What is Local SEO? The benefits that local SEO brings to businesses

In the process of website administration, you must be too familiar with the term Local SEO, right? Although it is only a sub-strategy of the overall Digital Marketing plan, local SEO helps your website reach many people in a certain area. This will help your business reach more target audience, if it plans to target a specific geographical area.

What is Local SEO? What do they bring to the business? Let’s find out below with Mona Media.

What is Local SEO?

This is the process of optimizing your website so that it appears in the first place of Google, Bing and Yahoo for searches that are relevant to your area, city or country.

Location-based SEO is the tool that puts the website at the top of search results related to geographic areas on Google. Keywords related to the region often have the formula “products, services + in / at + geographic areas”, for example: melon in Hanoi, karaoke in HCMC …

What is Local SEO? Do you really understand Local SEO?

When users search through the above keywords, Google will combine with its Maps tool to find businesses that offer related products and services in a designated area. Not stopping there, Google will put businesses with the most positive reviews first, helping users to make purchasing decisions and use the best service.

How does Google know and rank these businesses?

– Businesses that have websites and have implemented SEO will inform Google about the information of products and services they are doing business with their business position.

– Google has a rating feature for customers who can review through the star index. The higher this index is, the more Google will appreciate this business.

– In some special cases such as businesses caught in the press, or the owner of the business owner is suspected ABC … Google can also update this news to evaluate businesses.

Why is Local SEO important?

Staking and managing customers is extremely important for business people, because it helps you reach customers in the best way. In this case, local SEO acts as a tool to localize your customers, in other words, local SEO will make it easier for consumers to find your website thanks to the search engines such as Google. Local SEO is especially useful with travel websites, restaurant and hotel websites. Of course, if you ignore local SEO, you can still reach many customers, but this number of customers may not be the customers you want to target and you need more time to be able to compete with people who shouldn’t be your competitors.

Local plays an important role in the SEO strategy of many businesses.

Let’s Imagine, your store operates in Hanoi and can only distribute products in this market, but most customers who come through search engines are living in Saigon. Is it effective or not? That approach is obviously not effective in terms of sales, otherwise it takes you more time. That is also the reason why we have to implement Local SEO to focus on attracting customers in the right area of ​​our business.

What are the benefits of local SEO for businesses?

Help Google rank your website higher on search results

With Local SEO, your website is ranked not only on Google Search but also on Google Maps. From there, your website will approach many search behaviors of users, leading to a higher rate of closing orders.

Increase higher conversion rates

Concentrating advertising in an area will help increase the conversion rate on the website. Mathematically, the percentage of potential customers in a small area will always be higher than their rate in a more populated area, right?

Increase brand awareness

The Local SEO will help your website not only appear on the general search results but also on regional search results. As mentioned above, the more you search behavior, the more users you will reach, and the more they will know you.

High investment efficiency

Local SEO helps increase conversion rates, which helps you invest more effectively. Specifically, instead of having to invest money for the whole of Vietnam, you only need to spend a small budget for a potential area in the country (such as Saigon, Hanoi, Vung Tau, Ha Long … or smaller). Not only that, some statistics show that users who search with geographic keywords will be more likely to close orders than users who search on general keywords.

What to prepare before performing Local SEO?

To implement Local SEO effectively, immediately set up a checklist later to perform offline!

A few things you need to prepare before implementing local SEO.

Local SEO – Optimize brand image

One of the first things that search engines encounter when crawling your site is the logo and this is a good place to start optimizing your.

Points to note when optimizing logos:

– Edit the image file name containing the keyword you want SEO, it means there must be additional location keywords next to the product and service of the same brand name.

– ALT description is required for your logo. Sample ALT text:

<a href=”<span%20style=”font-weight: 400″> homepage website “title =” <span% 20style = “font-weight: 400 ″> product / service + brand + location keyword list area “>

<img src = “<span% 20style =” font-weight: 400 ″> image link “alt =” <span% 20style = “font-weight: 400 ″> keyword product / service + brand + location area listing “> </a>

Put keywords into the title, description and link address

Similar to normal SEO, Local SEO is only effective when your website contains keywords everywhere, from web title to website description. Even the URL bar must contain keywords so that both users and Google can understand what your website is offering or where.

