Sentosa Won TripZilla Excellence Award 2019

The annual TripZilla Excellence Awards 2019 honors the finest travel companies that deliver the most stellar experiences and propel the industry to greater heights. Now on its fifth year, the Awards continues to recognize the achievements of these organizations and brands and endorses them as market leaders who set the benchmark to which all others aspire.

In the Activities and Attractions award, unsurprisingly Sentosa has been listed as one of the winner.

From enriching and relaxing staycations to cruises and thrilling adventures, there’s no doubt that Sentosa has won this prestigious award.


What makes a destination truly exceptional? Sights and services that keep guests coming back for more. Attractions that go from heart-pumping to rejuvenating any time of the day. A commitment to making dream getaways come true, whether visitors pine for unadulterated fun or time away from the daily grind. At Sentosa, you can have all this and more — plus proximity to the city centre to boot.
Unwind at award-winning spas and feast on fresh fare by the coast. Get lost in the beauty of golden beaches, lush rainforests, pristine waters, and picturesque scenery. Enrich your itinerary with animal encounters and adrenaline-pumping adventures. Shop to your heart’s content or maybe just hole up in plush, well-appointed accommodations. Revel in unlimited amusement at your own pace. The sky’s the limit at Sentosa, “The State of Fun.”

Sentosa Won TripZilla Excellence Award 2019

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