Top 12 SEO Trends in 2020 That Will Help You In 2021

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It will take a few months to welcome 2020, but the SEO trend for the new year has been fixed by the Inbound Marketing community.

It is not too difficult to understand when the Online Marketing market is increasingly competitive, new websites spring up like mushrooms. New technologies are gradually emerging. At the time of technology 4.0, standing still meant dying.

That is why SEO administrators on Google need to be the first to embrace and approach new trends. Join Bizzvn to discover 12 SEO trends in 2020, so you can be the first to climb the “top” of Google.

1. Voice Search plays an important role in SEO

Before the technological revolution coming from smartphones, people simply filled out information manually in the search toolbar. This is the reason that the SEOer especially spend time for his site to rank in the top hot search keywords.

Today, with the strong development of smartphones, people can use their voice to look up information easily. This drastically changed SEO and Inbound Marketing activities.

Voice Search SEO

So how does Voice Search change SEO?

When users use Voice Search, they tend to ask long questions and get the right focus of what they are looking for. Short keywords no longer become important.

Voice Search is closer to users than ever before, when predictions from Econsultancy, one of the largest Agency in the UK have shown that more than 50% of searches on the Internet will come from Voice Search.

2. The Snippet era dominated

2020 is forecast to be the time Snippet dominates and appears dense in Google search results.

First let’s find out what Snippet is:

Snippet, simply understand is the result that Google answers users’ queries directly in the list of search results.

Take an example like this: When I type “How to play soccer?” (Before playing soccer?) In the Google search bar, before returning to me the web page that contains information about the rules, Google returns me information like this:

Snippet era dominated

That’s right, Google directly answers the question I need. More significantly, the answer above was taken from the 3rd most popular website in Google’s search results list (topped by WikiHow’s article).

Snippet can give search results outside the # 1 position

In this case, SEOer often calls the result “position 0”. Snippet can give search results outside the # 1 position a chance to see massive traffic from the Google search engine.

3. Videos become the main source of information

Just as important as Voice Search, it is Video search results.

Google itself has conducted research regarding the user’s search behavior. Results showed that 6 out of 10 users prefer to watch video content online rather than on traditional TV. It seems that YouTube is a new “TV” among young people.

Videos become the main source of information

To optimize video search results, SEOer need to research and choose the right keyword to climb up the top, insert the right keyword into the title, describe the video skillfully. Video content also needs to be creative, unique and engaging.

4. Mobile experience will determine search rankings

An unfriendly website on a mobile platform can hardly squeeze into the top ranking of Google. This will become a reality in 2020, especially as more and more users around the world have access to mobile devices.

Mobile friendly seo

Many studies show that 88% of users search information on smartphones, while 84% of them search information on computers and tablets combined.

The importance of website optimization on mobile platforms is just as important as keyword search and SEO content development.

5. Improve user experience

No matter how attractive or creative your article content is, if the web page loads slowly, the interface is unfriendly, users will not maintain long on-site time.

Data from Salesforce has proved that only 1 second delay when loading on the web is enough to make the rate of visitors interacting with the page reduced by 7%.

page speed user experience

Besides improving page load time, do not forget to improve user experience through the website interface: such as visual web design, good navigation, building logical sitemap, in logical order. These aspects are also important for Google to rank your website in search listings.

6. CTR and Dwell Time become the “king” in the SEO metrics

In 2020, CTR (Clickthrough rate of search content) and Dwell Time (The time that users spend on the web from the moment the mouse clicks the content to the back of the search page) will become one of the most important measurements to calculate the effectiveness of SEO activities.

CTR and Dwell Time become the king

Both of these indicators are clear: The level of user satisfaction when accessing the content that they have just searched. The longer the on-site time, the higher the clickthrough rate, the more quality the article content is, the more likely it is to rank in the Google return list.

7. Artificial intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence, or AI (Artificial Intelligence) is one of the important technologies and has attracted a lot of attention of marketers recently.

Big companies like Google are also adopting AI to improve search results. Let’s take a look at how Google’s algorithm change history over the last 10 years:

Artificial intelligence

So how does AI work?

Using a complex algorithm system, AI learns the behavior of looking up users’ search results through a huge data system. This is a way for Google to organize the search results order with great accuracy. This is not only an SEO trend in 2020, but also an ongoing fact that SEOers need to keep in mind.

8. Create quality content

Although online ads are still valuable in digital marketing, there is no denial that they are getting more and more expensive. There is also no proof that users will click on ads on Google.

Many figures show that: Only 9% of the total advertising on digital platforms caught the attention of viewers, causing them to “glued” to watch for more than 1 second. Other research shows that: Ad blocking applications are being installed on 615 million digital devices (according to a 2017 survey).

Create quality content

Content quality is the foundation of SEO. Faced with the downturn of ads, content is still important and it is now more important than ever before.

In the 2020 SEO trend, content is not simply condensed articles, conveying a lot of simple information, but also having to be creative, convey the message by different approaches (such as video, infographic, …).

9. The length of the article is also important

In the previous section, I mentioned how important it is to improve content quality in improving SEO rankings. But there is another truth that you may not have realized: The longer the content, the higher the article will climb to the top on Google.

A quality article with a word size of between 2300 and 2400 words often ranks in the top 5 of search result lists, according to the survey below:

The length of the article is also important

The reason is that long posts with good content often make it difficult for readers to leave the screen, causing dwell time to be high. If dwell time is high, Google will automatically rank that article at high rank, but high rank will have high organic traffic. This is also a causal relationship – clear results.

10. Take advantage of influencers

Digital marketers and businesses are increasingly aggressive in using influencer marketing. According to a study by Linqia, an influencer marketing business that has worked with Nestle or Unilever, 39% of businesses spend a huge budget on influencer marketing in 2018 (in the range of $ 25,000 to $ 50,000 per year).

Hiring and employing influential people to build content marketing is a smart move for businesses to attract traffic and improve website reputation. Further, it can also bring you leads and generate new sales.

11. User security

In an era where information security is a top priority, ensuring the security for users when accessing the website is also an important factor in SEO.

User security

Because if users feel unsafe when visiting the page, they tend to leave the site immediately.

More importantly, when you intend to collect information from users, it is your responsibility to protect that data from leaks and intrusions from hackers.

12. Use the alternative search engine

Currently, Google is considered the most popular search engine in the world. But have you ever thought, if one day Google “died”, is there any platform to replace your SEO activities?

Use the alternative search engine

It is not too difficult for you to find backup options. In the market, there are many tools you should pay attention to such as YouTube, Coc Coc, Bing, … Discover alternative tools that are also SEO trends in 2020.


SEO plays a very important role, not only with inbound marketing activities, but also to the overall marketing strategy of the business. Not only is content building and keyword research, SEO also involves aspects such as optimizing user experience, data security and applying new technologies.

And most importantly, Google always put the user’s search habits as the most important factor that decides the change in the search engine’s operation algorithm. Every trend, every change you should take from the root of the problem: User behavior.

Hope you have drawn yourself useful experiences about SEO Marketing through the last article. Do you have any questions or concerns? Do not hesitate to leave a comment below the article for Bizzvn!


Top 12 SEO Trends in 2020 That Will Help You In 2021

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