the powerful tools and methods to promote your products or services on the Internet environment. Online marketing includes a much broader marketing element than traditional business marketing due to the additional channels and new marketing mechanisms available on the Internet.

More generally, you can relate everything you can do on the Internet to communicate, promote products, that is part of Online Marketing. I myself think the concept can only make us summarize the main ideas of a problem. The real meaning lies in how you implement and coordinate the methods in the most efficient way. The key to Online Marketing is the Internet.

Some of the most popular Online Marketing tools today are: Advertising Network (Search Advertising Network), Search Marketing (Search Advertising), Social Media Marketing (Advertising on Social Networks), Buzz Marketing (Private Marketing) Rumors), Email Marketing (Email Marketing), etc. All will be explained in the glossary below.

What is digital marketing?

While Online Marketing is attached to the Internet, Digital can still operate in the Offline state. To understand this term, you simply need to understand what Digital is. According to the English Vietnamese dictionary, Digital means online. So, all relevant marketing, advertising or direct use of digital media will be considered a form of Digital Marketing. So Digital Marketing will include Online Marketing and its tools along with SMS Marketing (Message Marketing), TV / Radio, LCD / Banner.

In the activities of Digital Marketing you will be exposed to a forest of different concepts.

Glossary of Digital Marketing

Here is not just a concept that Mona also wants to open up to you a small piece of knowledge related to each term, giving you a certain understanding of the term and its position in modern marketing.

General terminology







A static or dynamic graphic image designed and installed on a website that performs the main task of advertising products and services. Sometimes, the second task is to link backlinks to the homepage of the person who placed the banner.

Content – Content Marketing – Marketing Online terms

Marketing Online terms, Content on the website is not only expressed in text, but also in many other endings such as video clips, images, infographics, animations, etc. Content’s mission is to convey the message that sellers and businesses want to send to customers.

Affiliate Marketing – Marketing Online terms

Affiliate Marketing is another form of marketing agency. If you are interested in real estate, you will know about the “stork”. Those are people who have no land, no money (to buy real estate) but the role of “the stork” is extremely important. He is a floating link between seller and buyer, between investor and owner. It is the “stork” who brings customers to real estate companies, and the “stork” is the person who takes care and maintains the number of customers for the company. In which the benefit he receives is a commission (usually from both sides). Linking to affiliate marketing is similar, except the way it works. Instead of “stork” will run around, the affiliate professionals just sit in a place with any network and build your system, completely online.

How affiliate makes money

There will be many different ways to charge for each cooperation between an affiliate and his or her partner. But all agree with 4 ways of calculating commission as follows:

PPC – Pay Per Click

Pay on 1 click. Specifically, you will receive a commission when users from your website access the partner’s website (the seller).

PPL – Pay Per Lead

Commission will be paid when the customer fills in the partner’s form or order

PPS – Pay Per Sale

Method of paying commissions when customers buy products from websites (based on% of turnover)

PPI – Pay Per Install

Commission will be paid when customers finish installing an application from your website.

Thus, depending on the customer, depending on the affiliate product that companies will apply different commission policies. The amount of revenue will depend on how you build and operate your affiliate system.

Affiliate form of operation – Marketing Online terms

There are many ways for you to build your Affiliate system. But the two most typical ways that young people often build and have had success are designing and developing websites and building their Youtube channel.

Talking a little more about Affiliate, this is a form of Online Marketing that is learned from abroad, but when coming to Vietnam, in the development environment, though still quite new but full of advantages like this, a lot of you succeeded. Many websites not only become a bridge between customers and sellers, but also become a reliable information channel for their users. If you can build your website like that, make sure later is the time for you to relax and enjoy, no need to run fast, run like a multi-level.

  • About Affiliate Make money Online by building websites

Mostly blogs are the most frequently built website form. By taking advantage of your own inheritance and researching the needs of your customers well, you can quickly improve your web-blog system. When a website operates stably with a relative number of visitors, that is when you look for opportunities to link and grow your website. You know about Code, create a website to share your programming experience, or WordPress website design experience. You know about cooking, you will focus on blogging sharing unique recipes with “art” presentation that will attract the attention of many girls. The idea to develop a website is sometimes so simple that it can bring in a huge revenue for a lot of people.

The most important tool for this form is SEO. And the wait time to start earning is at least 6 months. In case you do not have SEO skills, do not worry because it will not come before 6 months, you should be mentally prepared and try to be persistent because the time can last from 1 to 2 years. But in return, after the system has stabilized, the revenue received is forever, as long as you keep your performance.

