7 Common Mistakes In SEO Implementation

Seo mistakes

Yes I know.

I know you always want your website to rank in the top 3 (even top 1) in search engines. Yes, I also know you always want to have customers visit your website, want to brand your company to thousands of known customers, … But if you don’t have enough budget to hire a marketing agency, then what should you do?

But even if your website has been SEO for 3-4 months, it can only be in the position of 4-5 pages, why?

I have encountered many questions as well as saw many ways to implement SEO from beginners to implement SEO to experienced friends through sharing on blogs and youtube.

Because of this opportunity, I discovered that there are many things that you misunderstand about SEO, which makes the implementation of results are not as desired or even depressed, disappointed.

After analyzing hundreds of different websites, I have drawn 7 main reasons why you are not in the top 3 google and this article will tell you these reasons and give solutions for it.

Let’s get started!

  1. SEO starts with keyword research

Most people think that when implementing SEO, you have to research keywords related to your product / service through tools. For example: Google keywords planner, Keywords finder, long tail keywords pro, …

At this time, many people think that they have many products / services, then just research that many SEO keywords and then deploy accordingly.

This is really a very wrong mindset. It could lead to a disaster or unproductive results.

For example:

  • Budget is not sufficient for implementation
  • When they got to the top, they couldn’t close it.
  • Not enough staff to deploy products / services

You must understand that:

The core of SEO is really one of the marketing methods. And to get the most out of marketing, it comes from working on strategies, business planning, goals, etc. Not that you see the benefits it brings, or listen to cost effective and then jump into SEO implementation.

Before you implement SEO, ask yourself the questions below:

➣ 8 Questions you need to answer before starting SEO

  1. What are the short-term and long-term goals you / your business want to achieve?
  2. Why did you choose SEO to deploy? Are there any other more effective marketing channels?
  3. What is the core marketing message you want to convey to your market?
  4. How can SEO help you achieve your short-term / long-term goals?
  5. Who is the target market you want to target?
  6. What locations can your product / service deliver to? (there are many people who can only provide products / services in Ho Chi Minh city area but deploy keywords nationwide, this is a huge waste)
  7. Who is your opponent, what is your difference from your opponent?
  8. How much can you invest in SEO?

From these questions, you know what you need and are missing. Next, you can research keywords and devise an SEO strategy that gives you the best results.

But when it comes to keyword research, the next thing I see more than 80% of SEOs make that mistake …

  1. Long keywords are keywords of 4 words or more

Most people mistakenly define long tail keywords in SEO, they define long keywords as keywords that are 3, 4 words long or more.

This is a wrong definition. Let me explain it to you through an example:

There are 3 keywords:

  • Smart watches (40,000 searches / month)
  • Capital mooncakes in the capital (14,000 searches / month)
  • Phone watch price (40 searches / month)
  • GTV SEO (800 searches / month)

Now your long keyword will be: GTV SEO and Watch Phone Price. The remaining 2 words cannot be considered as long keywords. (You just try SEO 2 from smart watches and moon cakes, you see “broken mouth” compared to the other two words).

Because the things that make up a long keyword have nothing to do with the keyword length story.)

So what makes a long keyword?

➣ Factors that make up long keywords

There are 2 elements to making a long keyword:

  1. The amount of search
  2. Specificity

The more specific your keyword is, the lower your search volume will be.

Search demand (search volume per month) is the only thing that distinguishes the main keyword of the topic from a long keyword.

The definition of “long keyword” is derived from the search demand graph. You can see the picture below. When the main keywords (head keywords) only have a few words but the search volume is sky-high and countless long keywords with low search volume.

Error! Filename not specified.

Therefore, long keywords and short keywords cannot be distinguished by the number of words of the keyword.

Let me give you 3 more example keywords:

  • Donald Trumps (4,700,000 searches / month)
  • Gary Vaynerchuk (65,000 searches / month)
  • GTV SEO (800 searches / month)

All 3 words have the same length, all description in the same way. The only difference is in the search volume of these keywords.

Refer to how to research keywords in 5 minutes through Ahrefs

After finishing that keyword research, the next point I see you make mistakes in SEO, which is:

  1. Optimize Onpage SEO keyword density

“The density of your 3-word SEO keyword must reach 5% of the article.” That is often a saying I hear when I am at many SEO training centers today as well as from a lot of friends when optimizing SEO articles.

When you take care of the story how much keyword density of SEO should have then …

This results in you creating articles with keywords that make the article not attract more readers.

I understand that you want Google to understand that your article is talking about those keywords so that SEO can be on the top.

