The Ad Mod – The “power” tool helps remove negative comments on paid advertising posts

Currently, the social network is a pretty good open platform for brands to carry out the above campaign. However, not everyone knows that it is also a double-edged knife that caused many media crises from there. Most recently, The Ad Mod, an application that can restrict negative comments on paid advertising posts, has been created with great support from many brands. How does MarketingAI learn about this tool and how is it beneficial for brands currently on the market?

The Ad Mood – A feature that many brands have been waiting for a long time

A Chicken Sandwich created a war on Twitter in the middle of the summer of 2019, and this event created a mixed opinion in the United States. It can be seen that the power from the online community is huge when many people can be influenced by posts with criticism. And this is very difficult for brands to control users on social networking platforms, even control users on their paid ads.

From these aspirations, the idea of ​​The Ad Mod, a platform management tool that is created by Colorado-based brand safety company. Ad Mod is the next iteration of the platform, designed specifically for paid social advertising.

Horizon Media was the first partner to log in to The Ad Mod, the company that helped the company manage the launch of Popeyes Chicken Sandwich by following the comments on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook accounts of professional athletes are hired to advertise the new menu items.

For example, an Instagram post by Tim Anderson, when looking at the post on the company’s personal page, has a lot of “bae” comments and eye emoticons. But there was no criticism in the post, which he was creating with a sandwich.

“In fact, brand safety is not something we will deal with completely. We are always looking for the next solution to improve it,” said Rafe Oakes, an Influencer Social manager at Horizon Media. “For every campaign we run, we have to make sure that we are creating content in a brand-safe environment.” The project itself was run with the technology of The Ad Mod, which created an interaction rate of 10.8% and it did not appear negative comments.

The Ad Mod is currently in beta with Horizon’s recent campaign. Once fully launched, brands will be able to access the dashboard and see which comments are being flagged by a combination of AI and human monitoring. It works on social media platforms that are using proprietary APIs.

“These companies do not want to participate in censorship on their platform,” said Erik Swain, the president of the reaction system and the COO of Boulder Heavy Industries. They see us as a great benefit with many brands so many social networks do not want that problem solved by our platform.”

Representatives of Google, which owns YouTube and Facebook (also owns Instagram), did not immediately return a request for comment. According to Swain, the Ad Mod first filters machine learning comments, automatically deletes comments that include certain keywords predefined by the brand, as well as racist, sexual, and violent comments.

Comments may require a more nuanced approach to understand then it will be flagged for a group of reviewers based in the United States, then screened them to determine if they are suitable or not. These screeners use an app that works like Tinder, swipe left or right to see if the comment is appropriate, and often work as part-time contractors.

Once deleted, comments still appear on the newsfeed of the people who posted them. That way, the same user will not continue to post inappropriate comments or escalate the situation if they find that their comment has been deleted.

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It can be said that today with the development of social networks, especially when communication on this platform is an extremely popular thing with many brands. Then The Ad Mod is the best product that can meet most of these things. Let’s wait for the official update to be released to the market in the near future.

Thang Nguyen – MarketingAI

According to Adweek

The Ad Mod – The “power” tool helps remove negative comments on paid advertising posts

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