UX (User Experience) – What is the design optimization

UX (User Experience)

One thing we all know is that a website that has good content needs good content, which means that the information you provide on it must be quality and trustworthy. However, how many times after you get the information you need on the website and then go away, do not look back. I, just like you, many websites I do not remember what it was, how to find it again, because there was no impression. Sometimes I find great information but can’t stay longer on the site because the interface is difficult to follow, links to other content are limited, and I can’t do anything more than get out to find a better page. So, the reason for this is that even though the content is good, you can search other sites with a more interesting interface. This is an example we can see is the experience on the website makes users want to surf longer on a website.

One more example before we learn what the user experience is, remembering our previous website visits. I came up with a few websites that might be very familiar to you. Surely you know sites like Lazada.vn, Zalora.vn or Tiki.vn and at least a few times to place orders on these e-commerce sites. Your operation on these websites is very easy. What you need is what you want. Typically, you go to Tiki.vn, search for a book, click on the cover of the book you find more information, you need to know about the author who also has information, similar books have been listed, you want to buy books with shopping cart icons, … The interesting thing is that the information is researched, arranged in the smartest way, so that your information search can be met most effectively. Why is the location of the Shopping Cart Icon in the upper right corner of the interface? That is obviously an unwritten rule, the customer default to any e-commerce site, that position is also the location of the shopping cart. Your ecommerce website template may not put a shopping cart there, the problem is that your customers will waste time searching for it and, of course, reduce their experience points on this website. For example, if any website makes you feel uncomfortable, difficult to find information or there is no connection between the parts, it is because the website does not optimize the user experience.

The specific user experience with each person is not the same, it depends on the experience of each person during manipulation on the internet. It will be difficult to create a perfect user experience design. This requires an in-depth research process and very smart handling decisions of the designer. So exactly, UX – what is user experience?

UX – What is User Experience?

UX (User Experience) is the way users are exposed to a system. That system could be a website, an application or a desktop program.

The term user experience was first created by Dr. Donald Norman. He is a cognitive science researcher and the first to talk about the importance of user-centric design. Compared to many other fields, Web-based systems, UX is a relatively new term.

To create a user-friendly design, to experience the user perfectly, UX designers must study a lot of user behaviors and reviews, how they feel about a system, what efficient utility while operating on the system.

What is UI / UX design?

While UI and UX design are particularly important and work closely together in website design, their roles are really different.

User experience design (UX) is a more analytical and technical area. While designing the user interface (UI) is closer to graphic design, there is more complexity.

Before diving in, to distinguish UI and UX, you can understand UX focusing on user journey on problem solving, UI focusing on what the surface of the product looks like and its function.

You can visualize UI-UX as well as the process of building and using a house. UX is your research, creating structure, the frame for the house but it is not beautiful with cohesion. UI will complete those things, design cohesion and beautify parts such as where the living room can go, go directly to the bedroom or whether through the kitchen, whether the toilet has a door or not. The UI focuses on visual display and interaction while UX is the journey of problem solving.

Why is UX – User experience on the system important?

That is right, why design is user-centric. If you work in design or have been involved in creative service work, you will find that there are two completely opposite trends in work: one is in the mind of a creator, creating products. which they think is the best and the second is to do according to customers. And often, you will be more successful if you understand and meet the needs of your customers and your products will be appreciated by them. However, one problem that occurs is that sometimes, what the customer chooses is not what the consumer wants. Consumers are the last to use the product or service. And if they do not like certain products or services then this is equivalent to both their designers and their customers failing.

Therefore, every current design must be directed to the end user. Of course, there is still controversy about the idea in the process of working between creative units and their customers. However, real UX designers will have to study their final audience, all their behaviors, opinions, perceptions about a program to deliver design ideas in which the user experience is the most optimal.

Currently, without an exact science of user experience, all assertions are based on statistics and smart analytics from UX designers.

So, when UX – User experience design is optimal

Of course, every system needs to implement a user experience design. Increasing experience always helps your website to be more appreciated by visitors. Among them, the following are the most essential UX design needs:

  • A complex system

In a complex system, planning and structure are even more essential for a UX design.

For a terrible website system like Lazada.vn with countless user actions, UX requirements are simple, valuable, pleasant and effective.

  • The Startup

Although we know that the budget for UX design is not low, it is difficult for a startup to start a career this way. However, we have a lot of alternatives so they can own the first products to ensure the perfect user experience, with the most economical cost. Instead of hiring a professional team, startups can hire a professional application design unit, which may be a more suitable option.

Things to know about UI / UX design

No duplication: User interface design and user experience (UI / UX) will not be the same on each site. Just like each of us is very different, has a unique personality, what is true for this person is not necessarily true for others and vice versa. UI / UX designs in a website are specifically researched to cater to a target audience. We cannot duplicate the user experience for different websites without research and refinement.

Specific measurement: You cannot determine the effectiveness of UI / UX design based on page view stats, bounce rate, conversion rate, etc. It depends on many other factors on the website, not just user interface design or user experience.

Above is the basic information to help you have an overview of UX – User experience in website design. And if you want to dig deeper into this new design, check out Mona Media’s next article: Things to know about UX design.


UX (User Experience) – What is the design optimization

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