Top 10 most popular Search Engine in the world

Popular Search Engine. So far, Search Engine has been closely connected with our lives, making it easy for us to find the information we need. This article will introduce about Search Engine, how they work, as well as review the 10 most popular Search Engine in the world today.

What is Search Engine?

Search Engine (Web Search Engine) – also known as Search Engine – is a system used to search for information on the web.

In simple terms, Search Engine is a website where users type words or phrases to search in the search box to see the results as websites, images, videos, addresses, maps, resources, etc. are related to what they are looking for.

The words or phrases that a user types are called keywords. The results displayed in relation to that keyword are arranged in a specific order, determined by the specialized algorithm of the type of Search Engine that the user is using.

When doing SEO, you must note that each Search Engine has a different algorithm. Depending on the Search Engine that you target, you need to research carefully the keyword rankings, website rankings of Search Engine to come up with an effective SEO strategy.

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The mechanism of action of Search Engine

Although different sorting algorithm, but most Search Engine has a similar operation method. The mechanism of a Search Engine consists of three steps: crawling (collecting data), indexing (sorting data into a warehouse) and retrieval (retrieving data).


Every Search Engine must go through this basic phase – crawling every web page on the internet. First, the search engine will visit any website to scan and retrieve data of that page. It will then follow the links in the page to reach other related pages. As a result, all websites on the internet will be recorded in the Search Engine system.


The indexing process takes place immediately and parallel to the crawling step. When indexing, the Search Engine will rearrange the existing data into its storage hardware store. With Google Search, it is a super memory of tens of thousands of hard drives with a total capacity of up to petabytes (1 petabye = 10 billion gigabytes). All information stored here is ready to be extracted as soon as anyone types something into the search box.


Upon receiving a user’s search request, the Search Engine will retrieve the information stored in the database, organize the results found and display a list of answers for us. Search engines rely on two criteria to evaluate the order of search results: relevance and popularity. The search results related to your request take precedence, then the popularity of each result is considered.

However, each different Search Engine has a different assessment of relevance and popularity. This is the difference in search algorithms of each search engine.

This retrieval process is also the main object that receives the intervention of SEO tips. Through SEO, we make the Search Engine algorithm appreciate a particular search result and change its rank in the list of final search results.

Search Engine popularity varies by country

Today, when we want to search for anything, we immediately think of Google. That is because Google Search has accounted for over 70% of the worldwide market share. However, in some countries and communities, Google Search is not a top choice.

For example, Baidu is the default search engine in China and in Russia Yandex. In Vietnam, although Google Search is still the market leader, a significant number of users prefer Coc Coc – a homegrown Vietnamese search engine.

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Therefore, SEOs need to research carefully the market they want to target to know which is the most popular search engine. From there, you can optimize keywords in accordance with the algorithm of each type of Search Engine.

The most popular Search Engine today

The following is a ranking of the popularity of Search Engine based on the number of users worldwide. The data is referenced to the statistics of NetMarketShare for Search Engine on desktop within 1 year (from February 2017 to January 2018).

popular Search Engine – Google Search (74.56%)

Google is the world’s leading search engine

Not surprisingly, Google Search topped this list with a 74.56% market share. According to real-time statistical data, there are more than 65,000 searches per second via Google.

For a long time, Google Search has been a bridge that helps us connect to the vast internet world. Many people use Google as a means to go to other websites, for example, type “facebook.com” into the search box to find Facebook. Just like that, Google Search has helped people solve all problems in life, from small things like “weather today”, “how to make coconut jam”, to great things like “website design” or “pepper.” What is the criteria for choosing the lover of U23 Vietnam”.

And Google will probably remain in the throne a little longer because the AI ​​system that makes Google search increasingly intelligent. Google’s AI system can handle tens of thousands of search requests at the same time, and still deliver results quickly. And yet, machine learning mechanism helps those robots can learn usage habits and understand the needs of users, thereby always providing the most relevant search results.

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Google declares its mission to rearrange the world’s information and make it accessible and useful. Therefore, the algorithms of Google Search will become more and more accurate, the scale will also expand and create more influence on the way this world operates.