  • About Affiliate making money with video clips

This form requires higher than doing on the website. Because it is not simply that you have an idea, you also have the skills to turn that idea into meaningful and engaging clips. Because only when there is an audience can the success rate be high.

Make money with Affiliate – Marketing Online terms

Talking a little about Affiliate cannot help but talk about the ability to make money from this form. Affiliate is considered to be the most attractive tool to make money online today, although investing in it is a very long time and many times waiting for the day to collect sweet fruits.

The way it works above you will see many young people join this affiliate network. The reason is that they have the opportunity to be exposed to technology very early and the approach to the problem is also much more new. Taking advantage of this chance, you have succeeded with your Affiliate system. Can mention here as Thach Pham, The Khuong, Ninh Don, …

To understand more details about Affiliate, you can refer to the article making money with Mona Affiliate.

Advertise with Google

Be the # 1 position with Google

From the role of the largest search site on the planet, Google has now become the guideline for all actions of many Online Marketing strategists in the world. Every single move by Google has a huge impact on the survival of thousands of businesses. If you do not believe, please learn the terms below will be clear.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization – Marketing Online terms

This means that the search engine optimization where the object is optimized here is your website. Speaking of marketing on Google, we can’t help but mention this term.

Actually, there are many search sites in the world that are provided by technology giants such as Bing of Microsoft, Yahoo of Virizon, Yandek (Russia), Baidu (China), … but only Google is the best of them, most user-oriented, as well as up-to-date and the most developed.

To optimize the website on search engines, the first thing you must have is a professional website system with proper SEO configuration. Then a qualified and experienced SEO specialist to optimize and gradually rank the website on Google search pages.

Out of all marketing budget spending, SEO spending is considered the most attractive. The reason is because of low cost and high profit. For new websites, you will take from 6 months to a year to optimize the website’s success, putting the website on the top one with the main keyword. Since then, the task of the manager is only maintain and develop new media campaigns.

Misunderstandings about SEO

When SEO started to be known about its benefits, a lot of people, many businesses rushed to optimize their websites. This situation led to the introduction of intermediary support services and false spreads to earn more profits on themselves. Because the more misunderstandings, the more customers come to SEO services.

One of the fatal misunderstandings about SEO is it is FREE. Many articles claim that SEO is the most effective free online marketing tool. That is absolutely not true. Agree that you will not have to pay Google to be ranked No. 1, No. 2 on search sites like Google Adwords, but you have to pay a lot of fees for the logistics and preparation. Only the cost of that compared to the rest is much smaller.

One of the expenses that businesses have to spend on the SEO department is the management test tool. Doing SEO, you cannot help but use website tracking tools and the development situation. This tool allows you to know where the website is still limited, where to optimize, where to perfect; The tool tells you which keywords are “hot” and which ones are on the “best” website; The tool tells you the number of Backlinks and the quality of the Backlinks; In addition, it also allows you to track your opponent extremely closely, … Depending on the business and the toolkit used, the cost will vary.

The second misunderstanding is also very important as KEY WORDS. Not every keyword stays in “Top 1” means success. There are many types of keywords: main keyword, sub keyword, long keyword, short keyword, … The main keyword is the keyword that users often look up in the industry, long keywords often indicate the true needs of customers. Short keywords indicate a generalization, the longer the keyword, the more detailed. However, how to know which is a short keyword, which is a secondary keyword, which is a short keyword that should not be used, which is a long but powerful keyword. There are very rare keywords to be searched. These words do not need SEO to be able to top. The trend is constantly changing and so is the way users search for keywords. How to choose the keyword “trendy” is the most remarkable thing. In short, choosing keywords is not a simple thing, you need to consider carefully at the same time, in collaboration with many other tools to improve the final efficiency.

Ironically, many people, even though they are SEO experts, still do not understand or intentionally forget this fact, indirectly causing waste for businesses because spending money does not bring value.

Suggest some useful toolkit for SEO

SEOs need a lot of tools like the ones I mentioned above. Here are the important tools and their uses:

  • Google’s website management suite: Google Keyword Planner, Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, …

Most of you can use these tools for free. However, some of them you have to pay to get the value really important. Especially the number of searches for a keyword, to be exact, you need to be running an Adword campaign, for example.