Provide business contact information on the website – Local SEO

Providing business contact information (including company name, address, phone number …) will help both users and Google better understand the business, thereby creating a premise for it more effectively.

Special note: Use an area code for phone numbers to help Google identify the geographic location of your business. In general, the more you can show your geographical location on business information, the higher your website will rank on geographic search results.

In addition to the home page, please put your business information below the subpages. That is also what Google appreciates for Local SEO.

Install Google Maps on your website to guide users to you

Besides business information, install the Google Maps feature for your website so that users can know the exact location of the business, as well as the way to the business from the user’s location. This increases the Local SEO value of the website for Google and its users.

Register to use Google Business for your website – Local SEO

As you can see above, having a Google My Business account is the most important factor for local SEO.

Google Business is one of the most effective promotion solutions available today. With Google Business, Google makes it easier to validate your business information for the website. When using Google Business, please pay attention to the following to perform local SEO effectively.

  • Provide complete and accurate business information on Google Business.
  • Putting information on opening and closing hours to match reality.
  • Respond to all customer reviews of you on Google, regardless of whether that review is good or bad for you.
  • Add photos of your business and products to Google Business to increase awareness from customers.

Provide business information to Google through Schema

Schema (also known as “Structured Data Marking”) is currently a great way to promote Local SEO because they are capable of displaying your business information to Google in the most understandable way.

If you are good at programming, please refer to a paragraph of Schema example easy to understand offline:

Use Schema to send business information to Google.

Alternatively, if you are using YoastSEO, you can use the Local SEO Plugin following the steps below:

– Log into your Google Search Console and click <span% 20style = “font-weight: 400 ″> Data Highlighter is in‘ <span% 20style = “font-weight: 400 ″> Search Appearance‘.

– Select “Start Highliting”, enter your website link and select “Local Business” in the Menu above.

– Then, on schema.org will provide a file containing your business information. You just need to download it, check the file through Google’s “Check for structured data” toolbar. After that, please install this file to your website via Yoast SEO!

Register business information on other search toolbars (Coccoc, Yahoo, Bing …)

Just follow the steps above on the other toolbars, and you will successfully display your business information to implement Local SEO more effectively.

Register business information on social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube …)

Google always values ​​businesses that are active on social networks. Please register your business information on all social networking platforms, and if you invest more, then build a community on these platforms.

Respond to all customer reviews

Google allows users to rate you through the review tool, and you need to respond to all these reviews to help Google notice your positive in Local SEO.

Writing PR business articles in newspapers and websites nearby

As long as your brand appears in local newspapers, or a website with a similar theme to the product and service you are offering, Google will appreciate your website and put you on top of search results on Google.

Build links to your website from other sites

Similar to normal SEO, Local SEO also requires backlinks to lead to your website. When you do this, filter out sites that are in your local area to link to your website. That is the key to help you do local SEO more effectively.

Build a website that is compatible with all devices

Users can search by any mobile device. Make sure your website is highly responsive so that users who visit your website via local keywords can easily surf your website.

Blog investment

A blog that gathers many quality articles, containing local keywords and has links to businesses’ websites will help you implement Local SEO more effectively. It will be like an artificial backlink that Mona Media mentioned above.

Conclusion on Local SEO

SEO makes it possible to target the right customers in the area.

Why do we have to Local SEO? Simply because the search for products and services is increasing and has the ability to close orders better than the general search behaviors. Moreover, SEO Local helps you save dozens of costs compared to overall SEO, targeting all users in a region or country.

To make effective, update the full business information on search engines and social networks, and respond to reviews on all platforms whether good or bad. In addition, you have to optimize your website by placing keywords on descriptions, titles, links with schema, images to help Google and users know you better.

Mona Media believes that, with tools, businesses will close orders easier than ever. Mona Media wish you luck!

What is Local SEO? The benefits that local SEO brings to businesses

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