What is Wifi Marketing? How To Create Free Wifi Marketing

What is the essence of Wifi Marketing? Is there any way for businesses Create Free Wifi Marketing? At cafes, shops, milk tea shop, it is not difficult for you to use free wifi. A study from Cisco, the leading electronic telecommunications company in the US, showed that up to 96% of customers in Vietnam prefer to visit stores that provide free wifi. They even tend to come back to the above stores to buy goods later.

Wifi Marketing must play an important role for businesses in improving customer experience.

But is Wifi Marketing simply providing wifi network for service users? What is the essence of Wifi Marketing? Is there any way for businesses Create Free Wifi Marketing? Let’s find out with Uplevo through the following article.

The main content in the article

  1. What is Wifi Marketing?
  2. What are the benefits of Wifi Marketing?
  3. Guide to creating free Wifi Marketing system
  4. Building an effective Wifi Marketing strategy
  5. Inform customers about the presence of Wifi network
  6. Some things you need to know when setting up Wifi Marketing

+ Choose the location to set the appropriate Wifi transmitter

+ Pay attention to factors that cause interference

+ Consider how to log in using Wifi

Let’s explore first:

What is Wifi Marketing?

Wifi Marketing, in simple terms, means businesses and shops that provide Wifi network directly to customers, and use this connection system to convey Marketing messages and appropriate communications.

So, just have a Wifi network with extensive coverage, and a specialized Wifi Marketing setup software, you will have an effective communication channel to your target audience.

In addition, with Wifi Marketing, you absolutely can collect data from your customers (name, age, phone number, …), you can ask them to interact with the social network platforms of the store to connect and use Wifi (like or share Facebook page, …). This is an effective way to collect customer data, which is also extremely delicate.

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How does Wifi Marketing work?

Here is how Wifi Marketing works:

Customers go to the store and access the Wifi network. When connected to the system, the customer’s mobile device will immediately point to a landing page, ask customers to enter the phone number, email, or like, share the store’s Facebook page to use the network.

In addition to the information requested above, businesses can integrate their advertising and communication messages below to attract the attention of customers.

It was an arrow hit two goals: Just collect customer data, just handily promote the marketing program of the store without bothering your customers.

What are the benefits of Wifi Marketing?

Wifi Marketing not only gives businesses the visible benefits, but customers can also get benefit from using the free Wifi network with simple conversion operations:

With customers:

  • Convenience: Guests can connect to the Internet at a much faster speed than using the usual 3G and 4G networks.
  • Improve customer experience: According to a survey, up to 62% of businesses admit that customers use the service longer in stores that offer free Wifi. This is an evidence that customer experience improves when businesses use Wifi Marketing.

For businesses and shops:

  • Sales growth: The goal of any business is to grow sales. This is true for stores that offer free Wifi systems. Customers are willing to pay more for businesses that make them feel satisfied.
  • Know your customers better: Wifi Marketing is an ideal way for your business to collect customer information. Not just simple data information, you also have the opportunity to understand more about the frequency of visitors to the store, the time they use the service, …
  • Optimize other marketing activities: One of the interesting points of Wifi Marketing, is that you can use the information gathered from customers for other marketing activities, such as Email Marketing, Marketing by the social networking platform, …
  • Promote new marketing products and campaigns: Obviously, you can take advantage of Wifi Marketing to promote new marketing campaigns of your business. Who knows, visitors will be interested in the messages that you convey?

How to create a free Wifi Marketing system?

Understanding the benefits of Wifi Marketing, it is time for you to Create Free Wifi Marketing and take advantage of them to promote and market your store.

Uplevo would like to share the instructions for creating a free Wifi Marketing system by the following process:

Installation of Wifi network transmission system

To create free Wifi Marketing ads, you must first install the Wifi network transmission system for your store first.

Done this operation, basically the store you are ready to provide free Wifi service to customers. But, if you just stop at this step, you create the Wifi Marketing system in the true sense. You need an auxiliary tool:

Use free Wifi Marketing creation software

Yes, in order to integrate content, advertising messages via Wifi network, you need specialized software. Uplevo would like to introduce you 4 free Wifi Marketing software, which are easy to install, adjust and set up:


SmartWifi is one of the famous Wifi Marketing software in Vietnam market.

