Social Seeding: Social media is the trend of SMB businesses

Digital Marketing is the general direction of businesses including SMB businesses, Social Media is the spearhead for businesses to move forward. The problem is to find a solution that is low-cost but still highly effective, especially for SMB businesses. Social Seeding is not an appropriate solution, this is a solution on Social media that cannot be any better for SMB businesses in Vietnam.

The importance of Social Seeding for SMB businesses

Today when advertising is playing an important role for businesses, customers have a feeling that advertising is annoying them. That is why word of mouth marketing is gaining credit and gaining greater efficiency for marketers.

According to a study from experts:

  • 97% of consumers searched for information about a brand online in 2017
  • 85% of consumers trust online reviews as advice from personal relationships
  • 73% of positive reviews make consumers trust businesses more

Therefore, Social Seeding is to build distribution content around products, services, commerce on social networks, online media. Social Seeding towards public opinion, increasing user sentiment towards a certain business that is widely discussed.

Social Seeding formats for SMB businesses

Seeding Facebook

Seeding Facebook is a popular format now if businesses want to target customers on social media. Facebook is a great tool because it owns 50% of the population in Vietnam. Moreover, the Seeding format on Facebook often attracts a lot of user attention, not to mention:

comment seeding: This is a form of seeding on related topics on social networks including posts on group, fanpage, and personal facebook (public)

Sharing seeding sharing: This is a form of seeding using personal accounts to share articles, links, fanpage of users in the form of sharing.

Reviews seeding: This is a form of seeding on fanpages that use individual accounts to post reviews related to products and services of brands on fanpage reviews.

PR Seeding

PR Seeding is a form of Seeding on websites under the comments section, these comments are directed to a specific topic or brand. Seeding PR is the Seeding to comment directly on the comments of PR articles by different personal accounts, sharing and evaluating brands’ products and services. This makes the user more confident because the PR advertising may not receive the trust but the customer comments are a high testimonial factor for the customer to trust.

The websites of the Bizzvn system can use this Seeding PR in a convenient way such as Kenh14, Soha News, CafeF, CafeBiz, GenK, Afamily, GK.

Outstanding features from Bizzvn’s Social Seeding

As mentioned above, Social Seeding is an indispensable part of the overall marketing campaign. Digital Marketing is the spearhead of today’s brands and Social Seeding is an integral part of that tool. Features of Social Seeding include:

  1. Increase access to potential customers
  2. Attract more quality traffic
  3. Attractive content helps increase brand awareness
  4. Building good information about social networks of brands (Fanpage)

Besides the outstanding features that Social Seeding is bringing to brands, this is a useful tool to increase brand coverage on social networks. In addition to the Social Seeding package for SMB businesses, the differences that Bizzvn brings to businesses are:

Privileges: Seeding comments on all existing Bizzvn websites, online newspapers and fanpage systems

Quality: Authentic interaction thanks to the comment feature, tag friends and share posts directly on personal Facebook.

Fast: The production team is sensitive, smartly applying the product key to the market, helping to “effectively” target customers.

Quotes of solutions of Social Seeding package for SMB businesses

With basic and advanced packages depending on specific needs from businesses, Bizzvn’s Social Seeding solution is divided into detailed packages to help businesses choose the right one for each need, while maximizing the Marketing budget.

Thong Nguyen


Social Seeding: Social media is the trend of SMB businesses

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