The secret of effective marketing through social networks (Part 1)

effective marketing through social networks, Whether a business is newly established or has a long presence in the market, social media still plays a significant role to help increase the number of followers, create potential customers and increase sales for businesses. Building a brand on social media is extremely difficult, but it is also an effective channel to connect and develop the brand without spending too much money.

In the first part of the article, we will share tips and tricks on social media in general to optimize marketing strategies, including social media tips and tricks that you can apply to optimize your marketing strategy. Part two, we will drill down and analyze in detail about each popular social network channel, then make recommendations to optimize each platform.

Develop specific development strategies for each channel

Each social networking platform has different characteristics, algorithms and approaches to users, so in order to have a perfect development strategy on social networks, marketers need to choose the right channel and build. Specific plans for each channel. Your brand does not necessarily have to be on every platform, but in order for your posts to reach the right target audience, you need to have a strategy that is specific to each key channel.

In order to know which channel is right for your business, you need to understand why it is necessary to use this channel, whether the main audience of this channel is suitable for the customer file you target and which content type that delivers high interaction. And if you are just starting to build a channel, prioritize content quality over the number of posts per channel.

effective marketing through social networks – Maintain posting frequency

effective marketing through social networks, Each social networking platform you use should have different posting frequency. For example, Twitter and Instagram Stories require user accounts to be active to maintain the presence and maximize the potential of followers. Types of posts on Instagram and Facebook are usually not urgent so you can reduce the frequency of posts to avoid causing inconvenience to users. Therefore, when planning to post on social networks, you need to determine the frequency of posting for each channel, the appropriate content type and who is the target audience on each platform.

And remember, your followers will definitely follow a lot of other accounts. Therefore, if you do not post regularly, users will forget your presence.

Emphasize the conveying message

Creating a key message will help you create higher quality content about your brand and engage your target audience. Once you have specified the message you want to deliver, your direction and content will not be lost or removed from the audience. However, each social networking platform will have its own demographic of the user audience. Therefore, understanding the demographics of each channel will help marketers adjust and convey their messages that have a strong impact and impact on users.

Quickly update new trends – effective marketing through social networks

Once you have identified your key message, keep track of what is trending on popular network channels. If that trend fits the message and desires you want to convey, turn it into a great idea to foster user interaction and attract potential customers. However, do not abuse and follow trends unrelated to the business sector of the business, as this is also a quick way to push you away from the target audience.

Measure and analyze results

More than 40% of businesses do not have accurate ROI tracking data on social media. This means that you cannot know the effectiveness of the strategy or the need to improve if you do not achieve the desired results. Therefore, tracking and measuring results is the final step to create a perfect marketing strategy on social networks.

To simplify the tracking process, identify the key parameters that determine the success of a campaign:

  • Reach and interact on Facebook
  • Retweets, tags and displays on Twitter
  • Clicks, impressions and interactions on LinkedIn
  • Interactions and likes on Pinterest
  • Likes, comments and tags on Instagram
  • Views and interactions on Instagram Stories

You should monitor these metrics weekly, monthly and quarterly to know when to change your social media strategy.

Building video content – effective marketing through social networks

Currently, videos are becoming a popular trend. In particular, with the advent of IGTV and the rapid development of YouTube, Facebook Live, social network users are more impressed with video content than ever before. Over the past three years, video views have increased by over 99% on YouTube and 258% on Facebook. A Tweet containing a video is 6 times more likely to be forwarded than a Tweet with photos or text.

Popular channels like Facebook and LinkedIn are changing algorithms, prioritizing accessibility and interaction of video content over posts with images and text only. effective marketing through social networks

Join the community or group on social networks

In popular social networks, communities or small groups are becoming increasingly important and attractive to users. Groups and communities on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn are places that connect members with the same passion and purpose. Therefore, leveraging existing groups to find the ideal audience or create groups to analyze the behavior of potential customers is one of the effective marketing methods and does not cost a penny!

Collaborate with influencers and micro-influencers

One of the most difficult things about maintaining a social presence is gaining users’ trust once the content has become too saturated. The use of influencers in media campaigns is an effective way to get as close as possible to the target audience, especially in niche markets where users desire to build personal and be close to the brands.

Many brands are also turning to smaller influencers with a small following but really interested in the field. This will help the message convey closer and more authentic. In particular, when working with an influencer in your field, your brand will reach a new audience that may not know your company. And for loyal customers, they will recommend your business to many people as a trusted brand.


The secret of effective marketing through social networks (Part 1)

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