But you have to understand that as Google is no longer working as it used to, it has become much smarter.

➣ Google understands related keywords & synonyms

You look at my SEO services page as a typical example. In the title, the content of the article and url, I only target keywords like “SEO service, SEO service in Ho Chi Minh city, SEO in Ho Chi Minh city service” but look at the number of keywords my posts are currently top .

A lot of other keywords that I did not even mention in the article content but still on top (even top 1 – 3). Such as “website SEO service”, “SEO expert Ho Chi Minh city”, “professional SEO company”, “professional SEO service”, … And more, my main SEO keyword is “SEO service” but in an entire 1000-word article, I mentioned it only 4 times in the article.

➣ The end of keyword density in Onpage SEO

One thing that is really clear is that Google can now:

  • Group related, synonymous keywords into a major topic.
  • Understand related and synonymous keywords
  • See more than just looking at “keywords on the page” to determine the ranking of an article

Even now, Google also gives priority to the current articles if using related, diverse & rich keywords in the article as well as those with high retention rate.

To better understand how to optimize Onpage SEO, you should refer to the article: What is Onpage SEO? 22 Onpage elements help on-top Google in 2019

One of the other mistakes related to Onpage SEO is …

  1. Link Out loses the power of the website

External links, also known as external links, links that point to articles on other domain websites.

In contrast to inbound links (also known as internal links) are links to other articles, but on the same domain.

Often you will think that you should only consider building internal link structure properly. And you think that you need to go outlink. Going out link will lose the power of the website and it is not good at all for website rankings at all.

In addition, people also think that, going outlink is to personally give your customers to others. Visitors will leave the site via that outlink and never return back.

However, it is contrary to your thoughts. The non-outlink on the article can be the reason that makes you SEO all the time.

➣ 4 facts about external links

  1. External links help increase SEO rankings
  2. Link out helps you build and develop relationships with other websites
  3. Link out helps to protect your PBN / satellite system
  4. One last thing is, it will make your site more natural.

In fact, if you do not use link out, in many cases, it can even adversely affect your website.

This is simply because you only focus on building backlinks (inbound links) to your website but do not link out even any pages, it will become suspicious! You must balance the backlink density to the website and the number of outbound links. Your website must link out to reputable sites in the other field.

  1. Backlink Social does not affect SEO ranking much

Why do so many people have this thought?

Because on most social networking sites, your backlink is very limited (many pages only put a single backlink in the profile) but also has no followers.

So, this makes it difficult for many people to not pay attention or even create social networking sites to get backlinks, but only focus on getting follow backlinks or backlinks with high power and relevance to easily promote website.

A lot of you don’t get backlinks from social networks but still make it to the top – I can’t deny that I can’t. But in the more competitive market, these backlinks are the way to SEO your website effectively.

Not a story about the power of backlinks transmitted to your website, nofollow or dofollow but it is a different story.

Let me explain it to you:

➣ 4 reasons you should use social networking backlink

  1. These backlinks are easy to get, you don’t have to have too many difficulties getting them.
  2. A true business, when transforming yourself online and creating a website. One of the first things when they created the website (or even before it) was to create their own social networking sites to begin the coverage process. For example, Facebook Page, Twitter, Instagram, … So these backlinks are extremely natural and when you build it, google will also more or less increase trust with you.
  3. Most social networking sites usually have high Domain Rating (domain authority), which will help increase your Trust Rank points with google
  4. Diversify your backlink sources (this is very important, because it will resonate with your backlinks – see the video below, I have explained this)

And many other things.

There are even a few major social networking sites if you know how to manipulate it, it will become one of the quality backlinks.

Typical example is LinkedIn. A lot of you apply it by writing articles on LinkedIn, then this article easily gets to the top, pulling thousands of traffic on this article. From there, the backlink you put on this LinkedIn article will be stronger, have more people to click, thereby bringing more value.

Refer to 12 platforms to create quality backlinks

  1. Optimizing overdose Anchor Text (over-optimize)

What does this mean? This means that you intentionally insert backlinks using keyword anchor text to try to get to the top. Take a look at the picture below.

To be honest: “If you look at this, the kid will know that you are trying to SEO Google the keyword set for an old laptop and not to Google.”

And do you think Google likes people who do SEO?

Well, of course, Google likes SEO people who create content, optimize websites, and so on. But Google cannot like the “obvious” people who are trying to manipulate Google results.

It never wanted a business that had a website that looked like a coin. And just waiting to find customers through it, it does not bring any value to readers. (For those of you who still top the keywords with the above, I will explain why later).

