The secret increase website traffic with blogs

increase website traffic with blogs, Content is an important part of the success of an advertising campaign. Without content, especially blog posts, the website of the business will not be interesting to retain customers, causing traffic (website) for the website and the number of customers decreases. Moreover, without blog posts, businesses will not have content to advertise on social media channels and have no basis to create relationships with potential customers and existing customers.

So how do you solve this problem so that you can have blog posts to attract readers, keep readers on the site longer and make them return to your website regularly? Here are 7 tips to improve and improve writing skills for bloggers, especially those new to blogging.

Understand customer psychology

Before embarking on blogging, writers need to understand the target customers that the website wants to target. What do they care? What do they want to know about? What difficulties are they facing? From there, imagine the ideal customer file and build a specific customer portrait consistent with the website orientation.

For example, if the readers you are targeting are millennials (people born between 1980 to 2000) who want to start their own business, then you should focus on the solution that helps their business change into professional approach method on social media channels and effective business transformation, instead of the basic knowledge of social media platforms that anyone can do. This will make a difference to the blog post because you have brought the values ​​that customers really want and need, not the general knowledge and mass.

Increase website traffic with blogs – Building the topic cluster

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To impress readers on their first blog posts, writers need to pick out a range of interesting topics to get their readers’ attention and retain them. For example, if your blog is targeted at new businesses, you might start thinking about topics related to branding for them. Then conduct research on reader desires and behaviors in order to expand the topic of discussion and address the needs of the reader.

If you have difficulty finding ideas, please refer to the suggestions below:

  • Change topic range
  • Adjust the posting time
  • Change the client / reader file
  • Flexibility in approach

Use bullet points

Long or no-focus blog posts often leave readers bored and ignored in the first seconds. This may be the cause of reduced website traffic. Therefore, to retain and help readers to easily understand complex topics, the writer needs to highlight messages that he wants to convey in a concise and clear manner with bullet points.

However, you should not be too abusive and not all topics can use bullet points. Refer to some notes below to use bullet points effectively:

  • The content is clear and concise
  • Limit the number of words and do not write them to a paragraph
  • Avoid sending too many messages
  • The length of each bullet point should be uniform, to avoid being too long or too short.

Increase website traffic with blogs – Outline for blog content

A blog post contains too much messy information and does not have a reasonable layout that makes readers find it difficult to understand and not grasp the message the author wants to convey. Therefore, to build a complete article, you first need to make the outline, arrange the main ideas in logical order and supplement the relevant sub-points. This will help you stick to the purpose of the article, avoiding lengthy and rambling information.

Set titles that are short and engaging

A blog post without an interesting title will not attract readers. Therefore, the title largely determines the success of an article and the amount of interaction from the reader. A good title is one that strikes the demand of the reader, causing them to click right after seeing it. Title is one of the two factors that appear on the search results list, if the article title is SEO standard and attracts readers, the rate of CTR (clickthrough rate of the ad) and website traffic will increase significantly.

Increase website traffic with blogs – Optimize SEO for posts

Optimizing standard SEO articles is extremely necessary because this is a way for businesses’ websites to increase rankings on Google search engine and bring a great deal of traffic to the website. To increase SEO rankings, you need to optimize important factors such as article title, meta description, using the main keyword and related keywords, tagging alt content description for images and inserting links into the article. However, you should not be too dependent on keywords to avoid causing unnatural in style and expression.

Insert CTA (call-to-action) at the end of the article

At the end of every blog post, you should have a CTA (appeal) that shows what message you want the reader to do next, be it to subscribe to blogs, download ebooks, register for seminars / events. sue, read other articles on the same topic or share articles on social networks … This will bring a lot of value for adjusting the marketing strategy of the business. Because when readers click CTA, you get to understand the needs and behavior of potential customers, so you can adjust the content and topic accordingly to help retain readers.

Blogs are increasingly showing the importance in deciding the success of an advertising and business development campaign. Improving blogging skills is also a way for marketers to improve accessibility and increase interaction with readers through their behaviors and desires.

The secret increase website traffic with blogs

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