What is standard SEO web design? Website testing criteria of SEO standards

Maybe you have heard of the term “standard SEO” for so many times. So, what does it mean and why do you need it, the standard web design?

In this article I will help you answer these questions:

  • What is SEO standard web?
  • Why do you need standard SEO web design?
  • How is SEO standard web design to help your business grow?

I will not let you wait any longer! Join me in the concept of a standard web SEO first!

What is web standard SEO?

Standard SEO website is a website designed with configuration and features for Google to easily crawl and understand the entire website.

So how to know if the website configuration is easy or difficult for google bot to crawl. Here, we explore the outstanding criteria to be able to check the web for SEO standards …

Checklist 9 standards web design standards SEO

  1. Unique titles and descriptions for all pages

Each of your web pages (including the homepage) should have a unique title and description. Titles contain about 60 – 65 characters. Meta descriptions usually have about 150 characters. Titles and descriptions are two things that accurately describe the page content without keyword stuffing.

Create unique titles and descriptions for all pages

  1. Clear URL – URLs

Permanent links (website URLs) are formatted all lowercase and separated by dashes.

Bonus tips: Use additional website optimization techniques to help increase traffic

Technique 1: School of SEO

– White hat SEO

Technique 2: Optimize website SEO for beginners

  1. Fast loading speed

Regardless of whether the user or the search engine does not want the site to load slowly. In contrast, fast loading websites are usually very SEO friendly. That means they are beneficial in ranking by algorithms compared to slower loading websites. Especially, they will create more user interaction (sales, newsletter signups, contact form introduction, …).

  1. Unique content

Content on your site cannot be found anywhere else. All pages should have unique and useful content. This means that a website whose content is copied from other websites will not be a standard web SEO of google.

And it certainly will not rank high on Google search results.

You need a unique Content

  1. Contains standard SEO images

It is true that search engines love multi-word articles. However, you also need to have images for your pages because people will love it. Images make your content more interesting and readable.

One thing you need to remember is to optimize the image size. Tools like Smush.it allow you to resize images without losing their quality. You should also name and use ALT text for images.

Check out the article: Image SEO – 5 Important Tips to optimize images to the top of Google!

  1. Clear page layout uniformity

A website usually has the following elements:

  • Header
  • Breadcrumb menu
  • Page Title (only 1 title per page)
  • The text is well formatted. They are separated into short paragraphs with subheadings
  • Author information
  • Footer

Of course, there are many different characteristics to SEO website design standards. However, these 6 factors are considered the most important.

  1. Create XML Sitemap and use Robots.txt file

XML Sitemap helps Google understand the structure of a website as it crawls. As you transfer more data to Google, you can also identify the pages that are most important and valuable to you to prioritize them.

If you have a number of pages that you do not want Google to index, you can use the Robots.txt file. It will tell Google, the bot knows which page does not need indexing. Remember to update the Robots.txt file if you decide to restructure your website.

  1. New compatible interface for all devices

Your website and content must be optimized for all types of devices that users can use. This helps them to have a better user experience. There are many tools that can make your website mobile friendly.

  1. Check your orphan pages

When crawlers follow links to crawl your website, you need to check and evaluate whether all your pages are properly attached to the site structure. Thanks to OnCrawl’s crossed analysis, you can discover your orphan pages and see what works and does not work to optimize your overall structure.

OnCrawl is the right tool to study all the web SEO elements present on your site thanks to its semantic crawler and its ability to detect duplicate content.

To design more standard web SEO, you can refer to the web design platform Sapo that I reviewed in the article: https://gtvseo.com/sapo-web/

5 benefits when designing a standard web business

What most CEOs, small business owners or new webmasters do not understand is why you need a SEO website, how to check professional SEO standards, and why it takes effort to get your website up and running. Your search engine is more friendly. Today I will answer questions for everyone about the benefits that web design standards bring to businesses.

1. Increase organic traffic to the website

As expected, a standard SEO website and professional will help you get more organic traffic from search engines because it has the ability to rank higher in Google’s results page (SERPS).

If you understand that the majority of search engine users tend to pick 1 in the first 5 results, you will understand the importance of SEO.

Standard web design seo helps increase organic traffic

2. Website is more user friendly

Professional SEO website is not only good for search engines but also good for users. Apply SEO guidelines to your website. It will make the use easier, more professional and this enhances the user experience.

3. Design a standard SEO website to increase brand reputation and save costs

Users are more likely to trust websites (businesses) that appear first on search results pages of Google, Bing or Yahoo. This is good for both brand awareness and reputation.

A standard SEO website will drive targeted traffic 24/7 without having to spend money on PPC or other forms of online marketing. Thus, you can save a cost, bring greater benefits and longer term.

4. Standard Web SEO helps you understand what your customers want

SEO promotes quality traffic by analyzing the behavior of that user. For example:

  • How did they get to your site?
  • What do they click on?
  • How do they leave?
  • What do they like?
  • ….

This is a great way to understand what your customers want and to tailor your website or product to their needs.

5. Optimize your website on mobile devices

A website that is mobile friendly and has a good ranking on mobile search will attract more customers. Since then it has higher traffic than other websites.

Most users use mobile phones to search for product information on the go. It is important that you be at the top of the search results list. Otherwise you will lose many customers, especially those looking for local products or services.


A standard SEO website has certain features and characteristics that help search engines understand everything about the website. This increases the chances of your website getting better rankings in SERPS.

The most important advantage of standard SEO web design is that you will get more organic traffic from the search engines.

Hopefully through this article, you have a better understanding of what is the standard SEO website. The above article I have provided you with general information about what is SEO web standard as well as some ways to check web SEO standards professionally. Hope they will be helpful to you.

Good luck to you!


What is standard SEO web design? Website testing criteria of SEO standards

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