Baidu (10.49%)

Baidu is China’s Google

As China’s official Search Engine, Baidu is used by almost every internet user in the country. So, although not so popular in the international community, Baidu has the second highest number of users on the ranking of the most popular Search Engine.

It is not because Google Search is banned in China that Baidu has become popular, because there are actually many ways to bypass the country’s notorious Great Firewall. Baidu, by contrast, is really powerful with an information-processing supercomputer system thought to be 100 times more powerful than Google. Baidu can quickly respond to the search needs of tens of thousands of Chinese internet users, consistently producing relevant and practical search results.

Not to mention that Baidu has also developed hao123 – a portal that lists popular services for quick access. This site also provides weather information and news highlights to help users easily update. Not only the desktop, Baidu on mobile provides a full range of features, as well as demonstrating its powerful search capabilities.

Baidu users are not only in China, but also scattered in South Korea, the United States and some other Asian countries. With a large market and many similarities, Baidu is an extremely potential target for SEOs.

popular Search Engine – Bing (7.98%)

Bing is Microsoft’s popular search engine

Bing is a search engine developed by Microsoft. Currently the tool is used by default search system and virtual assistant Cortana on Windows 10. Bing is ranked third on the list with 7.98% of global internet users.

With Microsoft technology, most of the search results provided by Bing are quite accurate. Because Bing is integrated into Windows 10, searching with Bing is also convenient and fast. Supported by AI and Cortana, Bing is also very intelligent, able to suggest results or information related to a user’s preferences, habits or status.

Another advantage of Bing is the Saves feature, which allows you to retain your favorite search results or images for later access. You can create collections for many topics that are easy to manage and review. Compared to regular bookmarks on the browser, this tool displays more eye-catching, and can be accessed from any device connected to your Microsoft account.

Yahoo! (5.41%)

Yahoo! Has ever been with the first generation internet in Vietnam

Search engine Yahoo! Search was a companion with the generation of Vietnamese internet users in the early years of accessing the world internet. Now, the giant Yahoo! In the past has “lost weight” very quickly, leaving only about 5.5% of the worldwide market share, ranked 4th in the rankings.

Although not as prominent as Google or Bing, but Yahoo still has a loyal and sustainable user base. That is because Yahoo! Search is still capable of accurate and stable search. The tool still produces relevant results, based on users’ geographic location and search habits. In addition, the Yahoo Search homepage displays your weather information and search trends.

However, perhaps the thing that keeps users from being the oldest search engine in the world is probably the other useful services in the Yahoo!. A lot of people still use Yahoo! Mail to receive and email, the Yahoo! Answer also has a lot of participants. In addition, Tumblr with Flickr – a popular blog and photo sharing platform – is also a product of Yahoo!.

Yandex (0.79%)

Yandex is an alternative Google ecosystem in Russia

Just like Baidu is the default search engine in China, Yandex is the first thing people think of in Russia. Yandex is also popular in a number of other Eastern European and Asian countries, helping it to rank 5th in the world’s most popular Search Engine rankings.

For Russia and countries with a large user base, Yandex has many advantages over Google. Yandex makes searching in Russian much better than competitors, even though Google already has Russian support.

In addition, in its algorithm, Yandex will not reference links in certain areas. Those are areas where many bad SEOers have cheated, taking advantage of links to help the website grow unhealthy. Yandex’s algorithm eliminates links pointing to ads or phishing pages, making the internet cleaner.

Like other search giants, Yandex is not just a Search Engine, but a part of the ecosystem. Yandex’s ecosystem consists of many things, including outstanding products such as Yandex Mail, Yandex Browser, or Yandex Map.

Ask (0.27%)

Ask is the oldest Search Engine

Ranked 6th in this list is Ask with 0.27% market share.

For those who have been using PC for a long time and have installed a lot of computer software, they must have experienced panic because the browser home page was automatically changed to ask.com. That is because you have installed a software that cooperates with Ask, so you have also installed extension / add-on to change the homepage. This makes many people think that the computer is infected with a virus, but doing everything is still not solved. Thankfully, Ask no longer applies the policy.