Let me show you the image of anchor text in the projects I deploy as well as other top projects.

Examples of standard Anchor text

Keyword set: “Chicago SEO” (this keyword is even more competitive from SEO service) – Kottongrammer.com

You can see the difference between the top positions and your position.

The name for this case is over optimized anchor text.

Overdose optimization Anchor Text is determined by the algorithms of the search engines, especially, it is also an important issue in a recent update of google which is called Penguin.

Reading until here I will explain to you why you still see a lot of results still top while encountering the above case.

  1. If in a game everyone violates it. If you commit less then you will have a much greater advantage. (similar to anchor text)
  2. In fact, Google Vietnam is quite “dumb”.

To be frank, Google Vietnam (actually google in Southeast Asia) is behind the world at least 2-3 years.

So, when you do these things, google will sometimes ignore you at those times but sooner or later, when google Vietnam updates, you will “break your mouth” immediately. And that’s why every time Google updates, a series of websites in the top constantly “disappear”.

  1. When you got to the top, you were “handsome” to Google

I mean, in combination with reason 2, when you are on the top, Google trusts you a lot. So now you have the ability to over optimize the anchor text a bit more.

If you’ve missed optimizing your overdose and wondered how reasonable the Anchor Text density would be to get on top of Google, I’ll help you with this.

Please refer to the case study anchor text of my SEO service keyword set to understand more.

Also, if you have encountered this situation and you do not know how to solve it, here is a video to guide you to do it.

  1. Making Google “confused”

Let me get straight to the point.

Imagine that a website with the content “old laptop” has a series of backlinks from articles / websites such as “plastic wood”, “cheap airline tickets”, “old cameras”, etc. to the website. What will google think?

Let me tell you what Google feels.

When Google robot read the article of “cheap airline tickets” and was collecting information about content related to air tickets. Suddenly in the writing / website, it saw an “old laptop” keyword which is not relevant at all, at this time, google will become “confused” because a cheap flight ticket has anchor text inserted into the old laptop website is not relevant at all.

This will make it harder for to get to you top 3.

Why do you have to do it yourself? I think your website is fully On-top if you optimize 22 GTV’s latest Onpage SEO standards (2019).

Yes, of course I know that you can disagree with me here. You think there are hundreds of thousands of websites with this problem but still being on the roaring list.

I agree!

But how many backlinks do you lose to get on top? Thousands? Tens of thousands? Or hundreds of thousands of backlinks to top these keywords? So what if I told you even keyword sets such as “Ho Chi Minh city old laptop” or “SEO service”, I only cost a few dozen backlinks and got to the top?

That is the difference.

It is simply that Google currently promotes a much more relevant backlink. And I have proven that in showing you about a case study of the keyword “old laptop keyword in Ho Chi Minh city” through the SEO Competitor Analysis 2019 article.

To solve this problem, first you need to know the importance of having relevant backlinks as well as believe what I said above is that there is data to prove. Therefore, reading the article “Analysis of manual changes to SEO” and “12 backlink building platforms” is extremely necessary.

Then, here is the series of articles that I currently use to build relevant backlinks and quality that you can refer to.

How to create relevant & quality backlinks with Ahrefs

Build quality backlinks with PBN

Build quality backlinks with blog comments

Bonus: Be patient

This part is an extra bonus in the article so you can understand more about the current SEO situation. This is another reason every time I analyze those who ask me: “why am I start doing SEO for 1 – 2 months already but the keyword is still the same?”

Basically at the present, it is much harder to do SEO than ever before. It is not technically difficult, but hard in time. Before that, you could shoot a series of backlinks and get to the top of Google very quickly, it could only take 4 – 6 months to reach the top 5 or top 3.

But for now, Google has slowed down the top speed a lot, you will see this most clearly when doing it in highly competitive markets.

Note when doing SEO

Current backlinks take an average of 1 – 2 months before you can see its effect on your website.

This means that when you build links, then you understand that, 1-2 months later you will see the results of this backlink.

So, if you saw this morning you just shot backlink and at night saw the keyword rankings changed significantly, you should understand that it is not from the backlink you just built in the morning but from a period of time ago.

I explain very carefully in the bottom two videos with a case study so I carefully analyze the speed of up and down of the rankings below. So when you do SEO now, you need to understand the speed of the backlink influence as well as the restraint of ranking rankings that makes the SEO decision right.


Hopefully, through this article, when you implement SEO – especially for those new to you, you have more insight into SEO. From there you achieve much better results.

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7 Common Mistakes In SEO Implementation

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