With the connection, simple adjustment, the feature that requires customers to login with Facebook, Google, email, but it is completely free. This is the first choice for cafe and restaurant owners to take advantage of to collect customer data, as well as promote their brands.

Below is a video of how to use and set up free Wifi Marketing through SmartWifi software:


HiCity is an enterprise specializing in providing specialized Wifi Marketing solution. You can not only use HiCity to perform setup operations, set up multi-platform Wifi systems, but also can analyze customer data collected from the software.

Currently, businesses and shops wishing to use can refer to the price to provide HiCity’s service on its homepage.


WRT Wifi provides you with a package to build and set up a Wifi Marketing system for shop owners, businesses, from hardware devices (such as routers, swift sets, etc.) to management software and support systems (such as creating a landing page, managing and collecting data from network visitors, etc.).

TMT Solutions

TMT Solutions is also one of the famous Wifi Marketing solution providers in Vietnam. Businesses support design of Wifi Marketing management software in sync on all platforms, free strategic advice to customers, …

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Building an effective Wifi Marketing strategy

After choosing Wifi Marketing software, stores need to identify effective marketing strategies to convey the message to the target customers via the Wifi platform.

That strategy may involve promotions in each store, or it could be a general marketing campaign, an overview of the entire branch.

In addition, you need to prepare the data and information of the customers you want to collect and analyze. Do you need their phone number and email address for remarketing, or do they need access to your business’s social media channel?

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Notify customers about the presence of Wifi

The effort to build your Wifi Marketing system will be wasted if customers are not aware of the existence of the Wifi network in the store.

Do not forget to inform customers about the presence of free Wifi network through various methods: bulletin board placed in the store, in the bill as soon as the customer pays for the service, or on the menu of the store.

In addition, when accessing Wifi, customers may be a bit surprised. Do not forget to train staff in the store on how to guide visitors to Wifi system. Wifi Marketing can enhance customer experience, or vice versa, making their experience less pleasant.

Some things you need to know when setting up Wifi Marketing

Here are some issues to keep in mind when installing Wifi Marketing system in your store or your business location:

Choose the location to set the appropriate Wifi transmitter

When deploying Wifi installation, you need to ensure your Wifi transmitter must cover the entire store or business location. This ensures that your customers can use the wireless network anywhere, with the best wave quality without interruption.

For a business location with many floors or large room space, businesses should consider installing multiple separate WiFi transmitters, or installing Wifi support (to save costs).

Pay attention to factors that cause interference

Wifi can completely interfere from many different factors, such as frequency conflicts, bluetooth networks, line overloads, …

First, you need to make sure your network is not in conflict with the frequency of Wifi waves of nearby areas. To check, you can download the software to check the band and Wifi channel on Google Play on your mobile device.

Next, you should consider how much your Wifi transmitter can withstand maximum simultaneous connectivity.

For example: If a customer has 40 simultaneous customers using the Wifi network. Since the current system only has to load 20 people at the same time, it is time for you to replace a new transmitter, or install an additional support kit.

Consider how to log in using Wifi

The purpose of Wifi Marketing system is to collect data from customers and spread brand identity. However, the problem is that each login method via Wifi Marketing, you gain a different benefit:

  • Facebook login: This is a good way for you to collect social network data from users. Even the spread of the brand can be enhanced, if you ask customers to check in the store on Facebook. However, if handled carefully, it is likely that this method will make customers feel uncomfortable.
  • Login normally points to the website: This method ensures the respect and satisfaction from customers. In many cases, stores can also point customers to the landing page where the target message is available. However, this approach may not work, as guests can exit the session immediately.
  • Login with access code: Every time you transact with a store, customers will receive a code to access the Wifi network. This approach is quite “subtle” – can both collect information from customers, and not make them too uncomfortable. However, the wall code is only valid for about 30 minutes or 1 hour. Very likely, the visitor must return to the counter to extract the new code.
  • Log in with a phone number: This is a common practice of stores when building Wifi Marketing system. The advantage is easy to implement, non-complicated system construction. However, like Facebook login, guests may feel uncomfortable when sharing personal information.

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What is Wifi Marketing? How To Create Free Wifi Marketing

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