Ask is currently a powerful and unique search engine. Instead of relying on the popularity of links on the internet, Ask’s algorithm evaluates the popularity of the topic being searched. As a result, users will receive more relevant and useful search results. Moreover, Ask’s search homepage, results page or other sub-pages of Ask all show very few ads, focusing only on displaying the content needed for the user.

popular Search Engine – DuckDuckGo (0.21%)

DuckDuckGo cares about user privacy

In the community of people who care about privacy, DuckDuckGo is one of the most popular Search Engine. This tool ranks 7th in the ranking of the most popular search engines in the world today.

User data collection is what most search engines today apply, the information collected will be the basis for related suggestions, advertising, and other services. However, not having to accept being followed, DuckDuckGo was born as a salvation for privacy.

DuckDuckGo does not store any data of users, from search keywords, access history, to geographic locations, … And so, DuckDuckGo also cannot sell them to third party services like other search engines. As a result, you will not come across an ad on a website about the product you have just searched.

However, DuckDuckGo is not just a Google Search that has removed user tracking. This search engine also has many other interesting and convenient features and tools such as !Bang function helps you search on other popular websites right in the search bar of DuckDuckGo. You can also search for applications that replace a particular software with DuckDuckGo, or shorten URLs, calculate loan interest, etc.

Naver (0.12%)

Naver is popular in Korea

Google Search seems to be inferior when competing in the Asian market when it loses to Baidu in China, and in South Korea is Naver. Naver is currently the 8th most popular search engine in the world with a market share of 0.12%.

Like Yandex, the Naver search engine supports Korean search better than Google. With so many internet users at the Asian tech powerhouse, only Naver’s capabilities can afford it. In addition, Naver also develops in the direction of an electronic portal located in a large ecosystem to best serve and suit the tastes of Korean users.

On Naver’s homepage, it is easy to find a collection of popular news sources for easy access. In addition, you can browse the highlights of a wide range of topics, both current and professional, such as economics, politics, or entertainment. You can also find a list of the most searched keywords of the day to catch up on trends or update important information such as accidents, natural disasters, etc.

AOL (0.04%)

AOL is the oldest search engine in the United States

AOL, ranked 9th in popularity rankings, is a long-standing US search engine. AOL has a loyal following, designed for local and local users.

AOL was created and serviced specifically for Americans, so AOL is also better at looking up results from the US and neighboring countries. AOL’s homepage displays many domestic news and hot news such as politics, President Trump, or shootings. In addition, AOL also has common items such as weather, entertainment, or shopping.

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In particular, AOL has its own economic section with a stock price chart and related information. In the dominant country of Silicon Valley and Wall Street, this is the top concern of countless users. Therefore, the number of loyal customers of AOL has always been maintained over the years regardless of the expansion of Google Search.

Dogpile (0.04%)

Dogpile collects data from many other Search Engine

At the bottom of this list is Search Engine Dogpile, accounting for 0.04% of the worldwide internet user market. Unlike the above tools, Dogpile is a metaSearch Engine – collecting data from other Search Engine like Google, Yahoo! and Bing to give the most relevant result ranges.

Many studies show the deviation of the search results on the front page – the most relevant results and supposed to be the same regardless of which Search Engine – of many popular Search Engine. Therefore, many users have to find a keyword in many different tools to get satisfactory results.

Dogpile was born to make accessing information more accurate and easier. Dogpile collects data from the most popular Search Engine, compares their differences, overlaps, and then lists the final results. As a result, the first page of Dogpile always contains the answers that users most want.

In addition, Dogpile also integrates many other useful tools for searching such as: reference link, search section, or related suggestions, etc.


Above is a list of the 10 most popular Search Engine in the world today that is calculated by the number of users worldwide. And as noted, this popularity depends on the country and the specific community. SEOs need to carefully study the tastes and characteristics of each user group, thereby developing the right SEO strategy.

However, you should also pay attention to the Search Engine is not so popular but has a small market share. For example, in Vietnam, you should not ignore optimization for Coc Coc because this is one of the favorite Search Engine in our country.


Top 10 most popular Search Engine in the world

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