What is Seeding Youtube? Why we should do Seeding?

First you should understand what is Seeding Youtube? Youtube is a product of Google advertising and this is also the largest video storage and sharing channel in the world today. Youtube is not just for entertainment, it is also a branding tool for businesses and individuals. There are many different ways to increase views on Youtube.

What is Seeding Youtube?

Seeding Youtube is to use different accounts to comment, like, share and increase views for Videos on Youtube. With a few comments, normal likes and shares, brands can fully take advantage of this crowd mentality to attract a large number of customers.

Why Seeding on Youtube?

Creating trust with customers

High efficiency

Quality videos will captivate crowd effect

Branding on YouTube

Increase the amount of Video interaction

Find potential customers

Earn money Online (you have high views and enable monetization on Youtube)

How to increase views for Youtube Videos

Investing in Video quality

No one wants to watch and share your videos when the video content is tedious, poor quality, and the audio sounds bad. You should invest Video, if it is a video about products and services, you must make sure that the video content is highly persuasive, HD quality, clear sound, concise content full of ideas that your customers want to hear, not lengthy.

Optimize video

– Title: Put a title that is highly stimulating, containing keywords that are beneficial to SEO

– Thumbnail: Make a beautiful HD size thumbnail image, highly stimulating

– Video Description: For descriptions containing keywords that are beneficial to SEO, the description is also one of the factors for Youtube to rank your videos into related videos of other videos. In addition, you can also write some calls to viewers to share videos, subscribe channels, etc.

– Tag: This is also a factor for Youtube to know what your video contains, from which it can organize your video when people search or display in related videos, find the tags of other videos that are related to your video and adds that tag to your video.

– Annotations: annotations are a logical way to set call-to-action to stimulate viewers to like, share or act

SEO for Youtube Videos

Onpage SEO is the Video optimization for SEO standards, titles that contain keywords, description tags that contain keywords, so you should make descriptive tags longer than 200 words, related tags.

Offpage SEO is going to create backlinks for Videos, share on social networks, … Apart from the main keyword, you should also SEO some keywords.

Running Adword for Video ads

In addition to increasing the number of videos for Video, running google adword will help you to earn potential customers. Ad position displayed when running adword for Youtube Video is as follows:

In-stream ad: Your video will be played on another video with ads enabled, you may notice when you watch Youtube sometimes, there will be a promotional video and you can skip it. You will be able to run similar ads for Your Videos and pay when someone watches your video ad for more than 30 seconds.

In-display ad: Your promotional video will show when customers search for keywords on Youtube, display in related videos, display under other bottom videos, or display on websites with adsense ads.

Target for video ads with Google Adwords very diverse: gender, age, interests, keywords, video or specific website, …

Seeding Youtube – Pull traffic from social:

Social networks, especially Facebook, have become very popular in Vietnam, you can post your videos on your personal Facebook page, on groups that you think your video is useful for them, ask your friends to share the video, you can even set up Fanpage and run ads. There are many ways to pull views into your website from the video website you see every day, try and give the best method for your video.

Drag traffic to videos from high-traffic websites:

It is easier to get video views when you own one or more high-traffic websites, even if it is content with the video. This is also the advantage of website development, having a website with many keywords to the top, you can direct traffic to wherever you want. If you do not have a website but want to drive traffic to your Youtube video, then of course you have to hire ads from other websites.

Seeding Youtube – Buy views:

There are many freelancers who own large Facebook groups, high-traffic websites or know many tricks to increase real-life views that you can hire them to increase view for you or buying views to support SEO is essential but it is difficult to buy real views – the people who care about your videos

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What is Seeding Youtube? Why we should do Seeding?

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