Top 8 online internship portals for interns in Singapore

If you are currently a final year student who will be graduating soon and find it hard to get a dream job since you have no experience, an internship in Singapore will be a smart decision. Getting an internship before graduating not only helps you to have a good preparation before entering the labour market but it also gives you a better career insight on what you should pursue in the future. Let’s look at Bizzvn‘s list of top online internship portals in Singapore.

So what online Internship portals should one search for when trying to find an internship in Singapore? Here are some recommendations you should consider:

1) Oppshares

Although this is a newly founded start up in Singapore. It has proved its strengths to be a potential best internship portal in Singapore. The core value of Oppshares is the unpaid internship opportunities. In which the company doesn’t have to pay for the intern, but instead the intern will have a better chance to learn and find a better job in the future. This strategy form a win-win situation for alike students and companies, which make companies find interns very quick and save cost for them at the same time.

oppshares internship portal

Credit: Oppshares

2) StartUpJobsAsia

If you want to find an internship position in a startup company in Singapore, then StartUpJobsAsia is a best choice for you. This website focuses on the startup community. You can also take a look at other job opportunities in other countries such as Thailand, Bangladesh,…

Picture: StartUpJobsAsia

3) Tech In Asia

Tech In Asia is a well-known online tech startup-related magazine that also organises yearly tech events. The platform offers a variety of internships at startups. Though listings for internships may not be many, it’s still worth a shot!

Picture: Tech In Asia

4) JobsDB Singapore

JobsDB is similar to StartUpJobsAsia because you can find job opportunities in different countries. They are situated across China, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Singapore. It is free to create an account on this website. Finding an internship in Singapore is easier than you think!

Picture: JobsDB

5) Glints

Glints is a platform which provides young talent the chance to build their own professional portfolios and helps them to have good preparation before entering labour market. It is free to have an account and there are more than 4,000 internships opportunities at Glints. Don’t hesitate to find your own internships in Singapore right now.

Picture: Glints

6) LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a viable platform which allows you to update your CV whenever you have a new job or curriculum activities. You can also search for an internship in Singapore by going to the “Jobs” tab and enter the keywords of a particular job that you are interested. There will be a list of internship positions that match your search requirements. Make sure to create an outstanding CV before applying!

Picture: LinkedIn

7) Glassdoor

Supported in 2007 and based mostly in Sausalito, CA, Glassdoor gets its post listings from many sources, as well as company websites, partnerships with job boards and directly from employers. however its main attraction is that it offers an immediate thanks to rummage around for salaries, company reviews and descriptions of job interviews. Its interface is easy, tho’ for smaller firms, the pay and review functions don’t continually bear fruit. within the search fields i attempted putting in place “paid promoting internship” and within the location box, big apple town, and that i got twenty one listings. after I clicked on the primary listing that came up, for galvanized promoting Associates within the The Bronx, I found simply 2 company reviews and no pay listings. however a paid post for majors Baseball had thirty seven reviews and one post pay.

8) Google

Google has always been the best friend when it come to finding something. And job search is not an exception, you can be surprised with the result from Google search, and even find your dream job with it. So with just less than one second, you will get millions of result, why don’t you give it a try.

Be ware with the result from Google, only trust the well-known websites, and be aware of scams.

Top 8 online internship portals for interns in Singapore

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