What is the AISAS model in Forum Seeding?

Mô hình AISAS trong hoạt động Forum Seeding là gì?

What aisas model in forum seeding is about doesn’t need to say too much about it because it is a must-have activity when businesses conduct Digital Marketing. Forum Seeding refers to the seeding on forums, on online communities, on the means that computers and networks can reach in order to convey a message that is beneficial to the brand.

Most people think that forum seeding helps attract the attention of Internet users, which means completing the A (Attention) in the AISAS customer behavior model for businesses. But going through a long process of making forum seeding, you will easily recognize, forum seeding takes over the role of the remaining letters in the AISAS model.

Let’s find out what the AISAS model is!

According to AISAS, a user’s full behavior towards an object (product, service, phenomenon, information, etc.) will be paid in 5 steps:

Attention – aisas model in forum seeding

First, the user must pay attention to the object. If they do not pay attention, we will not have a chance to make them care about what we convey. It is very simple. This is the first step to take before thinking of higher things.

There are many techniques and marketing tools for us to implement this step including PR posting, forum seeding, viral marketing, …


When users have noticed, make them feel interested or care about the things you want to demonstrate. Here I prefer to use the word “care” over “interest” because sometimes, this step does not always have a positive meaning. For example, if a singer created a scandal just to be appeared in any newspapers, readers would be “care” rather than “interested”.

The first 2 steps in the AISAS model are combined as a step to create interest for users.


This is a new step now, often not mentioned in previous models. After the user is interested in the object, they will need to find more information about that object (people themselves are naturally curious!). Usually users will use a search engine like Google (some Bing users or something else), or some other way like asking friends, colleagues, using Facebook, …

Searching is a very important step. It stands right in the middle of the AISAS model, before the Action and directly related to the final S – Share. This is also a step you must do well, and it is also very fierce competition in an area called SEO.

As a result of this search, they will find the necessary information, either a name, a keyword, or a website (ours, or those of … our competitors!)

Action – aisas model in forum seeding

After users find information on a website, they will tend to act as: buying, viewing goods, going to a link on the page, downloading software or … leaving the page. How we want your users to act, we must find ways to direct their actions through CTAs (Call-to-action). For example:

  • If they want to download it, they must have a big button that shows “Download now and always!”
  • If they want to make a purchase, they must have “5 minutes of promotion time left!”
  • If we want them to click on the link, we must show “Must see how we can help you earn 100 million per month”

This is the most important step, because it proves the result in your marketing strategy. I have met a lot of people, doing the first 3 steps of AIS very well but not doing this ACTION step well, so the conversion rate is very low while they do SEO relatively well.


This is a very new step, only appeared with the launch of Social Media & Social Network.

After the user has taken action, people continue to tend to share information with everyone. This step in Vietnam, the young are doing very intense!

  • Just bought an iPhone 5S, showing it right away to your colleague, “It’s quite good to take photos!”
  • Entering Starbucks, post immediately “looking at the car outside, I find life so hustle ….”
  • Finished writing an article on Marketing Tips, sharing right on Facebook “these days too busy, do not have time to learn great things”

By understanding what the nature of the AISAS model in Forum Seeding is, it will help you make this activity more planned and effective.

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What is the AISAS model in Forum Seeding?

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