What is Performance Marketing? How to make a Performance Marketing campaign

Do you know what Performance marketing is? Performance marketing has completely changed the way companies advertise and sell products and influence the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. Performance marketing gives you the ability to measure everything from brand and reach to conversion rate of an ad. The era of this data-based marketing has helped marketers gain insights into their performance to optimize campaigns and advertising costs. Performance marketing results from the need to reduce costs and increase ROI. Accordingly, advertisers pay when a specific action is completed instead of paying for impressions or clicks.

To help you understand more in detail what is Performance marketing? The following article of Marketing AI will take a few minutes to introduce the concept of What is Performance Marketing and how to build a Performance Marketing campaign so effectively!

So, what is Performance marketing?

Performance marketing is an exciting new online advertising tactic that helps advertisers earn a profit by bringing in leads.

what is Performance marketing?

What is performance? What is performance marketing?

Digital is becoming a media channel, advertising is trusted by many businesses. However, along with the opportunities and benefits that it brings, many Marketing Teams are still struggling to measure the effectiveness of Marketing costs in promoting purchasing actions …

… And to solve the concerns about efficiency, Performance marketing was born with in-depth and effective measurement methods for each industry.

The advantages of Performance marketing

  • Measurable: Results and effectiveness of advertising programs are measured fully and in detail.
  • Easy to take advantage of opportunities: In the process of running an advertising campaign, you can identify the opportunities and take advantage of them by inheriting the insights and data of previous campaigns.
  • Optimized: From specific data, the marketer can analyze and make changes accordingly based on factors such as budget, implementation method, approaches, potential audiences … to Optimize marketing effectiveness (ROI).

The advantages of Performance marketing

What are the advantages of Performance marketing? What is the performance marketing agency?

The future of Performance Marketing

Performance marketing has evolved over time thanks to new technology and changing consumer behavior. In the current world, digital marketing with the criteria “reaching the right people, the right equipment, the right time” on all devices.

SEO experts, SEM search engine optimization who previously relied on keyword and link building optimization to improve website rankings now have to find ways to use unique and engaging content. Similarly, marketers had to learn to navigate complex advanced campaigns, how to optimize for mobile phones, and how to take advantage of PLAs.

Potential pitfalls

Like any marketing campaign, there are a number of potential challenges and pitfalls that can accompany performance marketing campaigns. These may include issues related to compliance with laws and frauds that come from advertisers. Fortunately, there are some tools like fraud detection to help advertisers avoid these problems

How to start performance marketing?

How to start performance marketing?

What is performance marketing? What is digital performance? What does performance marketing include?

To measure the success of any campaign, it is important to set goals. Whether it is to create brand awareness or sell products, it is important to set goals before launching. Many advertising platforms require you to set goals before creating ads or setting up campaigns. Your campaign goals determine where your ad is shown, who is shown, and other factors that are critical to success.

Common goals in digital marketing are:

  • Increase website traffic
  • Increase the access of new and existing objects
  • Convert
  • Sell

Once you’ve set your campaign goals, you can use the advertising platform to create campaigns that target those specific goals.

Once you have your goals, you can start launching your campaign towards the above results or goals.

Post-launch plan

Campaigns start generating data as soon as they launch. It is up to the marketer to optimize individual campaigns for performance, but the marketer also needs to optimize the best performing advertising sources. Track statistics and analysis to determine which traffic source is best, then allocate the corresponding advertising funds. Use Performance Marketing campaigns to increase revenue and increase return on investment.


Our above article must have helped you to answer the question about what is the concept of Performance marketing? Besides, you also shared about the method to build a performance marketing campaign so that it is most effective. Hopefully, this useful knowledge will help your marketing and business.


What is Performance Marketing? How to make a Performance Marketing campaign

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