What Is A Guest Post? How To Get Guest Posts In Singapore

What is a guest post?

If you want to share an interesting article that you wrote, you will contact a publisher to publish your content, then you will be given a guest post. In SEO, the term is similar, but for a different purpose – driving traffic to your website. Or at least provide a high quality backlink for your website.

What is Guest Post

Types of guest post

There are 2 types of guest posts: paid and unpaid.

With paid guest post, you will be given more priviledges like dofollow backlink, more than 1 backlink, featured post.

With unpaid guest post, your content must meet the publisher’s requirement, and it is quite hard to get.

How to get a guest post

You can contact the publisher directly to ask for a paid or unpaid guest post, otherwise you can join some of the guest post exchange community. After that, you need to provide unique content with your keywords and backlink to the publisher.

Benefit of guest post

Unlike other kind of backlink, guest post usually provide better traffic to your site, provide more link juice and higher quality backlink

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What Is A Guest Post? How To Get Guest Posts In Singapore

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