Why do you need to build a blog for business website?

How important is a blog for a business website? Previously, blogs were considered a community for sharing information and personal opinions of writers on many different topics. Today, blogs play an important role to help increase traffic and increase the conversion rate for the website. Therefore, the website not only needs to have a good interface or a good user experience, but also needs to provide blog posts containing useful information and knowledge related to the product or service to attract and retain customers.

To know the specific values ​​that blogs bring to businesses, let’s find out 8 benefits right away!

Build trust

Usually, before making a purchase decision, customers will learn about the company’s website, review the professionalism and look up more information about the product that they are buying. Based on this shopping behavior, businesses should focus on building a blog on the website to provide the information users are looking for, answer questions and build trust in customers.

Customer care – blog for a business website

Blog is a place to provide information related to products and services. Therefore, through blogs, customers can get answers to questions such as product usag, usage, side effects (if any), feedback from other customers and related customer policies. Blogs also help engage customers with businesses, increase interaction and maintain relationships.

Increase rankings on search engines

When customers search for a demand on Google, a range of results will appear. However, usually users will only notice the site that appears in the first position. Therefore, to increase search rankings and reach customers, the website must have content containing useful content and SEO standards. And, one of the effective ways to develop content on the website is blog.

Get lots of shares

The problem most businesses currently encounter is how to increase customers and achieve sales as expected. And blogs are one of the recommended solutions to attract customers to your business and increase conversion rates. The reason for choosing a blog is because users tend to share great blog posts on their personal social networking accounts, thereby turning the blog into a powerful word of mouth marketing tool without losing a penny!

Link to more pages on the website

Another great benefit of blogging is directing users to different links in your business website by inserting other links inside the article or inserting relevant posts at the bottom or sides of the blog. This can be done through the use of hyperlinks in the blog content or by adding links above or below the content. Links can lead to things like pages on a company’s website, a Facebook or Twitter page of a business, or even another related blog.

The cost is not much blog for a business website

Perhaps this is the most important reason that businesses should consider adding blogs to the website because this is an effective but cost-effective marketing method. Because the amount of money spent for personnel is not much, moreover, the blog also has the advantage of easy sharing so it will save advertising costs. In addition, the content of a blog post can be created for various promotional purposes, such as introducing new products or services, special events, launching new stores or affiliates, etc.

Diverse content for social networks

The trend of using media and social networks is increasing, requiring businesses to focus on investing in professional and diverse content and images to increase the number of followers. Besides information, sharing posts, blogs are also a type of content that engages readers because it provides useful knowledge to users, making them more confident in the business. Start by writing a short and compelling description, then insert the blog’s link. Inserting this link will help increase website traffic, increase interaction and customer conversion rate.

Increase your email list blog for a business website

By including an email option-in button, blogging can help businesses grow their email list. Going further, when users choose to receive email, companies can send links to the new blog directly to the user’s email address. This can help keep consumers abreast of any new products or services.

Blogging is no longer simply a platform for individuals to express their opinions on various products. Today, businesses have discovered that blogs can be a powerful marketing tool. There are many reasons why companies should consider adding blogs to their websites and the 10 reasons described above are one of the most important.

Why do you need to build a blog for business website?

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