What is guest post? Benefits and how to build Guest Post with best quality in SEO

What is Guest Post or Guest Posting is probably no longer a strange term for many people who are doing SEO today. So, what exactly does this concept mean and what role does it play in the SEO process.

Guest Post is probably only known by many people who are doing SEO recently after a few updates from Google. This is a term that many people mention the most when it becomes one of many safe and effective SEO methods. However, this is a form of quality Backlink building that has been around for a long time.

For those who are just starting to learn about SEO, this is really a new concept. Let’s learn about and Haviweb and find quality.

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What is the concept?

Guest Post or Guest Posting is a term in Offpage SEO. Simply it is the guest’s post, which is done by many bloggers, SEO Managers to promote the progress of keywords on search engines.It is basically understood as an article that is carefully invested in content by SEO, meeting all the requirements of Onpage SEO, but published on a website or blog of others.

Khái niệm về Guest Post

Why post on someone else’s website? Quite simply, blogging on someone else’s website will help you increase the company’s brand reputation more easily. In addition, the well-known blog site also helps you receive the trust from Google to speed up the process of getting to the top of search engines.

Most SEO people focus on using Guest Post in SEO to pull the top and ignore the users. Unqualified articles that only interested in placing links will make your own Website have poor quality, and also affect the Blog that you link.

Who usually uses the Guest Post link

It links are widely used today, most people who are doing SEO, or even Affilate employees, are using Guest Post as a tool to promote keyword progress and promote the brand for their products.

  • Business owners who want to promote business branding can use G.P at large and well-known websites.

Đối tượng sử dụng Guest Post là ai

  • People who are doing SEO, also use Guest Post to accelerate the progress of its SEO project through a quality post link.
  • You are running Affilate campaigns that want to accelerate the campaign and support SEO as well as increase website traffic.
  • Businesses that want to build an online community and increase visits to the company’s main website. The Guest Post will create greater interaction between users and businesses more easily.

In short, marketers generally use this method to speed up their work and be a truly effective channel at work.

How to build a Guest Post with high quality

It is now built by people who are doing SEO based on two main forms: Free and paid.

For free

You have to find blogs, websites that allow you to post. Most of them got the agreement of two sides to exchange for each other. This form of exchange is based on the Win – Win principle of 2 webmasters of both websites. However, these two websites need to have similar indicators to exchange. Because when exchanging a Webmaster, it is difficult to agree with their Guest Post backlink on a website with poor quality.

For Paid

With a small budget, you can easily buy Guest Post on other quality websites. This Guest Post price depends on the quality of the website you want to book. High index, same topic and traffic are the criteria that people who are doing SEO aim to reach. A quality Guest Post can be equivalent to thousands of links you go Spam.

Guest Post có mấy loại

How to create a quality Guest Posting like

A quality Guest Posting will have tremendous value in SEO. So, what is a quality Guest Post? Based on the website index, traffic you should consider to set Guest Post.

Website Guest Post with the same topic

This is a factor that makes your Guest Post truly quality. Not only does it help Google appreciate your website, it also helps your article reach many readers who share the same interests and needs in the field. Thanks to this Guest Post, you earn a large amount of traffic to your website. Even sell products through the article Guest Post.

The same topic also helps Google identify your field much better and at the same time, put your website and list of quality websites when there are articles on a reputable blog and a large audience.

Research keywords and give directions for writing articles

Perhaps many people who are doing SEO think this is an unnecessary redundant step. But with a good Guest Post, do you think people will let you put poor quality articles on their website? By carefully researching keywords and investing in content will help customers love your articles and make purchasing decisions right on the article.

Lợi ích của Guest Post

With informative articles, users will click your website and increase the views for your website.

Take care of user comments carefully

Reply to comments will help the content article be refreshed, and let Spider Google understand that readers really care about the article on this website and bring more interaction with you. So, responding to any comment will help the article to be quality and more appreciated on search engines.

Share to social networks

This will help your article become more popular if the content is compelling and also increase the index for social networking signals when Google reviews your website.

Hopefully the article has partly helped you understand more about and the concept of a quality. Build a good system. That will bring unexpectedly high rankings to your website.

Good luck to you.

What is guest post? Benefits and how to build Guest Post with best quality in SEO

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