Tips on how to find a professional Social Marketing freelancer

One of the most posted jobs in recent years is Social Media Marketing. This service is quickly becoming the fundament of the marketing strategy of most brands. From increasing social media presence to improving content quality, then creating integrated marketing strategies, a Social Media Marketing manager will have to keep abreast of the community’s movements and Latest social trends. They always strive towards a final, unified goal: connecting and attracting customers to enhance relationships and increase interaction.


Today, consumers are increasingly using multi-platform applications. They visit the brand’s website, download a mobile application, visit a store, see an ad, click the “like” on Facebook … If you understand the role of Social Media Marketing in this cycle, you will get better results. Skilled freelancers will be able to achieve goals such as:

  • Set initial goals for the number of followers, traffic …
  • Prepare quality content for blogs and social networking platforms.
  • Create promotions and contests to attract interaction
  • Attract professionals and influencers to increase brand reach
  • Use analytics software to measure the success of the campaign

Social Media Marketing people need to have a strong knowledge base to engage with content and articles. Add to that the understanding of the overall marketing strategy of the brand. Social networks such as facebook, zalo …. are often the places where customers have first experience with a brand, so a presence on social networks is necessary for successful marketing strategies.

Other factors that make a good Social Media Marketing freelancer are creativity, passion and determination to create engaging and high-quality brand experiences. Successful marketers are always looking for ways to explore new limits and hone their skills. The industry is growing so fast, requiring professionals to constantly learn and develop their own skills.

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Social Media Marketing freelancers create, build and maintain social networking platforms for brands on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Their mission is to attract consumers, encourage them to like or follow, and finally click the link to go to the brand’s website.

They are proficient in understanding market trends and customer needs. Combining these insights with the brand’s goals, Social Media Marketing staff start to design, implement and test marketing campaigns, and continually improve the content and optimize their advertising programs.

Depending on the specific industry, services may include:

  • Building strategies on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and other social networking sites.
  • Create “viral” information content based on brand needs.
  • Schedule content and post schedule.
  • Promote “viral” articles and advertisements through social networking advertising tools.
  • Increase the number of brand followers on social media channels.
  • Brainstorm, build and run social media marketing campaigns
  • Entice fans and followers on social networking platforms for them to interact with the brand.
  • Update on the latest social marketing trends

In addition, Social Media Marketing freelancers can sometimes do other marketing support jobs such as SEO, content management, and online PR.


When you want to hire any talented freelancer, it’s essential to write a project description that articulates relevant goals. This helps freelancers make a more appropriate and specific proposal. Project lengths and communication requirements are essential information for freelancers.

To better define the job description for your job, consider the following criteria:

What is the overall campaign goal?

It is important to let freelancers know what your social marketing strategy is about, the indicators to be met, and the types of content you will have.

What kind of skills or insights are needed?

Social Media Marketing expert freelancers often only specialize in certain industries so telling them about your business is a necessity. If you need a particular freelancer, this information will be very helpful.

When will the project begin?

Some freelancers may be hesitant to do work if they don’t know the clear start date and estimated stages.

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Tips on how to find a professional Social Marketing freelancer

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