Third Apple Store In Singapore – The First Floating Apple Store

Hey Apple’s fan, get yourselves ready, Third Apple Store In Singapore is about to open soon!

Third Apple Store In Singapore

This is Apple’s 3rd oulet in this country, but it’s their first floating Apple Store globally.This floating Crystal Pavilion is previously occupied by Avalon – a then famous bar in Marina Bay.

The crystal Pavillion was left empty until ealy 2018, people started to see construction work going on.

Apple's third store construction site

Apple's third store in Singapore construction site


There was some source of information stated that it’s the first Apple’s floating store but it was not confirmed until now, when it is revealed. Let’s take a look at this amazing Apple Store.

3rd apple store in Singapore

Where to find this Apple’s floating store:

Apple's third store on Google Map

Apple's floating store address

Or you can find use this floating apple store Singapore address: Apple Store, South Crystal Pavilion, Marina Bay Sands, 2 Bayfront Ave., Singapore, 018972

Here are some more photo of this amazing apple store at night:

Floating Apple Store at close range

the back of Floating Apple Store

Floating Apple Store lighting

Floating Apple Store light up

Red Apple Logo at Marina Bay Sand

Brave yourselves, let’s wait for this amazing Apple Store to open.


Third Apple Store In Singapore – The First Floating Apple Store

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