Seeding tool – a double-edged sword and how to seeding effectively when running Facebook ads

Seeding Tool can be understood as a way to “nurture” advertising and customer orientation. An ad post with a high number of interactions will attract more attention to customers than the other posts. However, the actual effect is equivalent to the number of interactions or not? That depends on how you do it.

Seeding tool – A double-edged sword

When using seeding tools to increase interaction, your post will quickly gain a huge amount of interaction. That brings certain benefits to your business.

  • First of all, when customers see an article with lots of likes and comments, they will be excited and come right in with the crowd effect.
  • Next, you will create a certain level of trust for the ad because the customer will think, “Must be a good cheap product … so many people buy that” …
  • Advertising cost per interaction will be significantly reduced when the post already has a large amount of interaction before running the ad.

However, besides the above benefits, using tool seeding also has its own disadvantages.

  • When using seeding tool, the object is very complicated, maybe not the right object that you need to target, so after a period of running ads, the object will no longer be standard and the effectiveness of the ad will be reduced.
  • How will you handle comments? If not answered, this is a taboo in business, customers will actually see and evaluate immediately. If you reply, Facebook will send a notification to the nick that the tool seeding tag on, even if they do not want to. This will cause very negative reactions from people who are tagged in an “unwilling” way.
  • If you use tool seeding too much, it can cause comedy situations, try to imagine that a new post every few hours has several thousand likes, several thousand comments at a time. Customers who want to buy products in seeing this will doubt and lose confidence in the shop.

From the above analysis of tool seeding, you should consider the benefits of using this seeding method because it is a double-edged sword, which can take you up very fast but can also lead you to the bottom in the blink of an eye.

seeding tool

Safe and effective way to seeding

So how should we seeding to be both safe and effective? The advice is to use it manually.

First, you create multiple Facebook nicks with the same interests on the item that you are selling. Then, create personal page as blog.

The way of seeding is that you use the nick and these pages to like, share, comment with time limit, for example 1 hour you can like, or comment, or share 1 time. When the post has a lot of likes and comments, you should stop for the post to grow naturally until the post reaches a certain amount of interaction, it will run ads. Although it takes more time and effort, but when manually seeding you will get the same advantages as using tool seeding without facing its disadvantages.

seeding tool

Above are the pros and cons of seeding ways for you to choose for yourself the most appropriate way. I wish you have safe and effective seeding!

Seeding tool – a double-edged sword and how to seeding effectively when running Facebook ads

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