World Social Media Trends Report 2021 – With Analysis

As a business owner or a social media marketeer, it’s very essential to understand the latest social media trends to follow up and keep your brands on top of consumers’ mind. We have came through several reports and have the following key findings:

1. Invest on leading Social media platform

In 2021, Instagram will still dominate the social media sector with 61% increase in investment.

Top Social media channel 2021

Aiming to create a cleaner and better ads platform for businesses, Instagram is designed to meet certain requirement which make it has less fake news and low quality posts, which make it easier to target the right audience, and create better customized ads. Instagram’s paid advertising system is not as great as Facebook, which make it a bit hard for small businesses to deploy their marketing campaigns, so most advertisers will be from mid to large enterprises.

Facebook is still the most effective channels for advertiser due to its dominance number of users- or we could say it’s monopoly.

Top effective social media channels 2021

With Google’s focus on Youtube – where most of their profits are generated, Youtube is gaining its advantage against Facebook. The senior in the tech industry still has advantages in video platform, which Facebook is trying to compete for a decade now. We received much more positive reviews with Youtube from advertiser, which make the platform more attractive to advertisers.

2. Focus on ROI and long term KPIs.

Top KPIs for social media advertising

There’s no doubt that acquisition of new customers is still the main KPIs for social media marketeers, it’s always the most important KPI in most businesses. Most matured businesses are spending less and less for brand awareness, as it is becoming the secondary goals. Reaching too many customers without sufficient investment in content, communication and other marketing aspects will not only create zero benefit but also affect the brand’s value. In 2021, companies will try to keep a certain brand coverage – which they think is appropriate for the brand, and spend the bigger amount for customers acquisition.

3. Social listening is on the rise

Brands are well aware of the risk of not listening to customers., not only on their page, but also all over the internet. Social listening could save you a crisis by letting you know when a sign of crisis appear and you can deal with it before it’s too late. In fact, social listening is not that new, it’s just getting more and more important as the social media platform is becoming a vital part of a majority of people on earth. As big companies are trying to develop an AI system for social listening, we are expecting a big change in this area in the coming years.

4. Brand value and principles are getting more important

Things are changing quickly, now social media is not in the first stage – where people can accept changes or new value easily. Consumers want a brand that are trustworthy, and hold on to their values, their principle. Cross channel marketing will play an important roles in the upcoming time to ensure the brand’s value are communicated clearly and synced with every communication channel.

Brand's value and principles


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Source report: Hootsuite

World Social Media Trends Report 2021 – With Analysis

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