On Black Friday and Single day, Sendo, Lazada, Shopee, Tiki ‘play big’

November 11 and Black Friday 2018 recorded a tremendous increase in traffic and online retail sales in Vietnam. Therefore, e-commerce exchanges have great expectations for this year.

Statistics from online marketing platform Criteo and other e-commerce platforms show that the fourth quarter every year is the peak of shopping in Vietnam with many festivals such as 10/10, single days 11/11, Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday, 12/12.

In particular, each e-commerce site chooses to invest in a key occasion to attract consumers. If Tiki, Lazada and Shopee consider single day as the biggest shopping season of the year, Sendo will spend heavily on advertising and promotions on Black Friday.

Traffic and sales increased by 2 digits

After analyzing more than 20.8 million online retail shopping transactions from 52 major advertising units in Vietnam, Criteo affirmed that single day is the most popular shopping festival in Vietnam when most units. E-commerce businesses are all holding great promotions.

In 2018, e-commerce sales generated on 11/11 increased by 64% compared to the average of the days of the year. Site traffic also increased by 23%.

However, this increase is low compared to neighboring markets such as Indonesia, Malaysia and Taiwan, with the increase in revenue for this day is 174%, 418% and 327% respectively.

The figures show that despite not being invested as strongly as single day, Black Friday is the biggest revenue opportunity in Vietnam market with a 149% increase in 2018, because traffic also increased by 61%.

Meanwhile, the increase in holiday sales in Malaysia and Taiwan is 100% and 16%.

Sales conversion rate on Black Friday was 53%, while those on 12/12, 11/11 and 10/10 were 46%, 30% and 27% respectively.

With these figures, Mr. Steven Tuan Nguyen – the Senior Southeast Asia Manager of Criteo said that the trend of spending heavily online shopping in Vietnam at the end of the year will continue to repeat this year.

However, the size of purchasing power still depends on the strategy and investment capacity to attract consumers of e-commerce sites.

Black Friday and Single day –  Spend tens of billion for an event

In 2018, Shopee announced more than 11 million transaction orders on 11/11, an increase of about 4.5 times compared to the same period last year and 24 times compared to 11/11/2016 when the exchange started to deploy a shopping festival for Single day.

Therefore, sharing with Zing.vn, Shopee’s representative said this single day will be heavily invested to become the largest 11/11 shopping event ever of this unit.

Meanwhile, Ms. Kaya Qin – the Lazada Vietnam’s Managing Director affirmed that the investment capital for November 11 this year is 4 times higher than the previous 9/9 event, so the goal is also the bigger green.

Lazada Group Chairman Jing Yin said that the company’s goal is to reach 80 million orders in 11/11 in 6 countries in Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore.

As for e-commerce website Tiki, the difference that brings customers in this festive season is the flash sales hours for 1 week before 11/11.


E-commerce sites spend heavily on holidays and big shopping week of the fourth quarter of 2019. Photo: Viet Duc.

Currently, even though it has just started in November, promotional activities for this event have taken place in a quite headlining way in the media.

Bich Lan (27 years old, office worker) said, “I am waiting for this occasion to buy some cosmetics and fashion, but the spending is not clear, I still have to see the quality and price in general”.

Meanwhile, e-commerce site like Sendo focused on Black Friday. Mr. Vo Dang Minh Tuan – the Brand Manager of this business shared that the investment amount this time is up to tens of billion with many promotions and advertising and communication activities.

Last Black Friday season, the site sold more than 5 million products. Expected this year, with such “terrible” spending, businesses expect to achieve better results.

However, on the part of customers, some people expressed concern about shortages, slow delivery and wrong products during shopping festivals.

“Last year I ordered nearly 10 items from many vendors, so the order was divided into multiple shipments. But there are cases when the seller is out of stock after I have ordered for a few days, there are even cases of wrong delivery of products. I think sales sites need better redundancy on such occasions,” said Thu Mai (30 years old, an office worker).

Answering to Zing.vn, Mr. Minh Tuan affirmed that he would inform the sellers about the program scale and expectation from Sendo so that they have good preparation for the product.

Ms. Lan Nguyen – the Senior Vice President of Lazada Express also stated that she has set a target of putting 2,000 delivery points for sellers and 200 points of goods for buyers before November 11 to ensure smooth operation in this peak occasion.

Lan Anh

* Source: Zing News


On Black Friday and Single day, Sendo, Lazada, Shopee, Tiki ‘play big’

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