What is SEO PowerSuite? Combining A-Z knowledge for beginners

When deploying SEO websites, without an appropriate tool, SEOer will have a lot of difficulties in understanding how the website is operating, as well as assessing competitors in the market.

In this article, I will introduce you to a dedicated SEO tool to help you evaluate keyword rankings, get backlink source profiles to the website as well as assist you in researching competitor analysis.

That is SEO PowerSuite!

So, what is SEO PowerSuite and how to use SEO PowerSuite to build an SEO campaign successfully? Let’s continue reading …

What is SEO PowerSuite?

SEO PowerSuite is a set of 4 SEO tools, each of which solves a particular aspect of SEO. This package is all you need if you want to rank top on search engine results, increase traffic and boost sales.

4 main tools of SEO PowerSuite include:

  • Rank Tracker
  • WebSite Auditor
  • SEO SpyGlass
  • Link Assistant

4 tools of SEO Powersuite

Now you know what SEO PowerSuite is. So how can you build a successful SEO campaign? Let’s follow the 6 steps in the guide to using SEO PowerSuite below!

Building a successful SEO campaign with SEO PowerSuite

(Explained in detail according to the 6-step process of SEO PowerSuite)

Image illustrating 6-step process of SEO PowerSuite

The first step in the PowerSuite SEO software manual is to target targeted keywords.

  1. Search target keywords:

Decide which keywords you want to build in your SEO campaign.

  • Step 1: Get keyword ideas

Use the Rank Tracker tool and follow the Wizard’s instructions to create your first project.

Then change the form of “Keyword Research” and choose any keyword research method to get hundreds of interesting keyword ideas using more than 20 keyword research tools here.

Suggest ideas on how to get keyword ideas

How to get ideas from keyword based on Powersuite

  • Step 2: Choose keywords that have the highest potential for profit.

See KEI (Keyword Efficiency Index) – The effectiveness index of keywords to choose keywords (the higher the better)

With the green KEI index is often sought and has low competition. These keywords with green KEI will bring you more traffic and easier ranking.

How to get potential keyword through KEI powersuite

The next step in this guide to using SEO PowerSuite is to check keyword rankings.

  1. Check website rankings:

Click on “check ranking” to check the rank of the current website.

  • Step 1: Select the search engine you are targeting and start testing.

Click (check rankings) in the Rank Tracker tool and select the search engine you are targeting to check the website rankings for the selected keywords.

Select the search engine you are targeting to begin testing

  • Step 2: Identify the keyword you need to target.

See the current rank of the keyword. Some of your keywords may already have high rankings. And maybe some keywords are not, you can focus more SEO for those keywords.

Identify target keywords on powersuite seo

  1. Find out some website problems and fix them.

Run the Audit website to find errors and return the website to its original rankings.

  • Step 1: Scan your website. Enter your website url into SEO PowerSuite’s WebSite Auditor tool to start analyzing.
  • Step 2: Discover some weaknesses of the website. You should look carefully at the factors that cause errors and warnings to promptly solve them. Research the “Details” section to understand the error pages, from which you can find suggestions to fix them.

Make sure you fix the errors and resolve the warnings in a way that makes the website search engine friendly.

Find website errors based on Powersuite

After finding the errors and fixing errors for the website, the next step in the guide to using SEO PowerSuite is to optimize Landing Page.

  1. Optimizing your landing page:

Create content that is keyword-rich and relevant by using the following optimization tips:

  • Step 1: Analyze your website.

Go to “Content Analysis” in the WebSite Auditor tool, select the website you want to optimize and enter the keyword.

Let the software run web analytics quickly, then you can know the current optimal rate, details of keyword usage and other SEO status of the website.

Pay attention to any elements marked as Error – Warning or Warning – warning.

Switch to the “Competitors” tab for details of tips that top competitors are optimizing for page elements. And switch to the “Details” tab to get advice on what page to target, which keywords to optimize your page.

How to analyze your website

  • Step 2: Adjust the content of the web page. Switch from “Content Analysis” to “Content Editor” to preview your existing landing page.

View the elements of the item on the left side and change some of the content of the page shown on the right side.

Follow the instructions available in step 1. The onpage status of the website and the optimal ratio on the left side will be recalculated in real time as you enter.

After editing the site and reaching the desired optimization score, click “Save page” to save the new optimized HTML to your hard drive. Then, upload it to the website to see your rankings. Check on visits or revenue, remember?

Edit content to optimize your landing page

  1. Remove harmful links

Check the list of backlinks and remove the links that reduce the ranking of your website.

  • Step 1: Review the backlink list. Enter the url of your website into the tool “SEO SpyGlass” to get backlinks.

Click on the “Link Penalty Risks” tab> Select your backlink> click to see if these backlinks hurt the website or contribute to improving the website rankings.

Some actions to remove harmful links

Look closely at links with “Penalty risk” above 40% and check those pages to see which links they need to remove.

  • Step 2: Remove the bad link.

If possible, contact the webmasters of the spam links and ask them to remove the link.

If there are too many backlinks in the list, or if contacting webmasters is not effective, you can ask Google to ignore these links in the form of disavow links. You simply tell Google that you do not want those links pointing to your website.

To create a disavow file in the “SEO SpyGlass” tool, select the link you want to disavow, then right click on it and select “Disavow backlinks”.

Go to Preferences -> Disavow / Blacklist Backlinks to review your disavow list, then select Export to save this list to your computer.

Submit the newly created file to Google Disavow Tool and Voila. From there, Google will know which links are omitted when deciding the reputation of your website.

Guide to use SEO Powersuite and remove bad links on SEO Powersuite

Not yet, there is one last step in the PowerSuites SEO User Guide. That is building quality links …

  1. Build quality links

Expand the list of links with related backlinks, super quality.

  • Step 1: Find the links in the list of backlinks of the competitors.

Create a project in the “SEO SpyGlass” tool for top ranking competitors to track where their backlinks are coming from. In the opponent’s project, select “Update backlinks” to analyze the quality of the backlink.

Pay attention to factors of Backlink’s reputation, such as: InLink Rank, Domain InLink Rank, Domain Age, Link Value, … and identify the source of top-quality links.

Choose File> Export to export a list of newly created links or copy them to a worksheet on Google Drive.

Search for potential links on Powersuite SEO

Run LinkAssistant and create a project for your website.

Choose File> Import to load see where the links you exported from “SEO SpyGlass” come from.

  • Step 2: Search for more quality links.

In the LinkAssistant tool project, select “Look for Prospects” to find opportunities for related links using the latest LinkAssistant research methods.

Choose whatever method you want, feel free to repeat the search methods you need.

When you find potential links, LinkAssistant will automatically get your email address so you can interact with them right here in this app.

Find more quality links to improve efficiency

  • Step 3: Approach.

In the LinkAssistant project, click on the “Email” icon to contact potential partners and suggest if there is a chance to get the link. For example, guest posts (The article has been optimized SEO but posted in other websites / blogs), …

Take advantage of LinkAssistant’s existing email template or create your own email templates and customize them.

Reach out to potential partners thanks to seo powersuite


Hopefully this article has provided useful information, helping you better understand what is SEO PowerSuite software as well as the section on how to use SEO PowerSuite that can contribute to your SEO campaign.

Good luck to you!


What is SEO PowerSuite? Combining A-Z knowledge for beginners

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