When to do SEO? Which industry should focus on SEO?

Knowledge of Seo, SEO | September 27, 2019

“When to do SEO?” “Which industry should do SEO?” are two of the questions that most businesses encounter when deciding to invest. Let’s find out in the article below and find the solution for yourself.

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  • 1. When should businesses do SEO?
  • 2. Which industries benefit most from SEO?

1 Medical / pharmaceutical industry

2 Law industry:

3 Hospitality industry.

4 Real Estate Services.

1. When should businesses do SEO?

The sooner you start SEO, the sooner you can see your rankings improve. It is best when you start building your business website, start the SEO process always.

Before a website can rank highly for competitive keywords, Google needs to build trust in your domain name or website. Building this level of trust cannot take place in a few days, but Google needs time to crawl the web and validate trusted content to recommend to users. This helps prevent the use of information, tactics “trick” users. That is why the SEO process usually takes a minimum of 4 to 12 months. Not to mention, some industries have extremely competitive terms, which can take even longer.

The best time to do SEO is when you are considering redesigning your website, or planning to launch a new website to ensure that your site is designed to be search engine friendly right from the start. The sooner you start optimizing your site, the faster it will be able to improve its rankings.

Many businesses are still making a mistake when they think that the end of the year is the time to prioritize ads, SEO should be done at the beginning of the year. But in fact, SEO takes a long time to be effective, so businesses should focus on SEO now to plan Online Marketing 2020 to achieve the highest efficiency.

2. Which industries benefit most from SEO?

2.1 Medical / pharmaceutical industry

According to statistics in 2018, up to 80% of patients went online to search for information and treatments. Comes with constantly updated versions of Google to realize what content is accurate and not harmful to user health.

Comments and advice:

Actual figures: This really creates an advantage for businesses to invest in SEO from the beginning. And as long as you have quality and useful content for users, you will be paid attention by Google and rank your website higher than your longtime competitors.

Here is an example of a project on the field of medicine for stomach aches that Bizzvn has implemented:

As you can see from the start of the project implementation to the completion of the project, the traffic appears to skyrocket after only 3 months of implementing the overall SEO method, showing the huge demand of people to learn about cures and drugs on search engines.

2.2 Law industry:


Currently, the law industry has a very high level of competition, especially in the field of family law, divorce law, …. Google returns millions of results for each search term with these keywords. Therefore, SEO for law firms is very valuable when it comes to showing priority to users seeking legal assistance. Furthermore, the law specialty is more often reaching new customers than returning customers, so leveraging searchers’ interest in the law field to increase conversion into leads through doing SEO is an exact choice.

Comments and advice:

Law issues of common interest such as divorce, inheritance, accident, etc. have a high search volume because users tend to find out legal information before choosing a legal representative. If your site has no difference in content, no reputation rating, or a specialized language that is not user-friendly and useful for users, chances are that it will not be ranked by Google. And vice versa, your website does a good job of providing and guiding users in a useful way, most likely that users will trust and choose you as a legal representative.

Check out the example below from an Bizzvn’s project:

With the keyword “Divorce Law” alone, we have nearly 2 million impressions with a stable level of access with an average of 32,000 visits per month. This extremely rich source of traffic gives the law industry a lot of development opportunities if it can be used properly.

2.3 Hospitality industry.


Today most travelers use Google’s search engine to plan their trips and places to stay. If you want to travel, you will see your terrible dependence on search results on Google.

This further increases the importance for high ranking in search results.

A typical feature of the tourism and hotel industry is the ability to saturate and compete very strongly with many strong competitors. So whenever potential users search for a business in this area, they will get dozens of results. This makes SEO in this field extremely competitive.

Comments and advice:

If you SEO for the tourism industry, start as soon as possible and prepare adequate resources. The competition is very difficult but the results will be very good.

The needs of users with the hospitality industry are reflected in the project’s traffic for Bizzvn:

2.4 Real Estate Services.


To answer the question: Why does Real Estate need to do SEO?, take a look at the 4 statistics we have collected:

  • Property search has nearly tripled in the past few years.
  • Google real estate search has grown by more than 20% per year since 2008.
  • 90% of potential home buyers search for homes online.
  • More than half of home buyers search online first.

Comments and advice:

Your real estate website must be visible to the largest possible audience. And in particular, maximizing the visibility of the site by region and locality.

The most reliable way to have a potential customer submit their personal information is for them to find you through an organic search. Therefore, SEO is not only cost effective but also gives you a reliable prospect.

Potential tenants and buyers often research information beforehand via search engines. Accordingly, you may be using SEO to present the best deals on homes, areas and other services your project can provide. When users are happy with the site experience, you turn website visits into sales and shows.

As we can see on the measurement chart of a real estate project of Bizzvn, with a special industry like real estate, the traffic will tend to fluctuate seasonally. However, by giving the project experience-type information, constantly updating the schedule, plus attractive incentive programs, even though the traffic is not too high, the average CTR rate will increase quite a lot.

Above are 4 examples of industries that need to implement SEO. For more information as well as answers to questions about getting the most from SEO with certain businesses, as well as detailed and in-depth advice on how to optimize the website on devices, improve user experience as well as increase keyword rankings, you can sign up for Bizzvn’s experts advice here.


When to do SEO? Which industry should focus on SEO?

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