Your Network is Your Net Worth

“I started boosting mine one-to-one with Access MBA”

Demi Chu is currently a growth associate with Courtsite, a startup company in Malaysia. Her academic background is in engineering, but following her passions and entrepreneurial spirit have taken her across industries and functions spanning founder of star-ups, coaching, arts and language training, data analysis, business administration.

Seeking to combine these skills with growing her potential in business consultancy, she was exploring opportunities for higher level business school studies. She joined an Access MBA event in Kuala Lumpur to take advantage of expert guidance and matching to MBA programmes that fit both her aspirations and potential.

Today, prospective MBA students are spoiled for choice. The variety of MBA programmes has never been greater. Indeed, they all provide the same academic degree – Master of Business Administration. Still, they differ a lot by curriculum, teaching methods, campus environment, study formats, areas of specialization, networking, international immersion options, class diversity.

So, passionate as she is, Demi took the speedway for her MBA journey by joining a personalized MBA event. Here is what she shares for other MBA seekers in all parts of the world where they can join an Access MBA in-person or online personalized event.

What motivated you to pursue an MBA?

I believe a person’s network is their net worth. I want to meet individuals coming from different industries and culture, have meaningful discussions and learn along with like-minded individuals. I know that pursuing an MBA will provide me this opportunity.

You attended an Access MBA event in Kuala Lumpur. What was the most beneficial part of that event for you?

I think the most beneficial part is I can talk to representatives coming from different schools, and Access MBA arranging these 1-1 sessions, has eased me, in terms of asking questions. Everything is well-organised and everyone has equal time and opportunity to talk to their favoured schools.

What did you think of the universities you met at the event?

I had a very satisfying experience overall, there was a variety of schools that tailored different courses based on different individual’s needs. Some schools also sent me follow up conversations through email, after understanding my needs in detail through the Access MBA event and they were able to suggest the right courses for me.

You are the winner of one of our event lotteries at the Access MBA event: Download the JobStreet App and win an iPhone 14. Were the app and the prize useful to you?

Yes. As my work nature involves a lot of liaising with clients, receiving a new phone will help me to work more effectively. But, overall, it’s great that the event provides a wide range of services onsite – all free for the attendees. One can have one-to-one school selection orientation, attend school panel discussions, talk to peer MBA seekers, get MBA application guidance. The pre-event preparation that attendees have with their personal adviser, makes the time at the event worth spent.

What advice would you give to someone considering an MBA?

Give it a try and attend the Access MBA event. You can understand more and the representatives are very helpful in helping you discover your needs along the conversation.

Find more about the next Access MBA event in Ho Chi Minh City, happening on 13th November, here. Join it for free and expand your career opportunities with an MBA.

Your Network is Your Net Worth

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