  • Ahref – The most advanced Backlink testing tool and commensurate with the final benefit

Ahref.com only allows you to use “Free” for 7 days with a new email address. After that, you have to pay a fee, if you do not have to pay, you cannot do anything. The cost of using Ahref is relatively high. But the reason Ahref is still a lot of people do SEO because of its accuracy as well as the utilities from it.

  • Complete Serps.com

Just like Google, Serps is also a whole collection of optimal SEO support tools on everything from backlinks, keywords, rankings, competitors, …

  • Moz – A comprehensive SEO toolkit
  • SEOQuake: Provides all the necessary information about the optimization of a website

SEO provides the best website optimization solution

The note when doing SEO

At the time SEO became a movement, SEO was no longer as simple as it used to be. You not only focus on building and developing backlinks, but also need to attach importance to the quality of content on the website. It is the user that determines the quality of the website, and the quality of the content is what moves the user. Some people who do SEO today are still going to build backlinks, then the website is still on “top 1, top 2”. However, the customer will not stay with them. Web access is not getting value, they do not need to visit for a long time on this website. For what? Meanwhile, if the content is useful, you may not need to use your product right now, but in the future, a good impression will draw them back to your product and service. They will become your customers.

SEO compared to Google Adwords, each form will have its own advantages and disadvantages. However, you can easily see that Google Adwords will bring immediate benefits and SEO is a long-term direction of every business today in the Online market.

Adwords or Google Adwords

Google itself is a search page. Google’s only one task is to synthesize all the websites in the world and use its algorithm to return search results that best match the users’ wishes. Because of its own convenience, from Google has developed a new type of Online Marketing and extremely effective to this day is Google Adwords. Google Adwords is a form of advertising that Google allows advertisers to place their ads on the search results page. The most unique and attractive position of Google ads is the top 5 lines displayed on the search page.

This type of advertising is charged by Google based on user clickthrough rates. Specific pricing will be based on the keywords and the industry that the manager is advertising.

Analytics – Google Analytics – Marketing Online terms

This is an extremely effective set of Marketing analysis tools for managers. Anyone who is doing Online Marketing specializing in website must also use this tool. Because Google can manage all websites in the world and track its users, Analytics inherits all of the above advantages. Managers using Google Analytics will be able to track all parameters of their website, visitors, the most visited articles, the best quality keywords, …

Thanks to the detailed analysis and accurate reporting results, the new manager has a strategic vision and offers the most effective Digital Marketing solutions.

Adsense – Google Adsense

By concept, Google Adsense is a form of advertising that website owners will participate in a Google advertising network. Its form is to allow the posting of Google ads on its website, the revenue received by calculating the user’s clicks on ads from his website.

You can understand it as simply as you allow a company to come in and put up a billboard. Anyone who knows you from the billboard in your home and goes to your own company to make a purchase, you will get a commission. The more customers, the higher the commission.

Ad Network or Advertising Network – Marketing Online terms

Marketing Online terms, It is understood as a network of advertising links or a combination of advertising links. An important use of this type of advertising is that managers can simultaneously advertise on many different websites located on the same affiliate network.

There are many providers of Ad Network services including a Google service, Adsense, and many companies offering similar forms of Admicro, Media.net, Adcash.com, …

The way Ad Network works is that your website allows displaying banner ads of another unit. The position that you often see is the horizontal banner at the top of the site, the square banner is usually in the upper right corner, the vertical banner is on the sides of the site. There are many businesses sign up to advertise on banners and they will have to bid to be displayed on your website.

The commission you receive is usually based on the number of Clicks of customers on the banner. Therefore, if the website has a large number of visitors, the possibility of getting more commissions is higher.

A small note for this form is that you must keep in mind when selecting affiliate partners. Some cases may occur such as delayed transfer, unprofessional support policies, …

Normally, Ad Network and Affiliate are invested and taken care of by young people at the same time, because it is really convenient when you develop a website.

The term forms of advertising charges

In addition to the 4 terms PPC, PPL, PPS, PPI, we also have some forms of calculating the following advertising commissions:

CTR – Click Through Rate

Related to Google Adsense, Google Adwords we also learn the phrase CTR, which means the clickthrough rate on the ad’s impressions.

According to statistics based on all forms of online advertising, the highest CTR index on Google Adwords and the lowest on the form of banner display ads on the website.

PPM – Pay Per Mile

This term refers to a form of charging based on every 1000 impressions of an ad.

PPD – Pay Per Duration – Marketing Online terms

Commission will be calculated based on the time of posting.

Marketing Online Terms in 2018

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