The secret of effective marketing through social networks (Part 2)

Marketing through social networks, Building a brand on social media is extremely difficult, but it is also an effective channel to connect and develop the brand without spending too much money.

Part two, we will drill down and analyze in detail about each popular social network channel, then make recommendations to optimize each platform.

Marketing through social networks – Facebook

Run the advertisements

The constantly changing Facebook algorithm reduces the organic visibility of posts, so spending money to run ads is always an effective strategy to increase visibility. If you have a large budget and want to increase the reach of your target customers, why not use Facebook ads to get more leads, increase your conversion opportunities. Your Facebook advertising account allows you to target people with similar interests and needs, ready to introduce your brand to the people most interested in your field.

Livestream – marketing through social networks

Did you notice that every time someone has a livestream on Facebook, you will receive a reminder message? And, live livestream videos on Facebook are also displayed at the top of the page when you log in to Facebook. This shows that Facebook is actively prioritizing live videos and there is no sign of changing this trend. Livestream videos on Facebook create higher reach than post types with only images and text. In particular, an average livestream on Facebook receives 10 times more shares and comments than regular videos and formats.

Create a Facebook group – marketing through social networks

Creating a separate group on Facebook’s fanpage is a way to connect and reach closer to the followers that are interested in your field. However, before building a team, set goals to achieve and closely monitor user activities. Creating groups is a great opportunity to start conversations and create spaces to connect people with similar interests.

Take advantage of Facebook Messenger

Messenger allows you to communicate directly with a lot of people and it quickly became a popular tool for brands to connect with customers quickly and create a closer feeling. Especially, with the increase of chatbot and the ability to connect directly to Facebook Messenger account, brands can automate answering frequently asked questions and customer care more quickly and conveniently.


Join the conversation

Twitter is one of the tools that attracts people interested in your field whether they follow you or not. It allows you to engage in ongoing conversations and convey messages to people who are interested in the industry but don’t yet know your brand. Twitter is also an ideal place for you to start a topic of discussion on the community who follow the field.

Use hashtag appropriately

Many brands strive to maintain a constant presence by attaching hashtag to every emerging topic online, whether or not they are related to their brand. This is not a right strategy because it is easy to lose the image and consistency of the brand. Instead, focus on your own brand-related hashtags, engage in important conversations with your followers, and add practical evidence to make the conversation more believable.

Running ads – marketing through social networks

If you know your target audience works primarily on Twitter, running ads is considered an effective way to get your message to the right people. Twitter has three ways to advertise your content: run Tweet posts, Twitter accounts and Trends. The Twitter advertising strategy is definitely more effective because it does not cause “advertising” when readers surf the news.


Prefer to use video – marketing through social networks

Video is a useful tool for finding targeted customers on LinkedIn. Like Facebook, the social channel is using an algorithm that prioritizes video visibility on users’ newsletters. Therefore, it is important to build a video that fully meets descriptive images, captions and audio, making the video more accessible to viewers.

LinkedIn also has a number of suggestions for optimizing branding videos for less than 30 seconds to maximize accessibility. For videos with the purpose of selling products and services from 30-90 paper will result in higher interaction.

Building content directly on the platform

Building your content on the platform means that instead of posting links to YouTube videos or blog posts, you host your content directly on LinkedIn with their native tools. Uploading video files directly to LinkedIn ensures much greater accessibility than posting links to videos on other platforms. The same loops are true for blog posts. LinkedIn prioritizes distribution of content that LinkedIn hosts directly on its website over content that links to another site. For blog posts, you can state in the original post posted on your site with a link or include a short paragraph of article that links to the full version on your site.

Social media is always changing. We have seen new updates and trends emerging every year, prompting marketers to change their strategy to keep up. Whether you have a huge social media site or are just getting started, use these tips to build your social media marketing strategy. They can help you rise above your competitors and grow your audience in ways that add value to them and your entire industry.

What are some of the social media tips and tricks you use to grow your brand? Let us know in the comments!

The secret of effective marketing through social networks (Part 2)

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