What is Marketing B2B? Reveal 4 B2B marketing trends in 2020

What is Marketing B2B? B2B is a familiar terminology used in business and is growing very fast with e-commerce. Let’s explain what B2B is and the marketing trends of B2B business model in 2020.

What is Marketing B2B?

B2B stands for Business To Business – a commercial business model in which transactions happen directly between businesses. Different from individual customers, businesses always own a unique purchasing process that saves time and money. This often explains why, when buying, businesses often focus on logic while consumers are often affected by emotional factors.

What is B2B? what is B2B What are the characteristics of B2B marketing? (Source: Internet)

When marketing to corporate customers, marketers need to focus on the product’s logic by focusing more on functional features. Emotional factors in the decision-making process often do not play an important role. You also need to know who is in the procurement department and where they are in the purchasing process.

Because of the increasing needs in rêciving information from the customers of big corporation, the information in your marketing materials needs to be in-depth, analyzing strengths and providing reasonable benefits. The most effective marketing message will deeply analyze how much time, money and resources customers can offer.

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4 common B2B business models

Understanding what B2B is, based on the way it works, B2B businesses can be divided into four common business models:

B2B model is mainly on the sell side

This is the most common model in Vietnam because of its popularity, as well as the utility it brings to business entities. This is the B2B model in which this will be the distribution center for third party businesses in terms of goods, services and products. The form of distribution is by an e-commerce website, or a website that can be convenient for partners to make transactions on it. This B2B model provides large quantities of products to other businesses.

The B2B model is mainly on the buyer side

This type is less likely to be encountered than B2B, which is primarily on the sell side. This buyer-driven model is the model where the buyer-owner is still quite active, and often the need to sell their products to partners will be more common with businesses. Therefore, this is the reason that the B2B model is mainly on the “disgraced” buyer side. Business units will play a major role in importing products and goods from the producer. Then other sellers will access the website to quote and distribute products.

What is the B2B model – 4 current popular B2B models (Source: ResultFirst)

B2B model is more of an intermediary

This is also a popular type of B2B business in the market, this will act as an intermediary connecting between buyers and sellers. For ease of visualization, e-commerce platforms such as Shopee, Tiki, Sendo … are e-commerce sites operating under this B2B model. Accordingly, the form of joint operation will be if any business needs to sell, then it will send products and services to this intermediary channel to promote and distribute. These organizations and individuals that are wishing to buy.

What is Marketing B2B? Type of commercial cooperation

This is similar to what the B2B model is working for. However, the biggest difference this type brings is the centralized and owned nature of many other businesses. Understanding what B2B is is easy and this type of electronic trading platforms include:

  • Electronic markets (e-markets)
  • Online market (e-marketplaces)
  • Internet exchanges
  • Trading exchanges
  • Trading communities
  • etc …

In 2020, what is the B2B Marketing trend?

Marketing automation

Marketing Automation refers to a type of software that helps large, medium and small businesses optimize their marketing efforts. Achieve this by combining a number of separate tools in a “big roof”. These tools include website building, bulk mailing, and CRM. It is always fitted with a complex software platform for analysis, tagging, grouping, and statistics.

What is the trend of B2B marketing? Marketing B2B with the trend of Marketing Automation – B2B marketing – organization marketing – B2B example (Source: Internet)

Automation marketing is more about nurturing potential customers than directly selling products. It helps you streamline the content of your Inbound Marketing strategy and increase interaction with your audience by providing useful information at exactly the right time.

What is Marketing B2B? Content Marketing

In recent years, Content Marketing has become a popular method to nurture and collect potential customers in B2B Marketing. The more complex a customer journey is, the more businesses need to invest in researching each stage of the customer lifecycle.

Throughout this process, Content Marketing will help B2B Marketers guide customers to industry best practices. According to Content Marketing Institute’s 2017, although over 90% of B2B Marketers use Content Marketing as a key element of their Online Marketing strategy, only 37% of them actually have a complete Content Marketing strategy.


While content personalization is gradually being optimized on B2C Marketing websites, B2B still “stands still”. This is quite surprising because Email Marketing is a fairly common way to personalize content in Marketing in general. However, a study by Seismic and Demand Metric has shown that B2B Marketing has not achieved the effectiveness of content personalization due to the lack of resources, technology and data. And businesses that meet these requirements have a highly effective content personalization strategy.

Personalize B2B Marketing – What is a B2B strategy? – Experience in approaching business customers

Therefore, Content Marketing continues to grow in 2020 and for your content to “break out” this year, you need to dig deep and provide new and updated information for your website.

Marketing via LinkedIn

Social media marketing is often considered as the main channel for the B2C model in Vietnam, but more and more marketers are turning their focus to social networks to orient and interact with potential business customers.


Find B2B customers – Famous B2B websites – What are B2B sales skills?

After being acquired by Microsoft in 2016, LinkedIn has integrated a range of features to make it an effective and cost-effective platform to reach B2B customers. For example, a recent feature, InMail Analytics, helps you gain more feedback and improve team efficiency. B2B Marketers are more influenced by data collected on LinkedIn and this trend is expected to continue to be stronger in 2020.


Through sharing in the article, you must have an answer for the question what is B2B and updated B2B Marketing trends in 2020, right? Hopefully, the above sharing will help you in your business and product marketing for your business. Good luck.

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What is Marketing B2B? Reveal 4 B2B marketing trends in 2020

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